HAECO GIRLS — #3 Page 46, #6 Ragsdale 44 (OT)

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Ragsdale vs Page
12/26/16 4:30 PM at Greensboro Coliseum Annex
At Greensboro Coliseum Annex


Kadajah Walker 7-15 2-2 17; Brooke Bradford 5-9 4-5 15; Nyah Stallings 2-12
5-8 9; Cedricka Ellison 1-1 0-0 2; Savanna Flemming 0-0 1-2 1; Mackenzie
Cole 0-1 0-0 0; Cat Doan 0-0 0-0 0; Tiyaki Williams 0-2 0-0 0; Kaliyah
Gladney 0-2 0-3 0. Totals 15-42 12-20 44.

PAGE (6-3)
Amari Jackson 5-14 2-3 12; Reagan Kargo 4-11 3-3 11; Emma Heard 4-12 1-2 9;
Kayla Harris 2-9 2-2 6; Ava Casper 1-2 2-5 4; Jillian Heard 0-1 4-6 4;
Hannah Wyrick 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 16-49 14-21 46.

Ragsdale......................   14    6    7   15    2  -   44
Page..........................   10   14    9    9    4  -   46

3-point goals–Ragsdale 2-5 (Kadajah Walker 1-1; Brooke Bradford 1-3; Nyah
Stallings 0-1), Page 0-7 (Amari Jackson 0-2; Reagan Kargo 0-1; Emma Heard
0-2; Ava Casper 0-1; Jillian Heard 0-1). Fouled out–Ragsdale-None,
Page-Emma Heard. Rebounds–Ragsdale 23 (Nyah Stallings 7; Kaliyah Gladney
7), Page 42 (Kayla Harris 13). Assists–Ragsdale 6 (Kadajah Walker 4), Page
3 (Jillian Heard 2). Total fouls–Ragsdale 19, Page 14. Technical
fouls–Ragsdale-None, Page-None.

  • crickets? said,

    a few weeks ago when other topics were being discussed we had many people singing all the praises of how great Ragsdale was and is. REALITY CHECK!!!! Same old same old, cant make it out of round one in haeco, against a very beatable Page team. Since it is the holidays and we are all about eating, how does that humble pie taste, or how about eating crow?? Page and NW once again, seems like every year this is a key game, hopefully page can play better than last game and knock off NW.

  • Eat Crow said,

    Here we go again! @Cricket just like a cricket you are making unnecessary noise and hiding in the dark. Reveal yourself! STOP utilizing your fingers to spread negativity. Both teams played well. For some reason you seem to be infatuated with Ragsdale to keep bringing them up. While Ragsdale will go 2-1 in this tournament (I promise you) Page will be 1-2 with a tough game tonight against NW that they WON’T win so who is the loser? Now choke on your humble pie. You are the biggest loser to once again during the holidays when everyone is enjoying good basketball to want to bring this up again. GET A LIFE! Hope to see you at the HAECO I will be the fan cheering the loudest for Ragsdale if you want to say hello. Please do I would love to meet you. I love meeting haters

  • 2-1? said,

    2-1 and best finish 6th place, while page worst case is 5th, hmmmm which is better??

  • page said,

    It was a great game by both teams. The Kadajah walker kid is pretty good

  • Eat Crow said,

    @2-1 obviously the record is better. Who cares about coming in 5th place at a tournament. You need wins to make a playoff. Coming in 5th and being 1-2 don’t make good sense. You sound like an idiot.Your record follows you. I would take 2-1 and 6th place anyday over 1-2 and 6th place in a Christmas tournament.

  • Eat Crow said,

    @page you are absolutely right. Both teams played well. Its always grown people that have negative things to say about these athletes thats just trying to play basketball. At the end of the day it was by far the most exciting game to watch with the OT

  • ?? said,

    just butting in here:

    1-2 and 5th place is better than 2-1 and 6th place, especially considering you beta that team head to head!!

    Regardless Ragsdale very well maybe on this rise, but they have yet to arrive. Watching some games in person this year and looking at schedules and results, their youth shows. They are 1 maybe 2 years away from being a team that is feared.

  • Enough already said,

    @?? They are definitely on the rise and you are extremely right is heading towards being the team feared in the next year or two. Their record is already better than last year. All this Coach wants to do is help these ladies get better, win games and put Ragsdale girls basketball on the map. They are already on pace to make the playoffs if they continue to win. Wins are more important than placing 5th or 6th in a tournament. I would rather win and get better and prepare for a tough conference than worrying about a lost to Page. Ragsdale have bigger fish to fry. Eveyone is making Ben Bradford the most popular Coach in the triad. Put Ragsdale to rest already. Ragsdale girls are young and it showed the last 5 secs of the game but they will definitelt be bringing the noise years to come.

  • Actually said,

    Playoffs are a funny thing, if you don’t finish top 3 in the piedmont triad 4A, your record matters not, you don’t make the playoffs (unless you win the tourney). Seeing they have no conference games yet, no one, (not even NW) is on pace to make the playoffs.

  • Gater Parents Stop said,

    You already know each other. You just don’t like each other. Leave the aau drama in aau. The talk is always Ragsdale, Page, Northwest, and Northern. Well Well Well who could those people be?

  • Dale Fulton said,

    A Policy is a Policy: http://www.greensborosports.com/index.php/2009/07/06/new-policies-concerning-guilford-county-hs-athletics/

  • 0-2 said,

    @ Eat Crow. 0-2 good luck against Grimsley!

  • Curious citizen said,

    @ Dale Fulton, I just read the policy and it’s from 2009, have this been updated? Mo Greene is out and it seems as though they have been trying to implement these rules for years. I was just wondering if I missed something. What I am hoping for is that they change the policy for Academy and IB kids. I’m all for exceptional student athletes. I just think they need to play HS sports at their home school. That will eventually keep kids in district because their would be no excuse they won’t be able to hide behind the Academy or IB program.

  • Dale Fulton said,


    This policy was implemented in 2009 and was known as the Stan K policy. There were numerous NC Gater Boys coaches who were Varsity non- faculty coaches in this area at that time. The policy has not changed or been revised.
    So how did Ragsdale bypass County policy?

  • Ragsdale said,

    Ragsdale has a good coach just going to be interesting over the next few years should become even better team. The only issue I see is they will be very guard heavy and the coach will have two kids on the team who also play guard. Question going in will he play better players or his kids.

  • 0-2 said,

    This isn’t AAU obviously!! hahahaha welcome to public school bball, where aau wins mean nothing!!!