High School Basketball Tonight Dropping in at the Sheetz Invitational Tournament where Shaniya Jones drops 48, but Cowgirls top WES Trojans and WES Trojan Boys take SWG Cowboys

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More info coming, but those Finals from the Sheetz Finals tonight where they had 1,827 in the house at SWG and it was:
*****Championship Games*****
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys 84, Southwest Guilford 71
Looks like it will be a toss-up with the SWG boys vs. the NWG boys and also a toss-up between the GDS boys and WES boys….After watching the teams over the past couple of days, got to be thinking anybody’s game when SWG and NWG get the together and the same thing when GDS and WES meet..
Keyshaun and Kameron Langley on the All-Tournament Team, along with Brandon Lamberth from SWG, with Aaron Wiggins, Ian Steere from WES on the All-Tournament team and Jalen Hoard from WES was the Sheetz Invitational Tournament MVP…
SWGHS 11 19 13 28 Total 71
Wesleyan 17 21 19 26 Total 84

Wesleyan- Khyre Thompson 13, Aaron Wiggins 15, Brendan Austin 3, David Caraher 8, Jaylen Hoard 31, Ian Steere 13
SWGHS- Keyshaun Langley 27, Dezmond Woods 6, Kobe Langley 10, Christian Martin 2, Jalen Snipes 1, Kameron Langley 11, Cooper Cunningham 6, Brandon Lamberth 8

All Tournament Team Boys:

MVP- Jaylen Hoard, WCA
WCA- Aaron Wiggins
WCA- Ian Steere
SWGHS- Keyshaun Langley
SWGHS-Kameron Langley
SWGHS- Brandon Lamberth
HPCA- Jalen Seegars
HPCA- Reece Bogan
Lexington- Marquise Jordan
HP Central- Jo’el Jenkins
Andrews- Jeremy Butler
Westchester- LJ McCoy

Southwest Guilford girls 77, Wesleyan Christian Academy 70
Shaniya Jones with 48 points in a losing cause for Wesleyan Christian Academy…How many was it that Terrell Leach had for the SWG boys a few years back vs. Western Guilford in the finals, was it 49??? I missed that game, but I am glad I caught both finals games tonight…

WCA      14    12    20    24    total 70
SWGHS    17    19    21    20    Total 77

SWGHS- Lashonda Monk 19, Camryn Briley 3, Jazmine Wilson 6, Lauren Carter 24, Faith Price 12, Tea Medley 12
WCA- Shaniya Jones 48, Nicole Mackey 9, Makayla Williams 2, Kayla Darr 3, Sarah Bailey 8
Lauren Carter from Southwest Guilford was the Tournament MVP…Lashonda Monk and Jasmine Wilson on the All-Tournament team along with Shaniya Jones and Mackie from WES….

All-Tournament Girls:

HP Central- Kiera Williams
SGHS- Nokomis Williams
WFHS- Amira Williams
WFHS- Skyler Curran
Wesleyan- Shaniya Jones
Wesleyan- NIcole Mackey
Wesleyan-Mikayla Williams
SWGHS- Lashonda Monk
SWGHS-Jasmine Wilson
SWGHS MVP- Lauren Carter

Boys Third Place Game at the Sheetz Invitational Tournament and more scores from the Sheetz:
High Point Christian Academy 84, Lexington 73…Jalen Seegars with 30 and Reece Bogans with 22 for HPCA and both Seegars and Bogans made the All-Tournament Team….

3rd Place Men’s Sheetz Invitational

HP Christian 84, Lexington 73

Lexington      18      9       20      26   Total  73
HPCA           20     14      24       26   Total  84

HPCA- Dre’ Davis 1, Cole Watkins 2, Kyle Watkins 8, Tyeren Melton 3, Reece Bogan 30, Lance Boykin 8, Jalen Seegars 22, Justin Dillard 2, Andrew Gordon 2, John Kerr 4
Lexington- Adrian Craven 10, Saafir Craven 6, Cameron Peoples 27, Derrick Dearmon 8, Rahmel Ewart 1, Marquise Jordan 13, Will Lancaster 8

Sheetz Invitational Tournament Finals from Wednesday Consolation Games:
Boys 7th Place game

Southern Guilford 96, Westchester County Day 91

SG           2     28      27    17    28    Total 96
WCDS         21    14      13    20    23    Total 91

Note: 2 Overtimes

SG- G. Dearman 36, G. Abwock 7, T. McFadden 23, T. Dearman 16, D. Ding 12, C. Roberts 2
WCDS- LJ McCoy 39, N. Brown 4, L. Lowe 20, S. Sader 22

Girls 5th Place Game

HP Central 49, Glenn 33

HPC      16      6    12    15    Total 49
Glenn     9     11     8     5    Total 33

Glenn- Nakia Weston 6, Kaniya Davis 15, Seja Cook 2, Shaylea Rice 3, Leila Rice 5, Kiara Dudley 2
HPC- Skylah Connelly 2, Olivia Stubbs 14, Chelsea Martin 8, Madison McMasters 3, Madison Smith 5, Lauren Dulin 2, Kierra Williams 15

7th Place Sheetz Inv. Girls Game

Lexington 61, HP Christian Academy 51

HPCA Kaitlin Hail 5, Marie Tuyikunde 4, Ally Powell 4, Sydney Bell 11, Skylar Talbert 4, Riley Barrett 4, Maggie Williams 19
Lexington- M. Harvin 23, K. Bilbry 2, K. McCandies 2, R. Morrow 2, S. Richards 2, A. Owens 4, D. Bray 8, R. Crowell 7, S. Peoples 12

5th Place Sheetz Invitational Boys Game

Andrews 72, HP Central 80

Andrews    11   25    8    28   Total 72
HP Central 22   14   19    25   Total 80

HPC- Daylon McBryde 20, Willie Davis 8, 16, Jo’el Jenkins 16, Zab McPhail 14, Ryan Williams 14, Ryan Williams 4, Mohammed Alshanteer 8, Jamel Marbuary 7
Andrews- Roland Perdue 11, C.J. Willis 19, Jeremy Butler 20, Je’Shaun Townsend 4, Jaylin Gamble 3, Jathan Burnette 2, Nick Bowman 3, Khalid Johnson 8

  • dave banner said,

    The Sheetz tournament is so much better then the Haeco, Teams are definately a higher caliber. Greensboro Day school needs to play some real competition and stop running from the competition,I am hearing this from several people.

  • Really said,

    GDS and NWG would have blew everyone out in this event except for Wesleyan and SWG. Just like it was in the Haeco the Sheetz event SWG and Wesleyan was the show everyone else was playing for 3rd place and below.

  • Justin Cowell said,

    I disagree as the sheetz is better. Take a look at the audiance in attendance at the sheetz vs the Haeco, not even close. I agree that it was just GDS and NW in the haeco. I cannot wait to see the outcome of the GDS vs Wesleyan game my bet is on Wesleyan for the boys and definately Wesleyan for the girls, The GDS girls are a disappointment as they have the talent to be better the coaches need to get that team together as a 500 season is unacceptable for them.

  • wrong said,

    NWG would not have rolled in the Sheetz for the girls at least, two or three team could have given NWG and Northern a tough game and probably beat them. Its all about matchups.

  • MM said,

    Shaniya Jones had 48. Maybe she gets past honorable mention this year!

  • Matt said,

    Shaniya Jones had 48 last night. Last year she was voted to the GSO Honorable Mention team. Hopefully she has your attention this year. She is the best guard in the state!!

  • C'mon Dave said,

    @Dave Banner,
    Please do your homework. GDS boys aren’t running from anyone. If you look at their schedule both programs play national and local tournaments which allows them to play as many local teams as possible and be challenged by teams across the nation.

    Here’s where you’re misinformed or have no clue. GDS, WES, and HPC play in the same conference. Read carefully… they play each other TWICE in a matter of a month with the likelihood of a 3rd time to win the state championship. So who is running away from anyone? So stop listening to your “friends” and start learning on your own.

    @Justin, couldn’t agree more about GDS girls but they’re much better than last year.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes sir, I had her/Shaniya Jones for 48 last night and I have it in my notebook…

    I announced it to the people sitting beside me in the stands and the post PAA(Public Address Announcer) had her for 46 and so did the official score sheet that the Sheetz sent out…

    Yes, I did have her for 48 and as I told the folks in the stands when they said I was off two points, I was close enough…

    I will adjust to the 48 and it was one heck of a game…

    No disrespect toward the boys game, but the girls game was closer and that made it better at the end….

    You know your team, SWG, has had a good game and a good tournament when you have help like the Cowgirls did and when Monk is All-Tournament and her team still plays well enough for one of her teammates to be named MVP, then you know the Cowgirls are hitting on all cylinders…

    Like we had last night, 48 for Jones and I still remember back when Shaniya Jones and Faith Price were in the same backcourt for WES and that was a good one too..

    *****If there is an edge between GDS and WES boys you have to give to GDS and the lean goes to them because they a stronger bench….Landry, Michael, the new kid from Cary, and Tristan Perry is a tough one too…

  • Tim said,

    Best girls basketball player in the area public or private. No one else is close.

  • Girls BB said,

    @ Tim- Lashona Monk for SW Guilford was Conference Player of the year for SW in 2015. She is going to South Florida to play. Both guards were really good- Lashonda does a much better distributing the ball in my opinion. Obviously if you had a team you would want both. They obviously deserve alot of credit. Shaniya was almost platying by herself for Wesleyan last night. Lashonda was the floor general last night. I don’t have a dog in the fight with either team , just as a fan I was super impressed with SW guard. They both deserve alot of credit and both are very good players

  • @ C'mon Dave said,

    Agreed. Every year there is this public school – private school debates in bball and baseball. The private school teams do play more national tournaments and play good competition . Playing in these local holiday tournaments is about there only chance to play a public school because 90% of them wont schedule a regular season game with them. I didnt see the Haeco , but seen all the games at Sheetz. Obviously Wesleyan, SW and HPCA were the 3 best teams. SW set the tournament up to where they would be guaranteed to be in the finals that’s why they put Wesleyan and HPCA (boys) in the same bracket. It was good to see the local teams getting to play one another and seeing how they match up. I think it was good for the community. SW has a big gym and it was standing room only and they cut the line off to get in because it was over capacity. Again agreed C’mon Dave – its the public school teams running from the private school teams every year, not the other way around. High Point is blessed to have 3 private schools and 3 public high schools. They should play a tournament in all varsity sports every year with these 6 teams. It would an awesome event and there would be a ton of spectators like last night. If your a sports fan and would like to see this encourage your AD’s to sit down and come up with a plan to do something like this.

  • SWG FAN said,

    Regardless of the wins or losses the fact that Swest and Nwest can be very competitive with nationally ranked private schools says a lot about their talent. Especially when you add in the fact that they’re allowed to reclass. How many of them are supposed to be freshman in college? All three were pretty good games and next up for Swest is Trinity Christian on Jan.7