High School Basketball Tonight in and around Greensboro and Guilford County

Posted by Andy Durham on February 3, 2017 at 10:44 am under High School | 12 Comments to Read

*****Games on board for tonight and we will be adding in more details, as the morning moves on…*****
+++++All games begin with the girls at 6pm, unless otherwise noted….+++++

Page at Dudley….Dudley boys with just one conference loss(12-7/7-1) and Page boys(13-8/5-3) have won five games in a-row. Page girls(15-8/7-1) have the top spot for Girls in the Metro 4-A with just one loss and the Dudley girls(12-8/6-2) are right behind the Pirates with just two conference losses and Page got Dudley, at Page a couple of weeks back…Games will be heard on GreensboroSports Radio beginning with the young ladies at 6pm…GreensboroSports Radio for Page at Dudley…
Greensboro Day School at Wesleyan Christian Academy 5:30pm….Wyatt Smith will there covering the games for us with GreensboroSports.com….lots of marbles on the table in the boy’s game with GDS(27-3) and WES(24-3)….GDS girls(13-13/2-1)…WES girls(19-5/4-0)..
Southeast Guilford at Grimsley…Very big game for the boys, with both teams needing to make a push here late in the season and SEG(9-13/3-5) needs to get over the ‘Middle of the Season Wall”, that they have hit in the last week, or so…Tommy Michaels at this game covering it for us, with GreensboroSports.com…Grimsley boys(5-16/2-6)…Girls:SEG(14-8/6-2)…Grimsley(0-19/0-7)
Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance…Another matchup with the boys on a very big stage…NG beat EA two weeks ago and EG beat NG last Friday night and tonight is very, very, big for Eastern Guilford and a great chance for ‘Cats to make a run at the regular season title…
EG boys(17-3/11-2)…EA boys(18-2/12-1)…EG girls(12-8/6-7)…EA girls(10-10/4-9)…
Smith at Southern Alamance….The Smith boys(14-8/4-4) have been reeling a bit with a loss to Page on Tuesday and they feel to Dudley last Thursday and now they need this road win tonight…Smith girls(12-10/3-5) were without Symphony Jackson on Tuesday at Page and still just lost by two, 35-33, so Smith can go and they will need the go-go tonight at SA(4-15/2-6)…SA Boys(5-14/3-5)
High Point Central at Ragsdale…Both the boys and girls teams from both schools need to make a late-season surge if the post-season is to become a reality and we will have Cameron Robles in the scene in Jamestown, covering this game for GreensboroSports.com, with “Cam’s Camera”….Girls:HPC(9-11/1-6)…Ragsdale(12-9/3-4)…Boys:HPC(12-7/4-3)..Ragsdale(8-13/2-5)
Southwestern Randolph at Western Guilford…WG girls have come all the way back to (4-5) in the conference, but against SWR it will be a tall task for the Hornets tonight and the Hornet men, need to win to stay on course to try and catch North Forsyth at the top of the conference and the Southern Guilford boys will be in on that say/story too…WG boys(11-9/6-3)…SWR boys(3-17/0-8)…WG girls(5-13/4-5)…SWR girls(14-6/5-3).
Southwest Guilford at East Forsyth…Lots of attention on the SWG Cowboys these days and rightfully so with their record at (18-2/7-0) and we will have news on them later tonight with a full game report…SWG women at (16-5/6-1) and their sights are set on going over to NWG next Tuesday and they have to take care of business tonight, before they can get there….East boys(12-9/3-4)…East girls(10-11/4-3)
Northwest Guilford at Glenn…NWG has lots of work to be done on the boy’s side and the NWG girls want to keep on doing the same thing that they have been doing at (19-2/7-0)….NWG Boys(16-4/5-2)…Glenn boys(5-16/0-7)…Glenn girls(3-17/0-7)
McMichael at Northern Guilford…NG girls at (19-1/13-0) and this is one of the best, if not the best 3-A Girls team in the state when they are on their game and they have been off, but just one time this year and they will not be taking tonight off, GAME ON at NG…MAC Girls(5-16/0-13)…NG boys(12-8/9-4)…MAC boys(8-12/5-8)
Eastern Randolph at High Point Andrews…HPA has had great success again this season with their girls and their boys and tonight should be no exception, and without looking up the numbers, I am saying for the boys and their girls they are a combined (12-0) in the conference and I will go back and look that up later, and in any case, T. Wingate Andrews does not have many peers on the local 2-A level(At least in the central part of North Carolina)….Andrews girls have lost in the conference and I stand corrected and they are (12-7/5-2)…ER girls(10-10/3-4)….
ER boys(10-10/3-4)…HPA boys(14-6/7-0)…
Other games around the area and we will keep a close watch on these games too….
Morehead at Burlington Williams…Girls:MORE(5-14/3-11)..BW(9-9/5-9)…Boys:MORE7-14/5-9)…BW(12-6/8-5)
Mount Airy at Bishop McGuinness…6:30pm and the Villains are hoping to be Villainious against the Bears tonight…
Girls:Bishop(10-10/6-3)…Mt. Airy(19-1/9-0)…Boys:Bishop(12-8/5-4)…Mt. Airy(15-5/7-2)

  • Dave smith said,

    I really feel Wesleyan will win this game as we all know Freddy Johnson will not be able to persuade the officials this time. That seems to be what he is good at maybe he will coach a little and not just depend on the others

  • J.D. Springer said,

    @Dave smith Let’s watch and see how many times Greensboro Day gets a layup or dunk on an inbounds play coming out of a timeout. Wesleyan might win, but if you think Freddy Johnson can’t coach you’re just another clueless AAU parent…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Freddy Johnson does not need any help from any refs…

    When you have J.P. Moorman, Jordan Perkins, John Newman, Will Dillard and Solomon Smith you can run and you might just roll…

    We will see how the Bengals do tonight, but they are already up 1-0 in the season series and WES will make their share of runs, there is no doubt about it, but sometimes they attack the rim too hard and it has led to more than one missed dunk this season…

    Good luck to both squads tonight and it is a great game that we have a opportunity to hear about and many fans will see this game in person tonight, that is for sure…

  • Greg said,

    Greensboro Day School has Jeff Smith

  • Page Alum said,

    Page vs Dudley was a good game until the 4th. Of course Dudley is sore losers. They couldn’t handle getting a L on their court so wanted to fight the Page players. Class act dudley…Game had to end early.


    Page Alum…..Talk about being a sore loser & class act? No the Dudley Players and Fans should not allowed it to get out of control like that, but don’t act like some of Page’s Players hands aren’t dirty either. You had 2 players running their mouths the whole game. I was sitting beside a Wife of one of the Referees and she said in the first quarter there was going to be a fight. Because of the Mouth Trash Talking by a few Page Players. Some of Page fans were arguing about Refs tight calls in the 1 half, She said the reason the Refs were calling it tight was the limit the chance of a fight. And another thing, every since Football season, some of Page’s Football Players were popping off on Twitter, about they beat Dudley and Hurt their Players in that game. When Dudley came to Page earlier….What Did Page Fans chant 4 & 1, 4 & 1. The Page Basketabll Players was playing way to Physical in that game, with one of the Players getting a T because he flip a Referee a Middle Finger. No Dudley was immature to act like that, but Page did a lot of instigating to set the match as well. I work with a lot of Page Parents that play sports….To much junk talking!!! I just a High School Sports Fan, both teams calm down. I even saw Page fans arguing with the Dudley Girls Basketball Coach after he ask them to leave. The P.A. announcer repeated about 10 times for people to leave and some of the Page fans were definding that order being hostle. The Coach had to threaten to get the Police on them. I been going to Dudley games since 1997…. this is the first time in a decade I seen the Dudley Folks that Upset in that gym. Smdh

  • Page Alum said,

    Trash talk is all about the game, who doesn’t trash talk. Numerous times I seen Dudley players shoving Page players. Trash talking should lead to a fight.

  • Page Alum said,

    *should not

  • Coach said,

    That was one heck of a game between Page/Dudley. Hate it had to end that way. Looks like Page/Dudley the new rivalry instead of Dudley/Smith or Page/Grimsley.

  • F. Gucciardi said,

    Maybe Page needs some of these clowns on the football team during the state championship games, lol. Get a running clock 2nd qtr. last year and shut out by Wake County this year and these fools running their mouths over a regular season basketball game? Have a lifetime of seats, pirates.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good job by Dudley principal Rodney Wilds, AD Art Wade, coach Curtis McMillian and coach Calvin Hunt….They and many others all did a good job of making sure a bad situation did not escalate…

    All is good and I get the Page and Dudley rivalry will continue to grow…It is a good one and the competition level and the overall talent bar among the two has been raised so high, this is one of the best rivalries in the entire state and these two cross-town rivals have a good thing going and I hope they can keep it going in football and basketball…

    Again, a good job by Rodney Wilds, Art Wade, Curtis McMillian and Calvin Hunt and others to put a lid on the pot that was trying to boil over tonight….

    There was lot of talking and some pushing, but nothing really bad broke out tonight and that is a good thing…

    Good to see Hendon Hooker back in the house and sporting the VA Tech Hokies wear……


    I will say this, with all do respect to Smith & Grimsley High. I know there is tons of history between Page/Grimsley & Dudley/Smith. However the intense competitives of the Page/Dudley in Boys/Girls Basketball and Football is the Rivalry going forward. Both these schools/teams really want to beat each other. Very Intense!!!