Meeting Tonight for Middle School Basketball Coaches

Posted by Andy Durham on February 20, 2017 at 2:20 pm under Amateur | 12 Comments to Read

There will be a meeting tonight at 6pm at the Triad Lanes on West Wendover Avenue for all Middle School Basketball coaches that would to have input on this year’s Guilford County Middle School All-Star Basketball Games…

The Middle School Basketball meeting, set for 6pm TONIGHT/Monday at the Triad Bowling Lanes, on West Wendover Avenue….

  • NR said,

    When will the names be put out?

  • Andy Durham said,

    The word we got was the list will be ready by Wednesday afternoon/Wednesday evening and we will have it posted then…I think that will be this Wednesday, but if it next Wednesday we will let you know…

  • KD said,

    As a coach I feel bad for the kids who won’t make the game who actually should be in the game. It’s hard to vote for kids when the coach or AD didn’t send rosters in so the kids could be voted on.

  • Nr said,

    Will the roster be sent out today?

  • Djdjdj said,

    Update on when the roster will be sent out?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Nothing has come yet…The coaches have to contacted first and then we should hear after that…

    On hold and will wait and we will have it for you…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Still getting some final details worked out with the coaches and hope to have something for you later on today/Thursday…


  • Andy said,

    Hoping to have them up here later tonight or early in the morning….Coaches will get their lists Thursday afternoon….

  • NR said,

    I saw the list already seen the list

  • NR said,

    I mean i already seen the list

  • K. Stewart said,

    Where is the list?

  • Middle School fan said,

    The coaches have the list. Most will share with their athlete tomorrow if they haven’t already done so. Not a lot of schools listed because a lot of coaches didn’t submit rosters. Congrats to all the athletes that was chosen as an All-Star, should be a fun game and your schools should be proud.