Unsung Players from Saturday’s Games with 4 Guilford County Teams looking for NCHSAA Titles:’Shout Outs’ to Coach Furlough, Coach Joyner, Coach Spinks and Coach Shavers(Wertz says it hurts, with Meck on the outside looking in)

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Just a grand day for our Guilford County high school basketball teams on Saturday and Shout Outs tonight/this morning to Coach Furlough(Northern Guilford girls), Coach Joyner(Northwest Guilford girls), Coach Spinks(Eastern Guilford boys) and Coach Shavers(Southwest Guilford boys), as their teams go for NCHSAA State Titles next week, in Raleigh and Chapel Hill…..

Four teams from Guilford County moving on to the Finals and looking to claim half of the Titles available for the high schools playing basketball, in North Carolina….

from the Langston Wertz Jr.’s Sunday post at the Charlotte Observer:? There’s four Guilford County teams in state championships this week and none from Mecklenburg. That feels a little different. In fact, this is the first time since 1997-98 that no Mecklenburg County team has reached the state finals in NCHSAA 4A boys or girls basketball and football in the same school year.
(Guilford County had three teams in the NCHSAA Football Championshop games with Dudley, Page and Eastern Guilford and now four from Guilford County will on hand for the basketball finals.)

Unsung players who made a difference on Saturday from the book that I was reading, and from the voices I was hearing were saying, here are at least four Unsung Players who made a difference and became heroes, as their teams found a way to Win on Saturday….

I saw it in Fayetteville, where Stephanie Chandler came in the game for the Northern Guilford Nighthawks and Steph Chandler scored 5 points in just two minutes coming in as a booster shot off of the Northern Guilford bench…Steph Chandler gave her team a big boost with a nice outside three-pointer and then she followed that up with a two and Steph came through for the ‘Hawks….True Unsung Player, turned Nighthawk Hero on Saturday….Watch out for this kid, Steph Chandler and she might be one of those young players who is about to really break through and show that Steph lives and dies in the Golden State and she/he also lives to win basketball games for the NG Nighthawks and Coach Kim Furlough…..

“Little Lindsay” Gauldin picked up the Northwest Guilford girls and carried them on her back late in the Vikings’ 59-58 win over the Mallard Creek Mavericks…Cayla King had fouled out with 5 and a-half minutes left in the game and from what our GreensboroSports Radio announcer Kris Walser was telling me, “Little Lindsay”, who finished with 16 points, was the difference-maker for the NWG girls down the stretch….”Little Lindsay” did it at the Haeco, she did it in the win by NWG over SWG, at SWG, a one-point Lady Vikings’ victory and now “Little Lindsay” has stepped up, and she has done it again…..This kid plays like an Unsung Leader and her value to her team can not be measured in just points and assists…This kid has come so far in the past three years and she and her Vikings are just one win away, from becoming 4-A State Champions….Let it loose, “Little Lindsay”…..

Another Unsung Player in Saturday’s Regional Finals was Cooper Cunningham, from Southwest Guilford….CC for three with just 1.3 seconds left on the game clock and with that three, SWG is going for the NCHSAA Boys 4-A Title, next Saturday in Raleigh, at the Reynolds Coliseum….Cooper Cunningham is a book that you can not judge by its cover…But this kid is a very nice read, and he has the ability to read those opposing defenses and how they are setting up and then he finds his spot in the corner, from Three-point range, and CC nails the Three….This kid hits a big shot and now the SWG Cowboys are looking for their first State Title since back in 1996, when the head coach was Robert Kent and Jackson Kent was not even on the court yet…A 2-A Title back then and now the C’boys are looking for 4-A Gold…No Swindell brothers around now, like they were back in 1996, but SWG has those Langleys and I’m not sure you would ever want to lose a Langley….

Known by many, but somewhat Unsung, are Jaylen Alston and Montez Venable, from Eastern Guilford High School….Their time has come and it looks like the EG Wildcats, lead by #4 Alston and #5 Venable, are ready to seize the moment and go get themselves a 3-A Boys Championship….Eastern Guilford scores 52 points on Saturday night in Fayetteville, with Alston and Venable accounting for 41 of those 52 points….The time is now for the basketball fans around Guilford County to get to know Alston and Venable and the EG Wildcats and how about those “Wildcat Crazies” from Eastern Guilford….Quite the fan base that comes out in support of their ‘Cats….You need to get to know the ‘Cats and the “Keepers of the ‘Cats” and that would be Alston and Venable….Alston had 11 rebounds to go along with his 22 points and if you are picking an All-County Team, from Guilford County, Jaylen Alston from Eastern Guilford, has to be on that First Team….You could have the three Langleys, Alston and Tre Turner and you might want to make sure Venable lands no lower than the Second Team…The ‘Cats are for real, led by Alston and Venable and they will pull into Chapel Hill and try to steal one next Saturday night….

Steph Chandler
“Little Lindsay” Gauldin
Cooper Cunningham

and Alston/Venable……Just a few of our Unsung Players from our Guilford County team, in the games on Saturday night……

  • Tom said,

    Good call on Stephanie Chandler. She has provided instance offense every time she gets on the floor. Plays good solid defense as well. Janelle and Jayla also bring a good spark off the bench. Very solid players for NG. The future is bright.

  • distinguished said,

    Also another unsung hero is Bria Gibbs. Bria isn’t mentioned much but is the backbone of northwest team. She does the dirty work of boxing out, rebounds, put backs and defense. Bria held down the toughest defenders to minimum points but is seldom recognized. She made it the regionals her freshmen year (first time in school history), made it to championship solphmore year (first in school history) and to championship again this year. Has been a starter and getting several college interest.. go Bria

  • Andy Durham said,

    A good article in today’s News and Record by Joe Sirera and it mentions Bria as being part of the four main players that helped get Northwest Guilford back in the Championship Game this season…

    CLICK HERE for that article…

    Bria is a very smart young lady and sometimes her work goes unnoticed but her work shows up in the final outcome for her team and that outcome this year and in the past three years has shown success….