Alton Tyre Invitational Relays(Track and Field Championships)

Posted by Andy Durham on March 13, 2017 at 3:10 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

CLICK HERE for the Boys results from the Alton Tyre Invitational Relays, held this past weekend at Southeast Guilford High School…

CLICK HERE for the girls results from the Alton Tyre Invitational Relays….

*****I see Asaad Alston from Page hitting 40 feet in triple jump and other local kids we recognize and I think I could come out and hit 30-35 in the shot put and land at 75 feet in the discus without warming up and might be ready for a 6 minute 1600 and maybe a 13:30 in the 3200, but that is all relevant to a given day….Hate to run for times because you are throwing out your max for that day(and then you are done), but that is the way it is in competition and as it is in Track and Field, there is something out there for everyone, if you are willing to put in the work…..Somebody once asked me who the best coach I ever had was, and I said me…Coaching myself in running back in the day in those adult events and hitting a 4:38 mile, a sub-12 minute two-mile, coming in at 3 hours and 10 minutes over 26.1 miles and hitting a 36:30 over the 10K course and right around 17:45 for the 5K course and on and on, as you go, and you know if you train hard and use the right approach, you can hit quite a few PR’s over the course of your running course…I have seen all of the distances and I have teacher from back in college and he specializes in nothing but 50 mile or more races/runs….His specialties are the 100 milers…..

Every day is another race or another course and my favorite NIKE poser of all time was the one that read, “There is No Finish Line”…..

Run on and Run Hard, but run quietly so you don’t pound your feet and legs into submission….You know you are running correctly when you run up behind someone, and they didn’t hear you coming and they are startled and you are doing then doing it right…..*****

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