Working on those All-Guilford County High School Basketball Teams for the Boys and Girls

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Working on those All-County teams and for the boys on the first team you might just want to go with:
Boys First Team All-Guilford County:
Kameron Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
Keyshaun Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
Kobe Langley(Southwest Guilford HS)
Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford HS)
Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford HS)
Player of the Year:Kameron Langley
Coach of the Year:Guy Shavers(Southwest Guilford HS)
A pretty close second for Coach of the Year:Joe Spinks(Eastern Guilford HS)
*****We can take the three Langley Brothers and travel and play just about any three around in the 16 and Under category and you will win…..*****

Girls First Team All-Guilford County:
Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford HS)
Cayla King(Northwest Guilford HS)
Liz Kitley(Northwest Guilford)
Teara Johnson(Dudley HS)
Lashonda Monk(Southwest Guilford HS)/Reagan Kargo(Page HS)…All tied up here…
Player of the Year:Elissa Cunane
Coach of the Year:Darlene Joyner(Northwest Guilford) and Kim Furlough(Northern Guilford)…All tied up here…
*****We can take the top three, Cunane, King and Kitley and hit the road and win just about every game we would play in girls three-on-three ball in the age group…King at the guard, Cunane as a wing-forward and Kitley in the post and we would not lose many, if any games…This three can carry you a long way….*****

Now we start loading up the Second Teams with the boys among the following….
Second Team-Jahlen King(Page HS)
Second Team-Montez Venable(Eastern Guilford HS)
Second Team-Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford HS)
Second Team-Andy Pack-Northern Guilford HS)
Second Team-Reggie Davis-Northwest Guilford HS)

Third Team-Tyrece Cheek(Smith HS)
Third Team-Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford HS)
Third Team-Trey Johnsen(Northern Guilford HS)
Third Team-Garren Dearman(Southern Guilford HS)
Third Team-David Young(Western Guilford HS)

Girls Second Team and the Third Team to follow…..
Second Team-Kassie Robakiewicz(Northern Guilford HS)
Second Team-Nichelle Jeffries(Northeast Guilford HS)
Second Team-Jazmin Harris(Eastern Guilford HS)
Second Team-Lauren Carter(Southwest Guilford HS)
Second Team-Ariyah Wheless(Southern Guilford HS)

Third Team-Lindsay Gauldin(Northwest Guilford HS)
Third Team-Bria Gibbs(Northwest Guilford HS)
Third Team-Mercedes Wampler(Northern Guilford HS)
Third Team-Jewel Tinsley(Southeast Guilford HS)
Third Team-Sammi Furlough(Northern Guilford),

Honorable Mentions take and make your picks, and I think of names like Jersey Harris(Page HS), Symphony Jackson(Smith HS), Kelly Lomax(NG), Kristen Roberts(SG), Nokomis Williams(SG), DJ Jackson(Smith), Marnae Oatis-Hopkins(Western Guilford), Will Jones(Page), Demetrious Butler and Raekwan Dean from WG, Josh Hopkins(Dudley HS), Isaiah Bigelow(Smith HS), Tim Boulware(Dudley HS), Ramal Patterson(Eastern Guilford HS), Kristen Roberts(Southern Guilford), Shaquese Taylor(Dudley), Tya Morrison(Northeast Guilford), Desmond Freeman(Southeast), Isaiah Tate(Southeast), Tylan Tatum(Page) and we could go on and on and who do you slot out and in….

Private Schools Boys First Team:
J.P. Moorman(Greensboro Day School)
John Newman(Greensboro Day School)
David Carraher(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Ian Steere(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Jalen Seegars(High Point Christian Academy)
Player of the Year:J.P. Moorman(GDS)
Coach of the Year:Freddy Johnson(GDS)

Will get a Boys Second Team and a girls first team up here a little later on…

Boys Private School Second Team…..
Second Team-Jordan Perkins(Greensboro Day)
Second Team-Will Dillard(GDS)
Second Team-Solomon Smith(GDS)
Second Team-Greyson Collins(Caldwell Academy)
Second Team-Reece Bogan(High Point Christian Academy)

Girls Team for now:
Shaniya Jones(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Gloria Smith(Greensboro Day School)
Chole Brewington(Greensboro Day)
Nicole Mackay(Wesleyan Christian Academy)
Coach of the Year:Matt McCarthy(Wesleyan Christian Academy)

+++++I am going to try and come up with a combo Public and Private Top Five tomorrow……+++++
Here is the first Five that we have come up with…..
J.P. Moorman(GDS)…Should have stats in the morning….
Kameron Langley(SWG)….13.1 ppg/6.7 rebounds per game/7.2 assists per game….
Tre Turner(NWG)…..15.9 ppg/7.5 rebounds per game/2.9 assists per game…
Jaylen Alston(Eastern Guilford)…21.2 ppg/10.6 rebounds per game…assists not available…
David Carraher(WES)…Stats not avail…

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