Not expecting too many Baseball and Softball games for today, but we do have a few scheduled

Posted by Andy Durham on March 31, 2017 at 11:40 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Most of the games scheduled for Friday got moved up to yesterday/Thursday, but here are a few that we are still looking for today and will they get played??? Only time and sunlight will tell and like everything else in life, the clock is ticking…

Today’s Baseball:
Eastern Guilford at McMichael 7pm…..This one has been POSTPONED…..
High Point Central at Glenn 7pm
Greensboro Day School at Raleigh Ravenscroft 5pm
North Raleigh Christian at Wesleyan Christian Academy 6pm
*****Big wins back on Thursday for Northern Guilford, Southwest Guilford and Southeast Guilford…*****

Softball Today:
Few other games listed today, but sure how many are playing and how many got moved up to Thursday……..
High Point Central at Glenn 6pm
Eastern Guilford at McMichael 6:30pm….POSTPONED
Southwest Guilford at Northwest Guilford 7pm….This is a Big One here for the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference…SWG over NG and NWG topped Glenn back on Thursday….SWG has been a recent roll and NWG has not lost yet, in the conference…This now being listed as POSTPONED until Monday…
+++++No school today, Teachers Workday+++++

  • NW Fan said,

    NW website shows this game has been postponed to Monday night.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hearing and seeing games Postponed with EG-McMichael baseball being on of those and SWG at NWG being the other…

    Was thinking that might be the case, with with the wind and sunshine combo, thought they might still get a few games in…Tarp teams/schools might have had a chance to play today…

    Do you think we could get Mr. Emmert and the NCAA to go ahead and play the Saturday NCAA games tonight????
    You know, move them up one for us, so we could have something to watch tonight…..

    Hope that South Carolina meets North Carolina on Monday and we could wager a toilet vs. a Confederate flag, if you want them, to the Winner…..I still think South Carolina could use a re-incarnation of John Roche, Tom Owens, Ribok, Riker, Cremins, Kevin Joyce and Brian Winters to help them and why not from back Skip Harlicka from the late 60’s too for the Gamecocks…

    Sure hope we have some readers that remember some of those S. Carolina players and from UNC time to bring back some of the Heels that met those old S. Carolina teams, like Charlie Scott, George Karl, Brad Hoffman, Steve Previs, Ed Stahl, Lee Dedmon, Dick Grubar, Rusty Clark, Rich Yonaker, Bill Chambers, Bill Chamberlin, Walter Davis and others….Might make for a better match than what you will see on Monday night….

    Maybe kind of crazy, but I don’t remember Coach Frank McGuire having any star black players back in those hey days, but Coach Dean Smith sure did, beginning with Charlie Scott and going to Bill Chamberlin, Walter Davis, Dudley Bradley and more….

    Was a different time and era……

  • Andy Durham said,

    The first black basketball player I remember from South Carolina would have to be Alex English/Alexander English….May have been a few before Alex came through, but I don’t remember many….

    One of the best black players I remember and I loved this guy’s name and his game, and that would Zam Fredrick…

    These days you’ve Bam(Adebayo) and back then, you had Zam and yes mam, Zam could score in bunches….I will try and find a few of his old games and post up here later on, but Zam was a winner, and at least a scorer and Alex English was too….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here is the word on Zam Fredrick from Wikipedia and it is pretty good stuff….

    Zambolist “Zam” Fredrick, Sr. (born August 17, 1959) is a retired American professional basketball player. He spent his professional career playing in Italy from 1981 to 1987 after graduating college from the University of South Carolina in 1981. Although Fredrick played in Europe, he is best known in the United States for leading NCAA Division I in scoring as a senior in 1980–81 with a 28.9 points per game average.

    Fredrick grew up in South Carolina. He played college basketball at USC under head coaches Frank McGuire and Bill Foster between 1977 and 1981…..

  • Gfan said,

    To not be accused of driving this discussion completely off target I want to ask about one of my favorite UNC fans. I went to the SEG Grimsley game the other night and no Charlie Pannell. I asked around and folks have not see him this season. I am very concerned because I know if he was able he would be there. Any word on CHarlie? I am afraid he is not doing well.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Charlie Pannell will join Southeast Guilford for the Baseball Tournament at the Grasshoppers stadium running April 13-15…He will be back out for baseball on those key dates….