Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball Today(4/12/17):Carrey and Millwee clear the way as Northern wins over St. Mary’s/East Forsyth tops Uwharrie Charter, 5-2/HPCA comes away at Mingo Bay with Win

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Northern Guilford 10, St. Mary’s 2
NG (17-1)-10, St. Mary’s-2. WP-Bryant Carrey, 4 IP. SV-Joe Millwee, 3 IP…..JT Jarrett(Northern Guilford HS) All-Tournament at West Brunswick.

                1	2	3	4	5	6	7	R	H	E
St. Mary's	0	0	0	2	0	0	0	2	-	-
NGHS	        3	0	2	5	0	0	0	10	-	-

East Forsyth 5, Uwharrie Charter 2
Hood, Fish and Norby with 2 hits each for East and Hood, Emery and Norby with 1 RBI each for East….Danny Fish with 4 Quality at Bats for East…Dalton Hammer goes 5 1/3 Innings for Uwharrie and Luke Kimrey goes 5 Innings to get the win for East….18 First Pitch strikes for Hammer and 17 First Pitch strikes for Kimrey…
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
ESTF 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 5 9 1
UWHR 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 7 1

High Point Christian Academy 3, Carolina Forest 1…(8 Innings)
Zach Britton threw 6 2/3’s for a tremendous effort…J. Crump had a day with 3 hits and the game-winning double…..(Mingo Bay Tournament)

Wilmington New Hanover 14, Northwest Guilford 0
New Hanover ranked #24 in the Nation in this weeks’s CBS/MaxPreps Top 25 High School Baseball Poll….
Wilmington Hoggard knocked off New Hanover yesterday/Tuesday and that is why New Hanover was playing in the Third Place Game..
This was the Wilmington Ashley Spring Break Tournament…..

Northern Guilford vs. vs. St. Mary’s (Annapolis, MD) 1:30pm at West Brunswick Beach Diamond Invitational
See Above….
East Forsyth vs. Uwharrie Charter 4pm at the West Brunswick Beach Diamond Invitational
See Above
Northwest Guilford vs. Wilmington New Hanover 4:30pm at the Wilmington Ashley Spring Break Tournament
See Above

+++++Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Delmarva Shorebirds 12 NOON at First National Bank Field+++++
Delmarva Shorebirds 8, Greensboro Grasshoppers 2
Birds Line-8-9-1
Hoppers Line-2-5-0
HR:(DEL) Palmeiro…Grand Slam…Hoppers:Knapp(Double)…Berry(Triple)
Knapp 2-4/Run….DEL:Billingsley 2-5/3 RBI…Grim 2-3/HR/2 Runs

  • Tired of hearing nonsense said,


    Since you closed other post and deleted all info that did not have any names in it by the way, just wanted to clarify something. I agree that coaches should be supported but not after doing WRONG BY KIDS THAT ARE DESERVING over and over. Sometimes you have to call like you see it Andy and say that the Coaches that play politics should show some INTEGRITY.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I am not aware of any of our coaches playing politics, but if you feel that is the case, you need to go meet that coach Face-to-Face and tell him how you feel…

    Have enough respect for the coach to meet and talk with him or her….Maybe you folks can get this worked out and get together and reach a constructive resolution…

    Go meet the coach and talk to him or her…I used to be be a coach back in the old days and I know that is how I would like to handle this and if can’t get together, then we can go our separate ways….

    I saw one of my former basketball players today and I asked her how her work was going and she said she was retired and that made me feel like, you know, the road is long and it is winding…

    That player also played softball for me and I remember one year right before our Sports Banquet this player got into it with another player and disrespected that player and this was my star player and she was due the MVP Award for Softball that year running and going away…After the incident she did not win the award and that was the only time in her career that she did not win that award and you know what, we are both better people for that move today and total respect is there and it should be and that was a LONG time ago, but I do think the lesson still holds true today…

    And how do you feel, are we on the same page???

    I a kid doesn’t get it today, believe me, there will be plenty of more chances to reach the top in the future and the future is what you make it….

  • Tired of hearing nonsense said,

    We are on the same page for most part. I too was a coach and it was travel ball but at the highest level. Had several of players that played for me have gone on to play college. The problem I have as well as many other parents around the county is coaches this day don’t have open door policy and playing time isn’t allowed to be discussed. I am friends with 3 high school coaches in area and they too say it is a problem in the county. I just hate to see kids that deserve the opportunity to get on the field when they excel on the showcase circuit where the baseball is played on a higher level but can’t seem to get on the field for a high school coach. When this happens, it is not in the best interest of the high school sports program. You may not be aware but if you asked around you will see that the politics I speak of is alive and well.

  • RealCoach said,

    the simple fact the you claim to be a coach of “travel ball at the highest level” indicates that more than likely you do NOT have the qualifications to criticize a high school coach. most high school coaches put the BEST players on the field regardless of how much money the parents may have spent (wasted) on travel teams and private lessons. on those travel teams you pay your $2,000 + per year and you get your “right” to complain about whatever you feel like. then you treat your son’s high school coach the exact same way. that coach is lucky if he is making $5 per hour considering the time he puts in for field work and off-season workouts. then when that high school coach reminds you that he does not discuss playing time issues with parents (which most coaches will not or would prefer not to) you go on social media and claim politics is keeping little Johnny on the bench. No, little Johnny is on the bench because he SUCKS and no amount of money spent on travel baseball and private lessons and personal trainers will change that fact. for 95% of the high school coaches out there, if playing your son or any other player would make the team more competitive, that kid would be on the field. the simple fact that he is sitting the bench on his high school team should indicate that someone is wasting a lot of money on travel ball. get a life…

  • Tired of hearing nonsense said,

    Real Coach,
    You are an idiot and have no clue to what you are talking about. I did not make a dime coaching travel baseball and players that make all world at a big time showcase tournament don’t suck. Maybe it’s the high school coaches that suck. I don’t have a son playing in high school any longer. My son plays college ball now so I do qualify to make baseball educated statements when talking about coaches. If you think that high school coaches put the BEST players on the field, you my friend are oblivious to high school baseball and what in os today. You need to go to some showcase big tournaments like the ones in Georgia or elite 32 USSSA tournaments of which I have coached in both and you will see that those tournaments make high school baseball look like t- ball. You are probably one of the parents who think your son is good because he is actually playing because of politics. No need for me to get a life, I am perfectly fine with mine. Maybe you should get out of the county and watch some real baseball.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Show up downtown Thursday, Friday and Saturday and support the local HS tournament and let’s see if Southeast Guilford can defend their Title…If Southeast wins again that will show us that their system works….

    SEG is a proponent of American Legion ball and not travel ball and many feel that American Legion is much better than travel ball and this might be a good determiner for us…SEG does have some travel ball players but the Falcons have strong ties to the American Legion system…

    Let us work to stay peaceful and respectful and see if we can make this a civilized discussion….

    How do most feel, Legion ball or travel ball and that would include Junior Legion ball too, since we do have a few Junior AL teams in the area…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Time to let this topic die out for now and we will try and pick it up again later…Getting late tonight and we all need to get some rest…