New Polls for Guilford County High School Baseball and Softball

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Baseball Poll for Guilford County Public Schools
1)Northern Guilford(17-1)
2)TIE:Southwest Guilford(16-3)/Southeast Guilford(15-3)
4)Northwest Guilford(10-9)
5)High Point Central(10-8)
6)Eastern Guilford(10-8)
9)Northeast Guilford(8-12)
10)Western Guilford(6-11)

Combined Public and Private School Poll for Guilford County
1)Northern Guilford(17-1)
2)TIE:Southwest Guilford(16-3)/Southeast Guilford(15-3)
4)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-1)
5)Northwest Guilford(10-9)
6)High Point Central(10-8)
7)Eastern Guilford(10-8)
8)High Point Christian Academy(14-8)
9)Caldwell Academy(9-2)

Softball Poll for Guilford County Schools
1)Northwest Guilford(12-4/7-0)
2)Southwest Guilford(13-3/6-1)/
4)Southeast Guilford(9-6)
5)Northern Guilford(10-7)
6)Eastern Guilford(9-7)
7)High Point Central(8-7)
10)Western Guilford(2-11)

Private School Poll for Guilford County
1)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-1)
2)High Point Christian Academy(14-8)
3)Caldwell Academy(9-2)
4)Westchester Country Day(8-8)…and just across the border….
5)Triad Science and Math Academy(8-3)
6)Greensboro Day School(4-10)
7)Oak Level Academy(9-6)
8)Cornerstone Charter Academy(4-2-1)
9)Vandalia Christian School(2-5)
10)Piedmont Classical School(2-7)

Area High School Baseball Power Poll
1)Northern Guilford(17-1)
3)TIE:Southwest Guilford(16-3)/Southeast Guilford(15-3)
5)Wesleyan Christian Academy(17-1)
6)East Forsyth(16-4)
8)Rockingham County(16-3)
9)West Forsyth(12-7)

*****And there we go, lots of polls to look at.*****
+++++And I’m sure we left somebody out somewhere, but we went at it…..+++++

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