If you could choose one current Guilford County football coach to lead the Page Pirates’ football program, who would you choose???

Posted by Andy Durham on May 17, 2017 at 11:32 pm under High School | 15 Comments to Read

Another Classroom Session and we have a Hypothetical Situation…..
If you could choose one current Guilford County football coach to lead the Page Pirates’ football program, who would you choose???

Dudley coach Steven Davis would be your automatic choice and it would be a good one….Tons of success and loads of State Titles, and he is also a former assistant coach at Page, working their under head coach Marion Kirby back in the day….

But, this will not work, because Coach Davis has too much going for him over at Dudley, coming off of the NCHSAA State 4-A Title from last season and he returns DJ Crossen, Zariek Rush, Richard Monroe, Alston Hooker, you have Gerald Simpson coming in from over at NEG and Dudley has so much talent on hand and more on the way, that you couldn’t leave a situation like that….

Coach Davis is not going anywhere and who can blame him….Could see him return toward South Carolina, or North Georgia at the end of his run…

Coach Brown at Grimsley as a candidate??? You go from Grimsley to your your arch-rival? May as well go ahead and dig a hole 10 feet deep and have Coach Brown jump in that hole, because if he was ready to make a move like this, his days would be numbered….Did leave Southern for Grimsley, but is a whole different animal altogether…

I don’t think I will go over every coach in Guilford County, because some of the coaches are still real new at their current coaching residencies and it probably wouldn’t ever go over well, in them moving into Page, even if it was just hypothetical….

Young coaches you see for sure staying and not moving:
Brandon Wiggins(Smith)…Smith grad…Beginning year two…
Eric Westberg(Northern Guilford)…Only been on board for one year…
Bryant Miller(Western Guilford)…New coach…Former assistant at NWG…
Jason Bradley(Southern Guilford)…New coach…Came over from Wheatmore…
Earl Bates(Northeast Guilford)….New coach….Has been up(Morehead) and down(Southern Guilford) the road over the past two years and now living close to his home, you think this is the job for now, but maybe still Eastern Guilford one day…
Kennedy Tinsley(Southeast Guilford)…New coach…..First head coaching position…

All of the above are strong stay put for now….

Others we have not yet touched on….
Coach Wayne Jones at High Point Central….Just don’t see Coach Jones going any place else for now…HP Central system fits what he likes to do, with loads of speed, from his track guys…

Coach Eric Rainey at Southwest Guilford….Would be a major jump and with his son Jaren a senior for 2017-18, and with Jaren Rainey, being pretty much the top returning quarterback in all of Guilford County, I would think Coach Rainey would have the deal he needs at SWG right now….

What about Coach Tommy Norwood at Ragsdale??? We don’t see the longest tenured coach in Guilford County leaving Jamestown, but what a way this would be to close out your career….Success at Southeast Guilford and that wasn’t easy and much success at Ragsdale, with some of those Ragsdale at Dudley playoff games, being some of the best in Guilford County history….Hypothetically speaking, what a way to end it for Coach Norwood, going to Page and leading the Pirates to more glory, as he would close out his own coaching story….

Jared Rolfes at Northwest Guilford has built a very strong young program/resume and built it up from JV’s on up to the top and his Vikings are seeking powerhouse status with some of the kids he has coming back…They should challenge Page for the Metro 4-A Title in 2017….With Tre Turner, Jacob Leonard, Cameron Cloud and kids like Cody Creed back, NWG will be trouble for most of the teams that they face…

John Patterson, at High Point Andrews, led his team to an (8-5) record last season in his first year as the Red Raiders head coach and with John Patterson being a grad of T. Wingate Andrews High School, you have to think he would make that his only stop in Guilford County…

The X-factor to all of this would be Doug Robertson, at Eastern Guilford HS…We really don’t see Coach Robertson leaving EG, with QB Dominique Graves back from last year’s Wildcat team that played for the 3-AA Championship in 2016…Coach Robertson led Reidsville to a 2-A State Football Title…State Champions at Reidsville, Eastern Guilford to the State Title game and Eastern Guilford went (15-1) last season, with their only loss coming in the title game….In a hypothetical situation, Coach Robertson could well be your man, being young and taking teams to where they have they have gone, State Titlest and Runners-up….Coach Robertson could well continue to be a coach that be will hard to hang on to, and we will see how the future unfolds for all our Guilford County coaches…..

And the Big Question remains, Who will be that new head football at Page High School???

*****Again, just a look around the county, in our Hypothetical Situation…..*****

  • The Oracle said,

    I say roll the dice on some underutilized talent: Ben Holder.

  • Clint said,

    Do we do all of this when other schools are looking for coaches? Just asking

  • Andy Durham said,

    Page and Dudley are among the elite programs in the state…Same sort of thing goes on when a team like a Richmond County is looking for a new coach….Certain programs bring on that appeal and interest….

    All of the titles and the history of the schools generate that type of appeal…

  • Johnny Garcia said,

    Page is in a precarious position here where if you make the wrong hire things could go downhill quickly. My understanding is Asheboro reached out to Coach on a number of occassions with Coach turning down the offer until this latest pitch was made; should be noted the Asheboro Superintendent is a former principal at Page. Not sure what the backstory is but something went down over on Alma Pinnix for Coach to up and leave during Spring workouts. A seasoned coach is gonna inquire about this before looking at the Page job.

  • Fred Sanford said,

    If Page were smart, they’d dig deep and go pursue Ragsdale Athletic Director Brian Herndon. Nothing happened at Page. Asheboro made him an awesome offer. Herndon deserves this and Page would reap the benefits. But, it wont happen.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Since this a hypothetical situation, why not go for Brian Herndon and Tommy Norwood as a package/team transition…

    Coach Norwood as the head coach and Coach Herndon as the offensive coordinator….

    Coach Herndon could also help in the AD department, when the football season was over…

    Hitting on the high notes, hypothetically speaking….

  • Stafford Moser said,

    I’m a Page Pirate 51 weeks out of the year….I’m a Nighthawk 52. 🙂

    I wish Coach G the best….he has upheld a long tradition at Page and truly appreciate all he has done. Some great names being tossed around….anyone have thoughts on Scott Young….former coach at Independence? I hear great things about him. He is at Statesville now. Time will tell but I’m sure the next in line will do a great job.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Heard he/Coach Young got a raw deal at Independence….Won multiple state titles at West Rowan and is one of the most respected coaches in the state..

    Has had health issues over the past several years and that is one reason they said Independence let him go…

    Has had the health issues but still battling….

  • Ted Roe said,

    I read posts from these loyal Page fans. Dudley hired insiders each time a new coach left for a new coaching job. Young…Ragsdale, then the Ferguson, Floyd, and Davis…regimes…

    What about the defensive coordinator? offensive coordinator? Some of the former guys from Mendenhall?
    Day in and day out hypocrisy beseeches this thread. Was Coach G even the best choice with a 35-31 record when he left Trinity? I am beginning to question the logic of the bloggers.

    If any parent is reading this, do what’s best for your child as Coach G has done. Transfer your children to any program as a future business decision. Loyalty has left the country. Look at how the Republican Party treats its own president. The MAGA group is a hypocritical bunch.

  • Coach said,

    I believe they should just move up one of the coordinators, the system they was runningthere wasn’t broke so why switch it. Granted there may be some tweaks here and there,I think one of the coordinators could surely handle the job.

  • Ross said,

    I agree with the Coach, give a coordinator a look. That JV team at Page has always been on point.

  • Ted Roe said,

    Coach Bagamary or Coach Hagan…I wish both well…

  • Gfan said,

    Speculation is over. Coach Fritz former coach at SEG will be into diced as new head coach at Page. They are looking at someone to bring a strong running game.

  • Huh??? said,

    Say what????

  • PigSkinUmp said,

    Gfan. Yep. Fired SE Guilford coach Fritz will be the new Page head coach. Just as soon as donkeys fly, the Tarheels stop academically cheating, hell freezes over, and Mexico becomes the 51st state!