Northwest Guilford High School – New Football Head Coach Kevin Wallace

Posted by Press Release on June 26, 2017 at 9:15 am under High School | 10 Comments to Read

Northwest Guilford High School has hired Kevin Wallace as the new head football coach. For the last two football seasons, Kevin led the high powered offense at Glenn High School in Kernersville as the offensive coordinator. Glenn averaged 35 points and over 375 yards per game under his guidance during his tenure. Before coaching at Glenn, Kevin’s entire coaching career was in the college ranks. He served in several roles at Greensboro College from 2012-2015 including offensive coordinator, strength coach, and offensive line coach. Before Greensboro College, he had coaching stops at Apprentice School (Newport News, Virginia), Frostburg State (Frostburg, MD), and LaSalle University (Philadelphia, PA). In addition to coaching at LaSalle, Kevin also played collegiately on the offensive line for the Explorers graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology in 2008. He earned his Master of Education/Interdisciplinary Studies at Frostburg State in 2010. He is a certified strength coach and will serve as a physical education teacher at Northwest High School this coming school year.

There will be a meeting for anyone wishing to meet Coach Wallace and hear about his vision for the Northwest Guilford Viking football program tonight at 7pm in the media center at Northwest High School.

  • Savant said,

    Exceptional hire.

  • Wow said,

    Well now you see why Northwest coach left so easily for a big time program like Page. Northwest announce who their new coach is and nobody is talking about it, but everybody couldn’t wait to find out and talk about who will be the new coach for Page. Just saying.

  • Truth said,

    Good point. People should be talking about this hire. It is a great move by the administration at Northwest Guilford. Haters can say what they want, but he was the reason the Glenn program turned around. Hope the community, parents, and boosters help him move NWG forward!

  • NWADWinsthisone said,

    I think most people haven’t,commented because it’s such a good hire there isn’t anything to complain about. Pretty sure most NW fans are just smiling ear to ear as they know where Page will be headed as a program….. Great job NW AD. Northwest just upgraded its coaching staff. What was a surprise resignation A few weeks ago turned into an unexpected improvement for this NW team.

    It’s sort of sad that Page puts so much emphasis on HS football. It’s sad most of those kids aren’t focused on their future education. And don’t have more to look forward to in life.

    Oh and the tag on the initial article was not correct so doubt most people even saw the announcement. A HS coach announcement shouldn’t need a news conference announcement either. Seriously…’s HS.

  • Hopefully said,

    I think people are quiet because no one knows what to think for the most part. That basically means this guy did not burn any bridges from job to job so no one is feeding the media any garbage. Just as the AD said in his introduction and the Coach mentioned, this is literally a new head coach. He clearly knows the game based on this past and he wanted this job. If he can bring his own staff or keep the core of the assistants in place, then I don’t think NW will miss much. This Coach appears to be a guy with a plan but has never had the opportunity to put it into place himself. It’s the AD’s job to find a guy that has a plan and he believes can actually do what they claim they can do. Let’s hope for the sake of the players that this guy is the right hire. The last coach was easy to talk to and the players love him because he communicated well. The new Coach seems like a more reserve person but hopefully he is good 1on1 and in group settings where he sets the agenda.

  • See Ya!!! said,

    Coach Rolfes took NW from a Top 10 team and totally burnt it to the ground in less than 1 graduating class. Now Coach Wallace is going to have to rebuild that program from the ground up with hardly any coaches to help. Rolfes made a point of running people off that the fans liked cause it took away from his praise. I just hope Wallace goes in and beats Page and shows Rolfes that he was sitting on a Gold mine its just his style of coaching and scheme wasn’t getting it done. Can’t wait to see Rolfes make one of his dumb comments to the Paper like he always does after NW beats him or better yet Grimsley.

    BTW, if he tries to tell any of your kids not to transfer to Dudley and to be loyal don’t worry. Go ahead and leave cause he will leave as soon as the next offer comes in that looks somewhat better than Page. He is only as faithful as his options!

  • The Real Deal said,

    Coach Wallace is a great coach and good people.. but I don’t know about that him being the reason that the Glenn football program turned around. He was a part but, Coach Antwuan Stevenson is the tip of the spear.

  • Fakes and Phonies said,

    Not a fan of this move by Rusty. Jared is a fake and a phony. He will bring those type of ppl with him. See ya Page dynasty.

  • Sorry Glenn said,

    Stevenson hasn’t done anything at Glenn. He gets a new OC and new offense along with a decent QB and they still only win 7 or 8 games. You guys talk like Glenn was beating everyone. They beat NW Guilford and LOST in the 1st rd of the Playoffs! Congrats… who cares! Now we will see if Wallace was the reason for the 8 wins.

  • Truth said,

    The Real Deal-obviously the head coach is the tip of the spear as you state. However, the areas that lacked at glenn were defense and special teams, both of which Coach Stevenson was responsible for. He hired an assistant from Mt Tabor that has never called a play as a coordinator which is risky. The offensive talent will only go so far. However, with Wallace they seemed to enjoy his offensive style.