High School Football Scrimmages with NWG-Tabor moved to TONIGHT and the Friday Games on tap:Dudley Football Jamboree Friday at 5 and Backup Plan, Saturday at NOON(Dudley Jamboree Schedule now available here/Check it out!)

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*****The JV and Varsity Football Jamboree at Mt. Tabor Friday night is being moved to Thursday/TONIGHT, 8/10/17 at 6pm.*****

*****Dudley Football Jamboree still on for Friday at 5pm and Backup Plan in case of RAIN, the Dudley Football Jamboree will begin Saturday, at NOON…..*****
Eastern Guilford at Dudley Multi-Team Scrimmage….JV and Varsity 5pm
*****Other teams are due in at this one that Dudley is hosting:
Teams at Dudley Jamboree: Dudley, Western Alamance, Western Guilford, Smith, Page, Vance, Eastern Guilford, RJ Reynolds, High Point Central, Rocky River….*****
+++++If there is RAIN, the Dudley Jamboree will be moved to Saturday at 12 NOON….+++++
Ragsdale at Ledford JV and Varsity at 6pm
Southwest Guilford at Glenn 6pm
Grimsley at Ledford 6pm
Southeast Guilford at Reidsville Football Jamboree 6pm
Northeast Guilford at Reidsville 6pm

*****Dudley Panthers 2017 Jamboree*****
Eastern Guilford, Page, Vance, Rocky River, RJ Reynolds, Western Alamance, Western Guilford, Smith & HP Central

10-10-10-10(plays by the offense, run 10 and switch)
5:30PM – Western Guilford vs Western Alamance (Game Field – Scoreboard)
5:30PM – Vance vs HP Central (Practice Field – Street)
5:30PM – Page vs Rocky River (Practice Field – Scoreboard)
5:30PM – Dudley vs Eastern Guilford (Game Field – Field House)
5:30PM – RJ Reynolds vs Smith (Practice Field – Field House)

10-10-10-10(plays for the offense, run 10 and switch)
6:00PM – Western Guilford vs RJ Reynolds (Practice Field – Field House)
6:00PM – Dudley vs Rocky River (Game Field – Field House)
6:00PM – Vance vs Page (Game Field – Scoreboard)
6:00PM – Western Alamance vs Eastern Guilford (Practice Field – Scoreboard)
6:00PM – Smith vs HP Central (Practice Field – Street)

Game Situation (30-minute running clock)
7:30PM – Page vs Western Alamance (Game Field – Field House)
6:30PM – Dudley vs Vance (Game Field – Scoreboard)
6:30PM – Smith vs Rocky River (Game Field – Field House)
7:00PM – HP Central vs Western Guilford (Game Field – Field House)
7:00PM – Eastern Guilford vs RJ Reynolds (Game Field – Scoreboard)

*Coaches, please let Dudley know if you will be bringing your JV teams.

  • NW Champs v Page Snakes said,

    The NW offense looked solid tonight. The defense will be their downfall again this year. It’s a shame Coach Rolfes totally destroyed this program in less than 4 years and ran to Page. NW is back in the hands of a great Coach. The Parents and fans need to be easy on him and let him rebuild it his way. This high powered offense will bring in some stud players. Give him 3-5 and Wallace will be running the Metro with NW like Woodruff did.