HS Football ‘for real’ Returns Tonight:JV Football in and around Guilford County and “Countdown to Kickoff in the County” is on!!!!!

Posted by Andy Durham on August 17, 2017 at 11:18 am under High School | 25 Comments to Read

THE COUNTDOWN TO KICKOFF FOR THE ’17 SEASON IS ON THE CLOCK……7pm tonight and we just flip the Varsity games and take your JV team in the opposite direction….Toughest Guilford County teams in recent years have been Dudley, Page and Northwest Guilford and we hope to get scores from you fans tonight so we can post a JV Football Scoreboard and let everyone know how the games turned out….

Big Varsity Game tonight has Mallard Creek at Scotland County and a lot of people from our area are loading up and heading down to to the Lumberton area for this BIG high school football game….

While back on the home front we have and some of these game listings may change due to Endowment games or teams not having enough players to field a JV and varsity team and therefore they combined the JV and Varsity and went with a Varsity football team only…We shall see and we will let it be this list for now…..7pm Kickoffs across the County….

Northeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford…If Coach Chris Suggs is coaching NEG they will be ready to play….
Smith at Northwest Guilford…..NWG always tough on JV and Smith is often searching for players and the Eagles have some young kids on the Varsity team….
Grimsley at Northern Guilford….Much-improved Grimsley team last season and won at least half of their games….
Ragsdale at Southern Guilford….New eras kicking in at both schools and we will see who gets the early edge….
T. Wingate Andrews at Southeast Guilford….SEG has been working on building a JV football factory and the Falcons might see HP Andrews and then again, with the TWA overall numbers down coming out of last year, we may not have a game here….
WS Carver at Dudley….No Game Here since Carver does not have enough kids to field a JV team….NO GAME….
Davie County at Page….This ought to be a great game here since DC is a traditional football power and so is Page…
Western Guilford at Morehead….Here’s hoping that WG has enough players to field a team and there is the outside chance that this might be an Endowment Week for Western….
WS Reynolds at Southwest Guilford…SWG had a Champion middle school team last year under Coach Joey and look for the Flowers kid to get rolling as SWG QB on JV….
WS Parkland at High Point Central….HP Central JV team has struggled in recent years and this might be the pick-me–back-up season in ’17…
Fayetteville Village Christian at High Point Christian….Got to wait and see if this one happens…
North Wilkes at Bishop McGuinness….Plenty of Guilford County kids playing at Bishop and we will see how they do….

*****All games set for 7pm Kickoffs*****

  • Andy said,

    Be sure to get those scores in to us and if you can, share some of the “First-Night Football” experience with us and how the game(s) went…

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Southeast Guilford will not be playing Andrews tonight due to Andrews not fielding a JV team. Southwest Guilford will be their opponent. THIS should have been the Middle School Championship game last season………Either way, Southeast isn’t trying to build a “factory” by any means, they are just trying to give the kids a chance to SHOW there talent. That being said the incoming freshmen class still lost a few parts. Hopefully that tide will turn.

  • Coach said,

    Page 21 Davie 7 3rd Quarter 8:07

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Southwest Guilford 46 Southeast Guilford 6 at halftime. The talent ain’t showing itself tonight.

  • Coach said,

    Page 27 Davie 13 4th quarter 6:55

  • Lol said,

    Looks more like no talent at Southeast

  • Anwar Alston said,

    Page has a nice core of student-athletes to build a nice team around for the next 3 years. Many of them are great players and young men.

  • Page Alum said,

    That freshman running back for Page is pretty good, looks like a nice core of Aycock and Mendenhall landed at Page instead of across town.

  • NG said,

    Nighthawks 49 Whirlies 48. Fun game to watch!

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    “lol”, SE does have talent. The incoming freshman class lost A LOT of good players for one reason or another and most of the 10th graders on JV are inexperienced. No excuses though. They have to get better and I am confident that they will. Things happen the way they are supposed to.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Southwest 28 Southeast 20

  • Andy Durham said,

    I remember my first JV football game ever and it was Western Guilford at Mount Airy and after the game we hit the Ray’s Hamburger stand there in Mt. Airy and that Ray’s was not all that great, but after a tough game vs. Mt. Airy, Rays was not bad at all on Thursday night, back in the 70’s….

    Richard Petty used to advertise for Ray’s back in the day, and I guess all of the Ray’s locations are long gone now….

    Nothing like that burger, fries and shake from Ray’s in Mt. Airy back in the day….And I think we beat the Bears on that Thursday night…..

    I will try and throw some JV Football memories up here this season and that night down at Siler City, that was a Wild One….

    More in the weeks to come….

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Southwest 48 Southeast 20

  • Voice of the Whirlies said,

    Grimsley-NG was an entertaining battle of running backs, #45 for Nighthawks and #7 for Whirlies. Great effort from both sides in the heat. Good indicators for the future of both programs.

  • Falcon said,

    Southeast has talent ; there is talent but we need the boys to get back to fundamentals – ball protection, angle pursuit – and bottom half tackling.

    #25 Jalen Fairley was a pleasant surprise though.

  • Made the right call said,

    The right call was made last year with the 8th grade championships game and last night proved it. Losing some players or not. SE will be ok they got some good players and a core to work with but all said not there yet.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    “Made the right call”, you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. We lost three of our top players that played both offense and defense to Dudley, we had two other two starters that are no longer with the team, our BEST lineman isn’t on the field yet. A lot of kids that played last night were 5th quarter last year or that have played VERY little football. Southwest is vety 10th grade heavy and very experienced team. We know quite a few of the players at Southwest. BTW, if you want any confirmation ad to why we should have played just look at our common opponent. Jamestown. The Jamestown/Southwest game was hyped and was fairly close. Southeast ran over Jamestown. I can deal with not winning, but don’t act like the Southwest High School JV is the Southwest Middle School team from last year.

  • Made the right call said,

    Sounds like a lot of excuses to me. And the Jamestown game was not even close they had no chance but that really does not make much difference they where not that good. Its just my thoughts by no means am I putting down the SE team or any of the kids they played hard. And the JV team has gotten a boost with a lot of talent for that 8th grade class. You are the one that said this should have been the championship game last year. I do wish you luck for the rest of the year.

  • Piggyback said,

    I’m here to piggyback off what SE Has Talent said concerning last year’s “Championship” Middle School game. The teams that played last night were far different than the middle school team from last year. SE lost some of if not there best players and not to mention the contribution of the tenth grade JV players from SW made last night can’t be overlooked. Last night’s game was a good win for SW but it was not a match up from last year’s middle school teams. The kids from the one common opponent would have given their edge to SE from a physical standpoint.

  • Page RB said,

    Page RB name is Yakez Doggett nephew of Carlos Doggett who is a Page HS legend is what I was told.

  • Excuses, excuses said,

    “Southeast Guilford has talent”, you say you lost your top 3 kids to Dudley? Welcome to High School football in Guilford County my friend. You’re no different than the rest of us. I mean no disrespect – there are some Falcons in my family. It’s just the way things are at the HS level.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    “Excuses” not making excuses, just pointing out facts. Also, I don’t believe that SW lost any of their 8th grade class to Dudley this year. Additionally, ALL of our talent didn’t go to Dudley. As mentioned Jalen Fairley had a great game last night at running back and he wasn’t even a running back on the 8th grade team (plays cornerback too), but he is a talented player. I I think that the passing game will come together and all things considered they didn’t do bad. Just too many unforced errors. We actually scored on our first drive. They will be better going forward, I’m sure of that.

  • Just Saying said,

    “Southeast”, are you aware of where Hendon Hooker and his brother attended Middle School?

  • Haha said,

    Funny Southeast lost their best 3 middle school players to Dudley, just like Page missed out on the top WR at Aycock to Dudley. Must be nice.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    “Haha”, I wouldn’t say that all three were in the top three. Octavious Benton was one of two kids from Southeast Middle that made the USA Football National team this past year and he stayed. We also have a few other players that are really really skilled, really driven, and really committed that stayed. Also, we have kids that haven’t played a lot that have a ton of up-side. Sometimes being underestimated counted out can work to your advantage………