Friday Night Finish:Some Wild Scores and some Crazy Numbers on Friday Night

Posted by Andy Durham on August 26, 2017 at 1:10 am under High School | 5 Comments to Read

There were for sure some wild scores coming out of Friday night’s games and here you go with a few of them as we look back at Friday Night Football, with the “Friday Night Finish”……

Look at some of these finals….
Dudley 74, Ragsdale 21…Dudley out-scoring the opposition 123-21 on the season….The 74 plus the 49 from Week One will equal the total points of 123 for the Dudley Panthers…I’ve got to check those batteries in my calculator
West Forsyth 68, WS Carver 6
Reidsville 58, McMichael 7
Northwest Guilford 53, Western Guilford 21
Glenn 52, Walkertown 0
Eastern Guilford 50, Cedar Ridge 7…..EG over the opposition 94-7 on the season…..
Plus you had a wild score with Southeast Guilford topping Smith, 11-6….
Solid win for Page over Northern Guilford, 38-27…..
Big road win for Grimsley, 24-21 at Asheboro…
Mount Tabor with an ease past you win, 21-17 over East Forsyth….

Some wild and crazy numbers on this Friday Night Finish…

Look at the numbers from Javondre Paige from Page High School, who had 336 totals yards and then you turn around and look at Gerald Simpson from Dudley and he had 334 totals yards….
(Page at Dudley next Friday night.)

Paige from Page with 158 rushing yards on 18 carries and 178 yards passing going 11-18….Simpson from Dudley with 136 yards and 3 TD’s rushing and Simpson had 198 yards passing and three more TD’s….6 TD’s for Simpson tonight….Paige with 2 TD’s passing and 1 TD running….
Jakob Lenard from Northern with 202 yards passing and 4 TD’s…..Lenard was being pressured all night long, but he did connect for the 4 TD’s and he hit JJ Jullian for 2 TD’s and JJ had 86 yards receiving….Trent Gibson and Sincere Davis both had 84 yards rushing for Page….For Dudley, you had Zariek Rush with 179 yards on 17 carries and he scored 3 TD’s….Malachi Manness with 3 TD’s rushing for Ragsdale vs. the Dudley Defense…
Christian Herbin with his 4th Interception of the season for the NG Nighthawks…..

Got any other key numbers for us????? Let’s share them here……

  • Voice of the Whirlies said,

    Congratulations to Jimmy Teague of Reidsville on his 300th win and Darryl Brown of Grimsley for his 100th. Honored to have worked for both of them.

  • Panther Pride said,

    Dudley has outscored their opposition “123-21” this season…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, I need to check on those batteries in my calculator….123-21 for Dudley….So many numbers and so many heartaches….Bring Back the BC Powders….

  • Pantherpride said,

    Big showdown next week at DUDLEY. Page vs Dudley who do you have?

  • Andy Durham said,

    After the first two weeks and what we have seen of the early season, I would have to take Dudley….

    Combined passing game and running game for Panthers is stronger, but Page, with Paige is strong and coming on…

    Many of the new Page starters on offense were in that Page-Dudley JV game last year at Tarpley and Dudley won that with both Javondre Paige and Sincere Davis being back there in the backfield for Page that night…

    Varsity returners on both sides of the ball for both teams, but Dudley may have more packed power back than Page, and I don’t see this score being as close as it was last year over at Page….

    I would say Dudley by at least 17 points going in with something like 38-21 Dudley which would give us that 17 points difference, or Dudley were to really get rolling you might see 38-14 Dudley….

    Page does have a very strong offensive line, but the Dudley DB’s know how to come up and make tackles and the Dudley DB’s can be your top tacklers….

    Good game in the makings on the surface…