2017 High School Football Stats/#’s as we roll into Week 14 of the Season of ’17:Top Ten Tier for this Year and this year is slipping past us in a hurry

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2017 High School Football Stats/#’s
Top Ten Tier for Passing, Rushing and Receiving as go into the final weeks of our 2017 season…

*****Still waiting on a few updates for this week….*****
Some teams are now done and a few kids got injured, but with just four Guilford County teams left in the 2017 hunt, here is what we have for this week….*****

Jakob Lenard(Northern Guilford HS) 115-251/1,924 yards/45.8%/192.4 yards per game/23 TD’s/9 INT’s….(No new update for this week…Season Complete.
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 115-201/1,678 yards/57.2%/152.5 yards per game/19 TD’s/11 INT’s…Javondre Paige(Page) rushing 537 yards/102 carries/12 TD’s…Paige with 31 Total TD’s and 2,215 Total Yards….Open Week last week….Team back in action this week at home vs. Providence.
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford HS) 138-232/1,649 yards/59.5%/149.9 yards per game/18 TD’s/10 INT’s….Has not been updated…Season Complete.
Jacob Leonard(Northwest Guilford HS) 109-223/1,557 yards/48.9%/173.0 yards per game/12 TD’s/8 INT’s…Season Complete.
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Central HS) 105-179/1,539 yards/58.7%/139.9 yards per game/13 TD’s/9 INT’s…Season Complete.
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) 116-192/1,499 yards/60.4%/124.9 yards per game/14 TD’s/5 INT’s….Graves with 2,334 Total Yards and 29 TD’s…In action again this week, home vs. DH Conley.
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 102-196/1,283 yards/52.0%/116.6 yards per game/10 TD’s/7 INT’s…Season Complete.
Caleb Homol(High Point Christian Academy) 85-138/1,130 yards/53.8%/161.4 yards per game/16 TD’s/5 INT’s…Season Complete.
Gerald Simpson(Dudley HS) 62-96/1,163 yards/64.6%/96.9 yards per game/17 TD’s/1 INT’s….Simpson with 1,867 Total Yards and 27 TD’s…Back in action this week at Wilmington New Hanover…
Devan Boykin(Ragsdale HS) 80-143 with 1,070 yards/55.9%/11 TD’s/3 INT’s…107.0 yards per game….Boykin 1,409 Total Yards and 14 TD’s…No current update available and Season Complete.
Devin Flowers(Southwest Guilford HS) 61-100/894 yards/9 TD’s/7 INT’s and all in 8 games and still active with playoffs this Friday…

Malachi Manness(Ragsdale HS) 1,393 yards and 18 TD’s/201 carries and 139.3 yards rushing per game….6.9 yards per carry…Season Complete.
Zareik Rush(Dudley HS) 1,172 yards/120 carries/13 TD’s….117.2 yards per game…9.8 yards per carry….Season Complete with injury…
Edrick Purnell(Western Guilford HS) 949 yards/167 carries/12 TD’s….21 Total TD’s for Purnell with 1,823 Total Yards….108.2 yards passing per game for Purnell/105.4 rushing yards per game for Purnell….Season Complete.
Quan Nora(Grimsley HS) 915 yards/134 carries/5 TD’s…Season Complete.
Monterious Godfrey(HP Central) 906 yards/136 carries/100.7 yards rushing per game/2 TD’s….Season Complete.
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford) 835 yards/151 carries/15 TD’s…29 Total TD’s for D. Graves and 2,334 Total Yards……Still rolling….
Ta’rique Ridges(Northeast Guilford HS) 803 yards/159 carries/10 TD’s…Season Complete.
Chance Clency(High Point Christian Academy) 749 yards/109 carries/7 TD’s…Season Complete.
Gerald Simpson(Dudley) 704 yards/121 carries/10 TD..Still rolling….
Sincere Davis(Page HS) 691 yards/123 carries/4 TD’s…Team not in action last week…Still going…
Tyree Graham(Southwest Guilford HS) 634 yards/125 carries/11 TD’s…In action this week at AC Reynolds…
Christian McMullen(Eastern Guilford) 617 yards/99 carries/11 TD’s…Season still going….
Last three guys fighting for that last spot at #10…..And all three still active….

Ford Moser(Northern Guilford) 1,151 yards/72 receptions/11 TD’s…No new update for this week….Season Complete.
Justin Julian(Northern Guilford) 683 yards/35 receptions/11 TD’s….No new update for this week…Season Complete.
Treveyon Pratt(Ragsdale) 610 yards/39 receptions/5 TD’s….Has not been updated….Season Complete…
Brent Apple(Southeast Guilford) 606 yards/54 catch/8 TD’s…Has not been updated…Season Complete.
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford) 599 yards/35 catch/9 TD’s…Season Complete.
DeAndre McBride(HP Central) 577 yards/35 catch/4 TD’s…Season Complete.
Chris Wiggins(Grimsley HS) 567 yards/47 receptions/5 TD’s…Season Complete.
Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford) 559 yards/23 receptions/6 TD’s….Season Complete.
Lance Boykin(HPCA) 533 yards/31 receptions/10 TD’s…Season Complete.
Barry Ford(Smith) 517 yards/45 receptions/2 TD’s…Season Complete.
Nick Baker(Page) 516 yards/34 catches/5 TD’s….Team not in action last week….Back in action this week and still leaning on the Top Ten.

+++++We had an inquiry and we found that C.J. Thacker(Smith HS) finished up with 474 yards rushing on 93 carries and he scored two touchdowns…If you folks have other inquires about certain players, let us know and will work to find them…+++++

*****Jalon Womack from Southwest Guilford HS with 56 Tackles-16 Tackles for a Loss-7 Sacks….For defense, for the SWG Cowboys….

  • Mike D said,

    Yes SEG lost to Dudley in 1st round, but it was a fun year to watch. I love what Tinsley is doing. No disrespect to Fritz at all,he had a good winning program. In his first year, teaching a new style offense, Tinsley has new passing/receiving records @ S.E. Not huge compared to other schools but significant for SE. Should only improve as the system takes hold.
    Good job coach and congratulations on the newborn!

  • Chris Thacker Sr said,

    Thanks for the update Andy…I can honestly say…this year in the area was a great one for rushing….Best wishes to all Seniors…and To all that’s returning next year …I’m looking forward to some great Football!!!!

  • Chris Thacker Sr said,

    Cj thacker also had 200+ yards receiving 2touchdowns?