Looking over the Stats/#’s for Guilford County High School Football 2017 with Two Teams from GCS still in the NCHSAA hunt

Posted by Andy Durham on November 22, 2017 at 11:02 am under High School | Read the First Comment

From mainly the guys that are still left in the playoffs and here is how they are looking…..
Top QB #’s and Top Three in Rushing and Receiving…..

Javondre Paige(Page High School) 126-220/1,933 yards/57.3% pass completion/161.1 yards per game/21 TD’s/11 INT’s
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford High School) 121-204/1,594 yards/59.3% pass completion/122.6 yards per game/14 TD’s/5 INT’s

Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford) 1,099 yards on 185 carries/84.5 yards per game/20 TD’s…
Christian McMullen(Eastern Guilford) 696 yards on 115 carries/11 TD’s
Sincere Davis(Page) 691 yards on 123 carries/5 TD’s
Javondre Paige(Page) 637 yards on 111 carries/11 TD’s
Cody King(Page) 502 yards on 49 carries/7 TD’s
Darrell Roberts(Eastern Guilford) 364 yards on 88 carries/5 TD’s

Nick Baker(Page) 546 yards with 37 receptions/5 TD’s
Naseem Alston(Page) 542 yards with 37 receptions/5 TD’s
Nic Cheeley(Eastern Guilford) 454 yards with 41 receptions/7 TD’s
Cody King(Page) 379 yards with 21 receptions/5 TD’s
Zach Milton(Eastern Guilford) 372 yards with 31 receptions/4 TD’s
Adam Akins(Eastern Guilford) 353 yards with 25 receptions/1 TD

Combined #’s for the QB’s:
Dominique Graves(Eastern Guilford HS) with 2,693 Total Yards/34 TD’s
Javondres Paige(Page HS0 with 2,570 Total Yards/33 TD’s

  • pager said,

    Paige’s stats look mighty good for a sophomore