Miller steps down at Western Guilford:WG looks toward Coach T(Terwilliger), to lead the Hornets’ football team

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Mr. B.(not to be confused with Mr. T or Coach T), put this bug in my ear back before Christmas, and I promised the Hornet nest tester that I would hang on to the news until it was confirmed and it has been…

Here is what’s buzzing and coming out of the WG Hornets’ nest and from Joe Sirera(HSXtra) on Twitter…….

Western Guilford AD Chris Causey says Bryant Miller has stepped down after one season as @WGHornetFB coach. Brian Terwilliger, who filled in when Miller was dealing with medical issues, takes over. #HSXtra

*****Taking a Test at the Nest and looking to be the Best again…..*****

+++++Here is a post from our site that was up here back in the Spring of 2017:+++++
WG wants Coach T:Western Guilford football players want to be part of the process/solution
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Coming in this morning from the Western Guilford Football Players:

We are starting this petition to show our support for Coach T as the next Head Coach at Western Guilford. Coach T not only loves and supports us as football players but as human beings. He relates to us very well and knows our needs. He pushes us to be our absolute best everyday in the classroom and on the field.

Since all of our freshman years, he has spent everyday with us in the weight room. He never misses a day and he is the one coach we have always been able to count on. Coach T has shared with us his plan on how we will rebuild the football program at Western Guilford. We believe in it and support it 100%.

We have already held a players meeting with our principal to express this and it seems we were not heard. Many of us are seniors and do not want to go out with any other coach. Coach T has taught us so much about the game of football and life. We know that the game not only builds our character, but it reveals it. Coach always goes out of his way to make sure we feel loved and supported.

Everyday he asks us how we are and shakes our hand. If any of us ever need a ride or want extra work, he is there. We know that we can have a great season but before that can happen we need OUR coach.

Spring Ball is around the corner and we need things in place. We hope that this will help our administration know that we are united and have one goal. Thank you to all of you who support us and believe in us.

Western Guilford Football Players

from the AD(Andy Durham) at
I spoke with Coach Terwilliger(Brian Terwilliger), I think it is, and I spoke with him last Friday night over at Western Guilford during the baseball ceremonies for Coach Brett Stell….I may be wrong about the coach’s name spelling, but it is Coach T…Was looking him up on MaxPreps from when he played for WG back in 2004 and WG beat Ragsdale and Toney Baker that year, 43-42 and Coach T was on that team along with Ryan Stell, who was the QB…I was pretty close on the spelling at times and now have Coach T spelled correctly, at least that is the intention….

WG is in the football coaching search mode and if you had to pull a coach out of a hat and if he was already on the Western Guilford staff, that new head coach would be Pete Kashubara…Coach Kash would make a great head coach and he is doing a nice job as the WG principal, but he can’t coach football and be in charge of the school too….If you had Coach Kash, Coach T, say Brian Jasperse and some of the former WG coaches all working together, you would have one heck of a staff….

Coach T does care about the WG students, you could see it in the air at WG last Friday night and that impressed me too….Coach Kash has the background as an assistant at High Point Central with Gary Whitman and he was at North Davidson as an assistant too…The man knows football and he pretty much knows what is best for WG and we will have to let him pull the string and it may sting, but let Coach Kash do his thing and maybe Coach T might just get that job, you never know….Coach T is a very dedicated young coach, we do know that and he helps out all of the WG students in that weight room and he challenges the young students every day in his role as a male mentor/teacher/educator at Jefferson School…..

I think Coach T could make a very good head football coach one day and I’m not sure if that time is right now, I am not close enough to situation to know, but in my opinion, this young man’s calling may be on to even a higher level….We may need Coach T as a school principal in the Guilford County Schools system one day…If he keeps up his push in helping kids, they may just need him at the highest level….

If you win over the trust of the kids you have to protect that and build on that every day you are on the school grounds and there are never any grounds for dismissal if you serve the students and if they believe in you and you must do your best to never let them down….

I wish Western Guilford the best in their search for a new head football coach and I hope all things and people/candidates are taken into consideration….

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  • WGfan2000 said,

    This has to be a joke. Is it April yet? How about getting a proven coach (they had the opportunity before the previous hire). While it’s great to see players in support of a coach, this guy is not the answer.

    WG athletics are completely in shambles and it starts with the principal. He has lost that school both academically and it has made it’s way over to athletics.

    If anyone thinks the current principal would be a great coach,they need help.

    WG needs to get it together, alumni is fed up.

  • Andy Durham said,

    That is the same thing they were saying back when Henry Walters brought in Doug Henderson back in the 70’s, with Mr. Walters being the principal and Doug Henderson being the new coach….Walters was not a football coach, but he was a sports man and he made a great move bringing in Coach Henderson….Most of the community wanted Joe Robinson to stay on and to keep coaching the Hornets back then….John Pitts couldn’t believe what was happening, but it all turned out for the best…

    Mr. Kashubara(current WG principal) has coached football and he has a strong football background coming out of Michigan, I believe, and he was an assistant coach at HP Central, North Davidson and other stops along the way…

    Just like former Guilford College community leader Brown Siler used to say, give it time man, give it time and if the new coach doesn’t work out, it will be time to change again….

    Walters hit it right with Henderson back in the 70’s and hopefully Western Guilford is heading in the right direction in 2018….

    The new coach has heart and he cares about the kids, so the kids are in good hands and he is A young and healthy coach…

    The new coach needs to be his own man, but he really ought to go pitch a tent in Henderson’s backyard and ask the old coach to throw a few ideas out the window each morning as the sun is coming up….

    WG has to get that toughness back again…They used to be a bunch of little guys that worked their butts off and they had a chip on their shoulder and the Hornets were trained to not look at size, but at determination and duration…Be tougher, stronger and faster and better prepared and you will out-last your opponent….

    Who will be the last guy out of the weight room, you our your opponent? Who will be on the field and the last to leave and lock up the doors??? Work longer, work stronger….

    WG must out-work the other teams and get themselves back to a level of respectability….

    Start small and dream big and don’t look around you, look inside you and keep going and don’t let the detractors bring you down….

    WG is at ROCK BOTTOM and it is time to start climbing back…Hoping the new coach can instill some toughness and self-respect into these kids, because they have got to get working or they will be on the wrong end again in 2018…

    If the leadership is right and if everyone will stop talking and get chalking/working this might be one of those turnaround stories that has become an attainable goal….

    We can all sit around and talk, but the talk and work we do won’t turn this team around, the kids must forge some kind of bond and WANT to get better….

    You could put John Gruden over there at WG, but if the kids are not sincerely buying in, then they are checking out and the place to check out used to be at Bobby Hanna’s Bi-Rite on College, but those days are gone and they aren’t coming back….

    Can Western Guilford come back???

    What time does the weight room open after school and what time does the track close?????