High School Basketball Tonight(1/12/18) in and around Guilford County

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Dudley girls(10-4/4-0) at Smith(8-7/3-2) 6pm…..Dudley-Smith games both on GreensboroSports Radio beginning at around 6pm…Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week with Dennis White….
Dudley boys(11-5/3-2) at Smith(13-3/4-1) 7:30pm….Game On, on GreensboroSports Radio

High Point Central girls(9-7/1-1) at Page(8-6/0-1) 6pm
High Point Central boys(6-9/0-2) at Page(8-6/0-1) 7:30pm….Page-HP Central boys game on GreensboroSports Radio 2 with Kris Walser and Coach Marlon White, with the Graves Investigative Services Game of the Week…Be sure to Click On the GreensboroSports Radio 2 link…

Eastern Guilford girls(13-2/5-0) at Southern Guilford(4-12/1-4) 6pm
Eastern Guilford boys(15-1/5-0) at Southern Guilford(11-6/4-1) 7:30pm

Northern Guilford girls(10-4/5-0) at Western Alamance(12-1/5-1) 7pm
Northern Guilford boys(9-4/4-1) at Western Alamance(5-7/2-4) 8:30pm

Northwest Guilford girls(14-2/2-0) at Ragsdale(15-2/1-0) 6pm
Northwest Guilford boys(6-10/2-0)) at Ragsdale(8-9/1-0) 7:30pm

Southwest Guilford girls(10-6/4-1) at Mount Tabor(9-7/4-1) 6pm
Southwest Guilford boys(12-4/3-2) at Mount Tabor(12-3/4-1) 7:30pm

Southwestern Randolph girls(13-2/1-2) at Southeast Guilford(9-7/4-1) 6pm
Southwestern Randolph boys(5-10/0-3) at Southeast Guilford(5-11/1-4) 7:30pm

Person County girls(6-7/1-4) at Northeast Guilford(9-6/4-2) 6pm
Person County boys(12-1/4-1) at Northeast Guilford(8-7/3-3) 7:30pm

Western Guilford girls(0-13/0-4) at North Forsyth(1-12/0-6) 6pm
Western Guilford boys(2-14/0-5) at North Forsyth(8-8/0-5) 7:30pm

High Point Andrews boys(3-9/3-1) at Wheatmore(12-3/2-1) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews girls(8-4/4-0) at Wheatmore(7-8/2-1) 6pm

East Forsyth girls(5-9/0-2) at WS Reagan(11-3/2-0) 6pm
East Forsyth boys(11-3/2-0) at WS Reagan(4-9/1-1) 7:30pm

Glenn girls(11-4/1-1) at Davie County(3-11/0-2) 6pm
Glenn boys(1-14/0-2) at Davie County(11-4/2-0) 7:30pm

Piedmont Classical School girls(5-7/1-0) at Mount Zion Christian Academy(8-3/4-0) 6:30pm
Piedmont Classical School boys(15-10/1-0) at Mount Zion Christian Academy(12-3) 8pm

Caldwell Academy girls(4-7/2-4) at Burlington Christian Academy(4-4/1-1) 5:30pm
Caldwell Academy boys(10-6/5-1) at Burlington Christian Academy(6-3/1-1) 7pm

New Garden Friends School boys(9-8/4-1) at Community Baptist(12-7/3-1) 6:30pm in Reidsville, N.C.

Vandalia Christian girls(1-8) at Tabernacle Christian(6-8) 4:30pm
Vandalia Christian boys(6-10) at Tabernacle Christian(13-5) 6:30pm

Ravenscroft girls(10-4/2-0) High Point Christian Academy(3-7/0-1) 5:30pm
Ravenscroft(10-5/1-0) at High Point Christian Academy(8-7/0-1) 7pm

Trinity of Durham and Chapel Hill(1-8/1-5) at Westchester Country Day(4-6/2-1) 5:30pm
Trinity of Durham and Chapel Hill boys(8-5/4-2) at Westchester Country Day(5-10/1-3) 7pm

North Carolina Leadership Academy girls(2-7) at Cornerstone Charter(1-7) 6pm
North Carolina Leadership Academy boys(1-8) at Cornerstone Charter(10-8) 7:30pm

Noble Academy boys(4-8) at Triad Baptist Christian Academy(10-6) 6:30pm

College Prep and Leadership Academy boys(0-2) at Triad Science and Math Academy(7-9) 6pm

Greensboro Day School-OFF

  • Falcon1 said,

    Lady’s Final from SW Randolph

    SE Guilford 53

    SW Randolph 51 OT

    SE 10-7 (5-1) SWR 13-3 (4-2)