Guilford County Middle School Basketball for Today(1/16/18):Finals coming in on Today’s Games with Kiser over Mendenhall at Grimsley and more

Posted by Andy Durham on January 16, 2018 at 12:31 pm under Amateur | 11 Comments to Read

Results were Southeast Girls topped Kernodle and Northwest defeated Northern Guilford Middle….

Finals and please send us more if you have them….Hoping to get some more scores coming in….
Kiser boys 66, Mendenhall 21
Kiser girls 32, Mendenhall 23

More details on these games down below in the lower deck…..
Boys games are still going at 4:45 and girls games at 6pm

Eastern Guilford Middle at Allen Middle School
Northeast Middle at Jackson Middle
Northern Middle at Northwest Middle Boys at 5pm in this one…
Southeast Middle at Kernodle Middle
Southern Middle at Ferndale Middle
Southwest Middle at Jamestown Middle
Western Middle at Swann Middle
Kiser vs. Mendenahall in the Grimsley HS Gym/Bob Sawyer Gymnasium…
The Academy at Lincoln at Welborn Middle

Allen Jay Prep-OFF

Kiser boys game vs. Mendenhall which ran first today over at Grimsley High School:
End of 1st Q:Kiser 23, Mendenhall 6…Halftime:Kiser 41, Mendenhall 11…End of 3rd Q:Kiser 52, Mendenhall 19…End of Game/Final:Kiser 66, Mendenhall 21…
Kiser scoring leaders:Albright with 21 points, Shaw 11, Wall 10, Spencer and Noble 5 each….
Mendenhall scoring leaders:Daneer with 6, Pylce and Baldwin with 4 points each…

Kiser Tigers-Mendenhall Mustangs’ girls game which ran as the second half of the Doubleheader today over at Grimsley HS:
End of 1st Q:Kiser 8, Mendenhall 7…Halftime:Kiser 20, Mendenhall 9…End of 3rd Q:Kiser 32, Mendenhall 13…End of game/Final:Kiser 32, Mendenhall 23…
Kiser leading scorers:Destiny Timberlake 10 points, Jordan Britt 7, Kate Jones 5, and Molly Rotunda with 4 were the leaders for Kiser…
Mendenhall leading scorers:Bush with 12 points, O’Neal(#30 played like a young female Shaq O’Neal in the middle for the Mustangs), Harris with 2 and Werling with 2 and those were the leaders we had for Mendenhall….

On the game evaluation coming out of the game, Travis Shaw is still the biggest middle school football or basketball player in the county and I don’t see nobody standing toe-to-toe with him unless it might be Coach Turk Sims…Shaw is a big as DJ Reader was back when he was coming out of Kiser and heading to Grimsley….The Albright kid from Kiser really shined for the boys today…Very good shot selection, did a good job of getting to the basket and he finished his shots well…Albright had a lot of opportunities, but he made the most of them and put himself and his team in a good position to win the game….

Girls side, I think Destiny Timberlake could start for Grimsley vs. Page on Friday night….Not to take away from Grimsley, but Destiny has that type of energy where she cal always give her team a lift no matter what part of the game she is working on…Nice little backcourt for Kiser with Destiny and Jordan Britt back there together and Britt is very quick and you can tell she has had good basketball training…Kate Jones did not have her best game today, but she still is one of the up-and-coming talents in this town and if she keeps on working, she will have a chance/opportunity to start at Grimsley, as a freshman, but she must keep on working….If Destiny Tisdale is not starting as a freshman in high school, then I am leaving town and going back to Indiana and see what Bobby Knight’s grandkids are doing these days….

Good days for the local middle school basketball players and if you get a chance, get out and see a game…Good crowd on hand at Grimsley today….
(If anybody knows these teams records, shoot them our way.)

  • Jill said,

    So proud of the Kiser boys who remain undefeated. They play hard, they play as a team, and you can tell they love not only the sport but each other. You rarely see one of the starting 5 without one of the others (for the past several years, in fact). Tonight was even more emotional as they banned together to play for Kelvin.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Good to reports/comments like these and we hope that kid Kelvin is doing OK…

    Kiser had some good scoring support coming in off of the bench today and I was giving those kids names like Stockton(anybody remember Jon Stockton), Paul as in Chris, Durant as in Kevin and Westbrooks as in Russell, and I had a Steve Nash too and there was a James Harden on the Mustangs’ team…Good to see all of that effort out there today…

  • Lamont said,

    Coach Brown laid the groundwork and did a wonderful job the past 2 seasons at kiser with not only the boys but the girls also. 4 starters on last year boys team were 7th graders led by Tyler Albright, Travis Shaw and Grimsley freshman guard Ben Miller and still almost beat aycock for the championship last year. Great good of kids. Destiny Tisdale will be a name you’ll hear for a long time in girls basketball. She also led kiser to a championship game last year as a 7th grader. Kate jones and Molly Rotunda both are tough as nails. Both are leaders. All were well coached. I expect to see all 3 on a varsity basketball team next season

  • Andy Durham said,

    If anyone has scores and they don’t want to post here, you can send them to me at

    Some good comments here and good to see these kids get some good positive pub….

  • Fan said,

    The Travis Shaw kid is just a cut above kids his age it is what it is. The kid hasn’t even been in the weight room yet very scary thought anyway good luck to all schools this season

  • Tom said,

    Who are the teams to beat in the county this year on the girl’s and boy’s side?

  • Andy Durham said,

    If there is a better boys team around than the Kiser boys, I want to see them play ASAP…Next games will probably be next Tuesday…..

    Kiser girls are good, but could be and get better…The Northwest Guilford Middle girls have had some very good teams in recent years….

    And if Bret Garrett is still coaching at Kernodle, I think the Cougars could be good too in girls basketball…

  • Will said,

    I think the Southeast girls and Northern girls are the teams to beat this year in the county. Southeast beat them earlier this year in a close one. I do not think either team has won any other games by single digits.

  • BB Mom said,

    Triad Math and Science has a really good Middle School team that has 6th grade key contributors. Check them out!

  • afan said,

    Much love to Kiser boys. But lol I need to check them out. Best middle school player that I know is Dice from kernodle maybe his alias not sure of his full name. but then again he does not attend Kiser or northwest so maybe that means less exposure. Just saying bias past few years seems to be toward nw sw and kiser. But this kid dunking when he was 7th grade. He is athletic and skilled. Tim Duncan 2.0.

  • KD said,

    Southeast and Northern are the best two girls teams I have seen all year. Southeast is lead by their strong group of 8th graders and I was told Northern team is lead by 6th graders. Northern should be the queens of Guilford County the next two years if that’s the case. On the boys side Kiser is the team to beat and a Shaw match up with Dice would be a good one two different kinds of players. Eastern Guilford has a kid who 1st game will be on Thursday January 25th who should help them turn their season around and with him they might be able to challenge Kiser for conference championship.