Wake Forest at N.C. State tonight with Governor Roy Cooper urging fans to stay home and stay off the roads, plus why Sam Hunt(Dudley HS) now with the Wolfpack, is a “Greensboro Legend”

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Final:N.C. State 72, Wake Forest 63
Not sure if tonight’s game will shown here locally, but it is on the ACC Network and they are televising the game on WRAL TV 5 in Raleigh and maybe we might catch a break and be able to see the game on TV 48….

Wake Forest at N.C. State tonight and the game will be played at the PNC Arena in Raleigh
Governor Roy Cooper is urging fans to stay at home and do not attend this game….
from WRALSportsFan.com/www.wralsportsfan.com…..
On Wednesday Gov. On Cooper had advice for ticket-holders:
“On a day like this, empty seats are OK,” he said during an update about road conditions after the snowstorm.

Cooper urged drivers across the state to stay off the roads to allow for the Department of Transportation to spread salt and sand and clear icy surfaces.

CLICK HERE for more from North Carolina governor Roy Cooper with his Wednesday press conference addressing the weather conditions available and a very report on tonight’s/Thursday night’s game from Marilyn Payne at WRALSportsFan.com….

*****The Wolfpack and the Demon Deacons made history in 1989 in a marathon that still stands as the longest ACC game in history.*****

In a late-season matchup in the old Greensboro Coliseum, the two squads sparred through regulation and four overtime periods until N.C. State finally prevailed 110-103.

State guard Rodney Monroe scored 26 points to push his team to victory in the epic contest, which lasted nearly three hours.
(This was legendary game and I had tickets and gave them away to some fan who had never seen a game in the Greensboro Coliseum and I stayed home and watched the game on TV and wondered why I gave those tickets away, for a game that ended up being a history-maker….The game was on a Saturday afternoon and they had a hockey game coming up that night after the basketball game was over, and that game with N.C. State and Wake Forest would never end, or it seemed like that game would last forever….Lots of tired bodies around the Greensboro Coliseum that night, after the Wolfpack and Demon Deacons finally got it done/over….

Read more about Everett Case, Dickie Hemric, Bones McKinney and other influences on this rivalry when you
CLICK HERE for WRALSportsFan.com….

And you say why is Sam Hunt(Dudley HS) a “Greensboro Legend’?????

Sam Hunt is now with the N.C. State Wolfpack and they really appreciate his three-point shooting ability in Raleigh….But does Sam’s 3-point shot make him a legend, or is it his basketball background for college, going from Jacksonville U., to N.C. A&T and now on to the ACC, with N.C. State, in the state’s capital?????

Or is it Sam’s basketball background from his hoops family pedigree??? His dad Calvin played for the Greensboro College Hornets back the day, and is worthy of Hall of Fame status with that institution of higher learning and Calvin coached boys basketball at Southeast Guilford and Smith, was a girls assistant coach at Smith, Grimsley and now he is an assistant girls coach at Dudley…..That is pretty good hoops genetics being passed from Calvin Hunt to Sam Hunt…Sam’s sister(Leana) is currently one of the top girls basketball players in Guilford County, and a very deep threat in 3-point land for the Panthers, from Dudley HS…

And before going to Jacksonville U., then on to N.C. A&T and now on his last college stop in Raleigh, Sam Hunt was one of the best high school basketball players to ever come out of Guilford County….

But did any, or all of the above, make Sam Hunt a “Greensboro Legend’?

Nope, the real defining part of Sam Hunt’s basketball career that makes him a “Greensboro Legend” is his shooting during all of those Pizza Hut Invitational Tournaments/Little Fours at the Greensboro Coliseum…

For a period of 5-6 years Same Hunt owned the Pizza Hunt Invitational halftime shootout and Sam could not miss and therefore Sam could not lose and won every year over that five-six period, when he was right at 9-10 years old….Starting at right around age 9, Sam Hunt began to build his legendary status…..

I remember one year I was at the Greensboro Coliseum on the day the Pizza Hut Invitational got started and I took my shoots in the morning after the kids were through practicing, and I hit say 10=12 shoots in a-row and thought I was ‘The Man’, but the media were not eligible to compete in the Free Throw shooting contest at the Pizza Hut(now the HAECO Tournament) back then….

Nailed or mailed in about 10-12 in a-row, but later that day I found why it was a good idea to stay in my seat, and watch, as Sam Hunt hit the foul line on the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center court, and Sam began to build his legendary status, hitting right at 18-20 Free Throws, one after another, say 20 straight and Sam might have been 10 or 11 years old, and he was then becoming a “Greensboro Legend”

Nobody could beat Sam….Send out Milton Jenkins, send out Reggie Perkins Sr., send out Keyford Langley, send out Mr. German, send out Sam Perkins….Same Hunt would send them all home as losers, and Sam would take home the bacon/prize….

Pizza Hut Invitational/Timco Invitational, HAECO Invitational, The Little Four…..Andy Durham and so many people that I can not name, due to the numbers, they/we all saw Sam Hunt become a “Greensboro Legend” and let’s hope he his stroke working, when N.C. State hosts Wake Forest tonight/Thursday in Raleigh….

CLICK HERE and you see Sam Hunt the day he committed to Jacksonville U. and N.C. A&T was in the final three, and this goes to YouTube with over 2,000 views and we were lucky to be to take in…..

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    On channel 48

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes got to watch it start to finish…

    Solid win for the Wolfpack and Omer Yurtseven was impressive and he still has plenty of room for improvement….When he is shooting from the outside, they have to get somebody down low and rebounding…On his outside misses, Wolfpack was one and done…..