‘Everybody Loves Raymond” and “Everyone Hates Christian Laettner”:No hatred for Laettner at Charlotte Garinger HS/He’s coaching the (3-14) Wildcats this week

Posted by Andy Durham on January 23, 2018 at 1:35 pm under High School | Comments are off for this article

“Everyone Hates Christian Laettner?”…..UNC Tar Heels fans say YES and Kentucky Wildcats fans say YES and many other fans of college basketball from back in the early 90’s would say YES, but for every UNC Tar Heel fan and Kentucky Wildcat fan that has a hatred for the former Duke star Christian Laettner, there is a full team of Charlotte Garinger Wildcat fans and players that say, “We Love Christian Laettner” and YES, we welcome him on board with our team….

The Charlotte Garinger Wildcats team is (3-14) in 2017-2018 and this week they have a celebrity coach(Christian Laettner), running their practices and he will be coaching their team, this Friday night…..

Laettner is part of reality TV show called the “Z Team” and the idea is to put a former basketball star with a struggling high school or college basketball team, and see if he can help….

Laettner is the only college athlete to ever start in four straight Final Fours and now they have opened the doors at Charlotte Garinger High School and with a strong embrace, they are saying to Laettner, “We Love Christian Laettner and please come in here and help our struggling boys basketball team”…..

Everyone Hates Christian Laettner???

Maybe not and it will be interesting to see how Charlotte Garinger does on Friday night, with Christian Laettner coaching the team, against East Mecklenburg High School….

CLICK HERE to read all on this one and it is an interesting read from Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer….

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