What we’re seeing and hearing today:New News on Coaches, Basketball Players and Football Players…(Need to Check this Out)

Posted by Andy Durham on January 30, 2018 at 5:38 pm under High School | 8 Comments to Read

Two things that I was hearing and should be seeing and heard them both this afternoon….

Northwest Guilford at Page HS tonight(Tuesday night) and the girls game gets going at 6pm and the Northwest Guilford Vikings could get a ‘King-size’ return to their lineup tonight, as we are hearing Cayla King is ready to go for NWG again and tonight could be the night, and most expect this to be “the night” King comes back for the Vikings after the ACL injury she sustained this past Summer…Good to hear she is ready to return and this would have to be great news for NWG, because now your lineup will feature four starters off of last year’s NCHSAA 4-A State Title team plus super-soph Reagan Kargo and that is a potent group right there…

Also hearing that Fritz Hessenthaler is in line to become the new head football coach at Southern Alamance High School replacing Andrew Carruth, who stepped down at the end of the 2017 season…Coach Fritz has been an assistant at Providence Grove HS for the past year and he was at Southeast Guilford, where Andrew Carruth was one of his assistant coaches before he took the head job at Southern Alamance and Coach Fritz was an assistant coach at Southern Alamance for several seasons before he became the head coach at Southeast Guilford and he and Coach Carruth were on the same staff together at Southern Alamance before the re-connected at Southeast Guilford HS….Lots of connections in this one and this would be a good hire for SA and then the fun gets even better, since SA and SEG are in the same conference and they would get to meet square off in 2018 with Coach Fritz coaching against his former Falcons, as the head coach of Southern Alamance….Hope it all comes together for him, a good family man with some outstanding daughters, that really know how to play some softball…

That is just part of what we have for today…..Hope we are going two-for-two up top and Cayla King did play on Tuesday night at Page and we welcome her back….

*****Also we have Ford Moser, one of the top high school football wide receivers in the state this past 2017 season, with nearly 100 receptions, has left his old high school, Northern Guilford and now as of this Monday, January 29, now Ford Moser is at Page High School and he is a member of the Page Pirates’ football team….His senior season will be next year and he will be one of most highly recruited football players in Guilford County, next football season……*****

  • coach101 said,

    Wow. Someone leaving Northern. That is a switch. Did the parents buy a new house, or is it the same old Guilford County “two step”?

  • Paul Bunyon said,

    Will he be better at Page? Did father move him?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Family made the move…Hoping to get more college looks coming out of Page HS and the Pirates do go deep in the playoffs every year…

    Got to respect his parents and their decision, and let’s hope it pays off…If Ford Moser goes to the next level, next season while at Page, a 100-plus reception season is not out of the question and in the process, he could set some NCHSAA records…Highly possible…(And in his younger days, he was a very good defensive back too.)

    Strong returning QB at Page in rising junior Giovondre Paige…Paige put up some very impressive numbers for Page last season, in 2017…

    Northern Guilford also lost WR Michael Wyman to Dudley HS prior to the 2017 season and he has offers from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Clemson and more…Wyman has not put up the numbers that Moser has, but Wyman is tall and recruiters like his upside and the feel the ceiling is very high for Wyman….

    Northern has lost top talent, but the Nighthawks are hanging in there and don’t underestimate what Coach Eric Westberg can with his NG team, once he gets it all locked down…

    My new theory is that on National Signing Day, this year Feb. 7, the high school coaches ought to start signing their upcoming Middle School talent/players to a binding Letter of Intent…If I were Grimsley HS, I would be seeking out a LOI from Travis Shaw, a current 8th grader at Kiser Middle School…Grimsley needs to go ahead and sign him now for football and basketball for next season….

    If not??????????

    On National Signing Day, get those 8th graders locked in and signed in with the LOI’s…..

    Local High Schools take notice…..

    Like an old man/coach told me years ago, I might be crazy, but I a’int no fool!!!!!

  • Spencer Dixon said,

    No way he catches 100 balls this year. The Page QB completed 134 all year. Not the same type of offense he is going to.

    Great WR, Wish him luck. He will play at the next the level but it isn’t because he is playing at Page.

  • Andy Durham said,

    If Paige at Page can increase his completions by say 30 more next season, that would give him 164 completions and with Moser at 100 and the rest of the team catching 64, that might happen..

    Page throws a lot of short passes and swing passes and if they can get a few of those to Moser, that would be good, but it seems to me his best/most successful route is that 10-yard slant route across the middle…You open yourself up to some shots on that route, but if you can catch it while moving and then break up field, that route can net you at least 25-30 yards and maybe a TD…

    You never know….

  • Page... said,

    I wish him the best, but at least if he would have stayed at Northern with our group, he would be coached by a fine man in Coach Westberg.

    I guess if you want to win and only win on the field, Page is the place to be. If you want to win in life, stay at Northern…

  • Deborah Proehl-Moser said,

    Thank you for your kind words about our son Ford! This has been a prayerful move for our family, and one that has many layers. Our daughter, Victoria, has attended the IB program at Page since August, and she loves the school. We are excited about Ford continuing a family tradition as a Page Pirate, that started with his dad 30 years ago! We’ve got our fingers crossed, that he may even be able to wear his old number. We’ve met a few of the players, on the team, and they are great kids! We are also looking forward to getting to know the coaches, and help out where we can…

    As far as Nighthawk football, I couldn’t agree more with the comments above regarding Erik. He is a good man, who I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. I would call Coach Westberg a friend. And finally there are boys on that team that will always be like family. We will be rooting for them, on and off the field for many years to come!

    Is it HS football season yet?? đŸ™‚

  • propasser said,

    Football is a “selfless” sport in a “selfish” world. Stay with your team and build something to be proud of. If you are good the scouts will come and find you. I guess he is now going to Page where his parents can demand the ball be thrown to him. This whole thing concerning exposure is getting ridiculous. Andy…LOI..are you serious? Why would you want to advocate something so misguide? You need to stay out of High School sports. I see that you dont care about upholding any standards of how things ought to be. I guess you also think Stan K probably got a raw deal. If we are not careful football will end up just like basketball. You will see dads shopping their kids around to see who gets the best deal(ask Jacob Lawson’s dad). Moving from
    school to school. We may even see 7 on 7 leagues replacing dead periods in our schools like they do in Texas. We may also see kids skipping parts of their senior season, such as playoffs, if they get a scholarship. What incentive do they have anymore? Football has evolved into a sport that says “what can
    I get”, instead of what will the team do. This is not what high school sports should be about. However, this is the shape of things to come.