Thursday in the Middle:Middle School Basketball Scores and Notes with SEG Girls still Unbeaten, as Raven Preston leads Falcons to another victory with her game-high 27 points

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+++++The Kiser boys did win and now they are (13-0)…..Still looking for more scores….+++++
We also have news that the Swann boys were winners with Demarion Workman leading the way with 20 points and not sure what kind of game Jayden Watlington had vs. NEG, but, another win for Swann…+++++
*****If you have more scores, send them our way and we are looking for a final on that Kiser-Allen boys game to see if the Tigers can keep it going, and we know the SEG girls kept their perfect record in tact today…..*****
++++Hairston dropped two games to Southern Guilford today…Boys and Girls from Hairston fall to Southern Guilford.+++++

Thursday Middle School Basketball scores and the Southeast Guilford Falcon girls stayed Undefeated today with their 48-26 win over Northern Guilford…We saw the young lady who might be the top female Middle School player in Guilford County today, and that was Raven Preston, who led the Falcons to victory with her game-high 27 points…We are thinking SEG is now (13-0) and if they keep on playing like they did today, there should be no stopping them this season and even with the outstanding effort by Raven Preston, the SEG Falcons still turned in a total team effort with outstanding defense, very good ball movement on offense and just an overall solid team effort by SEG…Northern just couldn’t hang with SEG today and a lot of it had to do with Raven Preston’s game…She didn’t miss many shots and she sure got her fair share of rebounds and steals…She and her Falcon teammates kept pressure on the ball all day long and NG had now easy trips down the floor on offense today…

Raven Preston with the 27 points for SEG and 17 of her points came in the first half…Preston could have scored more, but late in the game, she made it a point to to stop looking for points for her own self and went looking for teammates to set up to score and she helped her fellow-Falcons get some easy buckets….You look a little closer at Raven Preston’s game and she out-scored the opposing team, 27-26 on her own…

Raven Preston with 27 points, and the rest of the Falcons looked like this with Underwood at 7 points, Avery had 4, Maliyah Preston, Raven’s sister, had 4 points, and you had Brewer and Ross with 2 points each for SEG….
For Northern Guilford you had their leading scorer today Newsome with 11 points, Patrick had 7 points, Magnatsun had 4 points, and Mulry had 4 points…

Game Breakdown/Rundown:
End of 1st Q:SEG 13, NG 9…Halftime:SEG 29, NG 15…End of 3rd Q:SEG 38, NG 20…Final:SEG 48, NG 26
*****Southeast Guilford showed today why there are one of the top girls teams, if not the top team in Guilford County…*****

Boys results from today at SEG Middle School:
Northern Guilford 35, Southeast Guilford 27
Game Breakdown/Rundown:End of 1st Q:NG 9, SEG 2…Halftime:NG 18, SEG 8…End of 3rd Q:NG 22, SEG 20…Final:NG 35, SEG 27…
NG Nighthawks’ scoring:Helms 12 points, Elliot 11 points, Hodge with 6 points, Moody with 2 points, Timmons with 2 points and Chapman with 2 points…
SEG Falcons’ scoring:Scovens with 9 points, Caldwell with 7 points, Carter with 6 points and Stevens with 5 points….
+++++SEG hit some deep three’s in the 3rd and 4th quarters to get back into and to stay in the game, but Northern countered with some three’s of their own, as Elliot and Hodge hit from long range and that was what helped put the SEG Falcons away, after they got hot way behind the arc, with SEG’s Carter, Scovens and Caldwell firing from long distance…

*****A good day for basketball at Southeast Guilford Middle School and the place was packed early on….After the girls game ended, some of the fans were seen headed toward the bus station and headed back out of town, after traveling in from far and near to see this group of Middle School basketball players…..*****

Full Middle School Schedule for Today:
Kernodle Middle at Mendenhall
Northwest Guilford Middle at Jamestown
Western Guilford Middle at Eastern Guilford
Penn Griffin Middle at Allen Jay Prep
Ferndale Middle at The Academy at Lincoln
Welborn Middle at Southwest Guilford

Jackson Middle School(OFF)

  • Tiger fan said,

    Not 100% sure on these stats, but I do know Kiser won. Came out like a blaze of glory. Great passing and lots of selfless plays from Kiser. Cam had 18 Jackson 14 or 16. Good takes by Cam who seemed to really play strong last night. Allen definitely came out playing hard, but just couldn’t get seem to get within single digits.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Thanks for that info on the Kiser boys and if you get a for sure final score on that Allen game, send it our way…

    Hoping to get a few more scores in here later on today and thanks again for sending us this info….Hope to here from a few of the players soon too…

    Who’s out there???

  • Fan said,

    That kiser team can probably beat some jv teams honestly so unselfish great ball handling great rebounding excellent passing etc. and ive only seen them twice lol. Travis Shaw kid D1 ready NOW.

  • Honest said,

    I was disappointed with what I saw from kiser. Just because you win doesn’t mean you can degrade your opponents. Clapping in faces, pointing in the crowd, throwing your hands up like your jordan, and making the strong arm sign. It was embarrassing. Kids will never forgot how kiser acted when they was better than everyone else. Character is more important than winning. Win with class.

  • SMH said,

    That’s not all the kids from Kiser who act like that the games I saw it’s just one kid. @Fan Travis Shaw is a good middle school player but D1 you can’t say that.The middle school talent level is down from last year and he was not doing these things last year.I actually think the kid with the most upside on the team is the center he knows his role and plays it well. With that being said Shaw is the dominate 8th grader in Guilford County and without him they wouldn’t be undefeated. Kiser can beat some lower level JV teams but they didn’t beat Swann by that much the other week so calm down my man.

  • reply to honest said,

    OH NO!! I’m so sorry Honest. I hate that it was interpreted that way. I think sometimes, people in the stands don’t realize, these boys within Guilford County have played TOGETHER in some form or fashion through AAU or the Y and truly razz each other on and off the court. I even heard dates mentioned of playing ball together at the Y this weekend. The strong arm thing is done by one player and it is because he has worked SO hard on gaining strength (he was at one point the weakest player and it is an inside joke with the boys and him) and we are all SO proud of him for working so hard. It’s done even in practice. I will pass the word that someone saw their character as something that it wasn’t just to keep them mindful of how some things are taken, but trust and believe, it wasn’t done out of classlessness.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Kids are going to be kids and these are just that, they are kids, but they do have to remember people are always watching and how you react will come into question and your character has to be one of your top traits and how you choose to use it will go a long way in determining where you end up next and what you end up doing next…

    The big thing always is next….Next game, next play, next reaction, even your next meal….

    The road can be smooth, but their are some bumps along the way…

    In California you have the 12 year-old kid that took the gun to school and it was a girl and it was in her backpack and we think we have problems with the Russians and the FBI..

    What is a gun doing at her home and available to her access to begin with???

    These are kids and I am thankful the local kids here have those Middle School programs to turn to after school…

    Coaches work them hard and they will be ready to get some sleep at night, after that next meal and hopefully be ready for a new next school day on the morrow….

    Boost the kids, their future is in your hands…

  • Fan said,

    Dear Honest, didnt mean to ruffle any feathers i was just giving my opinion and like Andy said kids will be kids im guessing you were supporting the other team thats neither here nor there all these kids know each other talk smack on social media play on same AAU team so the hype may be a little aggressive sometimes just be a fan like me and enjoy and cheer for all these KIDS GEEESH!!

  • Beatrice Graves said,

    Evidently you are not reading what you are writing but your readers and spectators can. I have never seen a one person team win all the games(SEM girls)Good way to kill a TEAM’S SPIRIT When one person is given all the credit for the success of the team. Definitely not a good way to keep this team interested in playing together in high school. This is not an attack only fair exchange.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I have always believed that you need to credit kids when they have big games and get them and their teams some attention…Many of readers have never even heard of these kids until I write about them here…

    We end putting a lot of these kids and their teams/schools on the map….

    If you read closely you will also see I mentioned this point:

    Preston could have scored more, but late in the game, she made it a point to to stop looking for points for her own self and went looking for teammates to set up to score and she helped her fellow-Falcons get some easy buckets…

    *****She was clapping, smiling and excited when she set her teammates up…*****

    +++++When we wrote about the team scoring we laid it out like this:
    Raven Preston with 27 points, and the rest of the Falcons looked like this with Underwood at 7 points, Avery had 4, Maliyah Preston, Raven’s sister, had 4 points, and you had Brewer and Ross with 2 points each for SEG….

    We mentioned all of the team’s scorers and not just one…The headlines we use get readers attention and that is what sells our post/articles…That can hook a reader to entice them to read the post…It wets their appetite so to speak….

    We made the drive to SEG Middle and we gave good coverage to the team and the school and covered the boys game too…If you don’t want us to ever come back again, we don’t have to…

    My advice to disgruntled readers would be this, ‘Don’t Kill the Messenger”/…..

    If you have info that you feel needs to be printed, sent our way and it will get printed…You send and we do print….

    To say we don’t know what we are doing, is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater….

  • Spectator said,

    SEM girls team plays as a unit. It blows my mind that you can write an article like this ONE young lady is running the show. SMH remove the other four starting five and will she be able to score your 27pts. Remove any of the key players that come off the bench will she get any of those fast breaks with easy lay ups. It’s insulting to a player who never misses a practice, works hard and is a team player but has to read this. Offense is Good but Defense wins games! When you want to write an article on a young lady that’s fine but for her TEAM to be undefeated she didn’t do that by herself. Worse article I’ve ever read!

  • Andy Durham said,

    My advice for you folks would be live the moment and enjoy the ride….

    For a boy or girl to get 27 points in a Middle School game, that is a big deal…

    When Kemba Kemba scored 41 points for the Hornets vs. the Pacers the other night, that was a big deal and that is what I remember about that game…

    Like I said earlier, live the moment and enjoy the ride….

    I’ve seen some good ones….

  • SE Fan said,

    Raven Preston is an incredible middle school player. I have had the privilege of watching her mature as a player over the past two seasons. She plays with raw talent and a natural exuberance for the game. Giving her props for her hard work in no way diminishes the work that her teamates put out. This is a well coached team and the girls really seem to enjoy playing with one another. If this group stays together they will make a lot noise in the high school ranks! Thank you Andy for coming out to cover the middle school games and we hope that you will continue to give the programs good press and highlight the achievements of these athletes.