Billy Craft Honda High School Basketball Tonight:Live Action with SEG girls and SG Storm boys(OT) fall in Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tournament(NWG, EG and NG boys and girls, plus Smith/Page boys and SWG/Ragsdale/HPA girls all going for Titles on Friday night)

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We were watching LIVE high school basketball action tonight from Southeast Guilford High School and there is nothing like watching and being right on top of that LIVE action…..

*****Finals from tonight’s Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tournament Semifinals at Southeast Guilford High School….*****
+++++Alamance County shut out Guilford County tonight….++++
^^^^^We must get/stop Alamance County from taking home all of the trophies on Friday night….EG girls vs. SA girls/EG boys vs. BW boys. Guilford County has some work to do and Alamance County is a real force to be reckoned with…^^^^^
#3 Southern Alamance 53, #2 Southeast Guilford 46
SEG girls down 13-6 after one quarter and the SEG Falcons down 29-8 at the half and then still down 38-23 after three periods and then the SEG girls made a run and got within 3 points and closed the gap, but the Southern Alamance Falcons hit 7 free throws in the last 2:30 and that allowed the Patriots to win what became a tight game….SA scoring and these are unofficial numbers:Jacobson 16 points, Williams 9 points, Mills 7 points, Deanhardt 6 points, Byrd 6 points, Causey 4, Britt 3 and Slade 3 points…
SEG scoring: Roberts with 20 points, Simmons with 16 points, Blue 4, Griggs 3, Graham and Taylor with 2 points each….
#3 Burlington Williams 67, #2 Southern Guilford 61 (OT)
SG boys had to without one of the top scorers Tyquan McFadden who did not play due to being sick…McFadden had 32 points at Eastern Guilford last Friday night and tonight, the SG Storm played with heart and soul and they took Burlington Williams to Overtime, with the Storm minus McFadden….Tyler Dearman(SG) with 30 points(unofficial) stepping up and helping the Storm stay tough…
What a game it was and you would think you were watching a Sectional or Regional final….
End of 1st Q:BW 13, SG 9…Halftime:BW 23, SG 21…End of 3rd Q:SG 35, BW 33…End of Regulation:SG 54, BW 54…
BW scoring:Johnson with 20 points, Miles 15, Alston 11, Bradshear 9, Lloyd 4, Hilliard 3, Richmond 2 and Kennedy with 2 points…..
SG scoring:Dearman 30 points, Cooper 13 points, Burch 7, McMaster 6, Johnson 4, and Scales 2 points….

+++++The Caldwell Academy varsity boys basketball team lost Thursday’s away playoff game against Cape Fear Academy (Wilmington, NC) by a score of 46-37…..This game was played in Wilmington, N.C.+++++

Thomasville Bulldog boys 81, North Davidson Knights 75

*****Friday night we will have all of these Guilford County teams going for Conference Tournament Titles:
BOLD print All-Guilford County matchups…..
Eastern Guilford girls vs. Southern Alamance
Eastern Guilford boys vs. Burlington Williams
Northwest Guilford girls vs. Ragsdale
Northwest Guilford boys vs. Page

Northern Guilford girls vs. Rockingham County
Northern Guilford boys vs. Person County
Smith boys vs. Mount Tabor
Southwest Guilford girls vs. Mount Tabor
High Point Andrews girls vs. Jordan Matthews

  • Bball said,

    So the Burlington Williams and Southern Guilford game ended in a tie? Seems odd that the score report says 61-61 in OT

  • Baseball Fan said,

    When are we going to start hearing about some baseball and local teams? Most high schools are already scrimmaging next week and I haven’t seen any high school baseball coverage here on the site

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes the thing that was strange about that B. Williams-SG boys game in OT was the six-point difference in OT…

    I remember I kept staring at that score thinking, was that right, and it was….You sometimes see a six-point difference and you wonder how that game got to OT, but Southern Guilford put up a great fight last night and like we mentioned in the post, the SG Storm were missing one of their leading scorers, Tyquan McFadden….

    Very interesting game filled with excitement and it has been very busy week for us here at the site…

    At Northern Guilford on Monday, at Ragsdale on Tuesday, at Southeast on Wednesday, Thursday and again there tonight on Friday…We have a lot going on and we have to keep going on…

    Here is our baseball-softball talk/post from earlier in the week and it had some good details…

    Always re-scan the site and go back a few pages so you can keep up with our coverage…

    Here is what had on Tuesday, the official opening day of practice..

    From what we have been studying and researching, high school baseball practice and high school softball softball practice can officially start/begin today, but many teams have been working for a few weeks now on individual workouts where coaches can work with small groups and get in preseason preparation and the players have been keeping the batting centers busy, getting in all of the extra reps that they can in batting cage before they get outdoors at their high schools…(Greensboro Batting Center, North Carolina Baseball Academy, Jeremy Synan working with players in somebody’s basement and more.)

    Still pretty wet outside, but at least the temps are going up some….

    Might even see some scrimmages as we get closer to the weekend and for sure scrimmages next week and regular season games should begin the first week in March…

    This year should be a peak year for the Grimsley Whirlies with C.J. Neese(N.C. State), Gus Hughes, Jake Bloss, Rob Dalton, Jackson Dempsey, Griffin Albright, Taylor Hanover, Terrence Whack and others back on board and Grimsley should really be the favorite to win the Metro 4-A Conference…Solid coaching with Gary Flynn and Brett Garrett back for the Whirlies…..The NWG showed major improvement toward the end of last season and should be a contender, Page should be fine, Ragsdale is still on the total rebuild and High Point Central is not an easy out….

    There is no doubt that Southeast Guilford will always be good and now on the 3-A level, the Falcons will be challenged by Southern Alamance, Asheboro, SW Randolph, Eastern Guilford and others in that conference…But with Jaylen Guy, Jax Hackett, Ryan Douglas and Devin Bartley all back, SEG should be ready for anything that gets thrown at them…Charlie Gamble Jr. and Charlie Gamble III should be running the team while Coach Dave Beasley finishes up his duties with girls basketball….

    Southwest Guilford should still be very tough with head coach Reid Holmes and his Cowboys sure to be a major favorite in the new Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference…Jacob Edwards(P/CF) back along with Chu, Thornton, Hairston, Zente, Busick, Grose, McIntosh and others and I can tell you, SWG can a long way with Edwards and McIntosh toeing the rubber….

    The Northern Guilford Nighthawks are the defending NCHSAA 3-A State Champs and we will have to wait and see how they hold up in 2018 vs. Western Alamance, Northeast Guilford, Morehead, McMichael, Rockingham County and all of those very tough teams in the Mid-State…

    We will keep an eye as the regular season hits and see what the baseball and softball teams are up to….I think Ethan Albright stepped down at the end of last season as the softball coach at Page and if Megan Harbaugh is still coaching at Ragsdale and with her background ties to Jim Harbaugh, John Harbaugh and Jack Harbaugh, the Tigers should be able to hit and we know the usual softball suspects like Southeast, Northwest, Southwest and Northern Guilford will all be there….

    We have put a few items on your plate for today and let’s hope all of the teams can get outside today….And we will have more on the inside later on this week…Basketball is still taking top priority, but the baseball and softball teams are ready to head toward their home base/plate…….

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    carmine a pagano said,

    GOOD LUCK to all the baseball and softball SIXTH TOOL PROGRAM ATHLETES’. Job well done by all!! Look forward to seeing you at the ball field!! HARD WORK PAYS-OFF!!!

    SoftballParent said,

    Hope to see softball get more coverage during the season than it did in this article. It’s such a huge sport now, especially with all the coverage on ESPN, and so exciting to watch.

    Andy Durham said,

    We are just working/trying to get the talking started…

    Don’t know much at all about HS softball for 2018, the kids are going to have to make some names for themselves and get the word out there…Make some noise……

    The only name I remembered today was when I was running this morning and I was thinking back to a girl on my softball team back in 1985 and we were in the State Semifinals for our classification at the field over off of Akron Drive in Winston-Salem, near BB&T Field, and just off of Highway 52….

    We had Paula Anderson on at base at 3rd base and with the ball hit to the outfield, the age old question hits you, do you send her, or do you hold the runner on the fly ball to the outfield?????

    My thought this morning, some 33 years later was one word and one word only, GO……..As soon as the ball is caught, the runner has tagged up and then GO…..

    GO, should be the word of the day….GO, because you will never know unless you GO…..One of the most important plays in softball or baseball is that runner tagging at third and if you can use a speedy runner at second and move them over to third, that is really doing something there….

    Word of the day is, GO!!!!!!!!!!

    And I am gone…Headed to Southeast Guilford for basketball tonight…Was at Northern on Monday, at Ragsdale last night, and on the way to Southeast Guilford tonight….

    That key word again, is GO!!!!!!

    You will never know, unless you GO!!!!!

    Andy Durham said,

    Watch out for Kassie Simmons and Lizzie Holloman at Eastern Guilford….They are one of the best batteries, Simmons(P) and Holloman(C) in the county…

    Both Simmons and Holloman are juniors with the Eastern Guilford softball team…….

    That softball field in WS that I was talking about was I believe, Hanes Field….