Notes on the Weekend from The Lead Sports:Quick hits on the NCAA, FBI, Sean Miller, Mark Emmert, College Hoops and more

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*****Some Quick Notes and Quick hitters from over the weekend with the FBI/NCAA probe into College Basketball at the top of the list at The Lead Sports/…..*****

A bombshell ESPN report over the weekend claims that FBI wiretaps include audio of Arizona coach Sean Miller discussing how to funnel star center Deandre Ayton $100,000 to sign with the Wildcats. First note: $100k isn’t a bad price point for Ayton. He’s a beast. Second note: put a Phillips-head on Sean Miller — he’s about to get screwed…

Blue Chips came out 24 years ago, but the NCAA just found out this weekend that college basketball recruiting involves agents and coaches dropping more duffels than a JFK baggage handler at Christmas time. NCAA president and gigantic waste of a human being Mark Emmert hinted that changes would be made before the 2018-19 season, but don’t get your hopes up about athletes actually receiving a slice of the Association’s multi-billion dollar pie…

The audio of Miller discussing Ayton’s payment hasn’t been made public, but the damage is already done. Shareef O’Neal (offspring of Shaquille and one of the top prospects in the country), decommitted from Zona and remarked that just because he’s the son of a famous athlete doesn’t mean he should only get funneled $50k for his services. Miller didn’t coach the Wildcats in their 98-93 OT loss to Oregon on Saturday, and it looks doubtful he’ll pace the sidelines again this season. Arizona will be the first national powerhouse to crumble under the FBI’s (pretty silly and unnecessary) investigation into college basketball corruption, but it won’t be the last…

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