We hit a Milestone Mark for the GreensboroSports.com Website Back on Monday:The 13 Million Hit/View Mark has been attained

Posted by Andy Durham on April 18, 2018 at 3:04 pm under Amateur, College, High School, Professional | Comments are off for this article

We have been tracking and keeping verified records around here now for just over 10 years and the site hit a Milestone Million Mark back on Monday…

We hit the 13 Million hit/view mark and that means that the site has been visited/viewed 13 million times and sometimes the visit may not be for long and sometimes the same person may visit more than once in the same day, but any way you spit out the numbers, 13 Million hits/views in ten years time, that is keeping the stats counter going…..

GreenboroSports.com is in its 13th year overall, but our current stats system with Word Press started calculating what we are doing, just over 10 years ago and this is how it goes, has gone in a nutshell….

After hitting the 13 million mark back late Monday night, we are now at the current new number of 13,003,338 hits/views…..

Our best-ever one-day mark for hits/views was 26,622 and that came at a peak period in an on-going contest period(March 30, 2012)……

The total number of comments made to the site in this stat-tracking time-frame is at 71,994 comments….

I do think Twitter has cut into some of our numbers in the past couple of years, but we do have a decent Twitter Following too with 2,602 Followers and we have sent out 36,600 Tweets….All of our headlines that we post go straight to Twitter and we also send an occasional tweet or two on the side…

And how did we get to the 13 Million view mark???? I think it was by staying local and talking about local people and what they are doing on the local sports scene…..Sort of like the old People and Places formula the News and Record used to use years ago….

Doing it 24/7 and posting every day of the year keeps the news and info coming your way…

Now at the 13 Million Mark and hoping to keep it going a few more years….

Remember when we did the celebration to recognize 10 years overall of the site existence? We gave away $500.00 to a lucky reader/viewer over at the old Shane’s Rib Shack and that was back in 2016….If we stick around for 20 years, that means we will need to give away $1,000.00 come December of 2026, and and that is 8 years from now….

Can the surge continue??? I hope we find a new surge every day that keeps us going and hitting the ground running every day of the week, and twice on Sunday and as always, THANKS to all of those loyal readers that visit the site, each and every day…Thanks for keeping us in the mix and for keeping us going toward the top, wherever that is?????

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