2018 NCCA East -West All-Star Women’s Soccer Rosters

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The NCCA is pleased to announce the rosters for the 2018 East-West All-Star women’s soccer match to be played July 17 at MacPherson Stadium. The match will feature some of the best recently graduated soccer players from around the state.

2018 NCCA East -West All-Star Women’s Soccer

Player		        Pos. 	Ht. 	High School	                High School Coach	
Emery 	Biggs	        M/F	5'6	Clayton	                        Joseph	Mott
Elise	Ederle	         D	5'7	Chapel Hill 	                Jason	Curtis
Catherine Holbrook	 F	5'7	Green Hope 	                Stacy	Lamb
Taylin	Jean	         G	5'5	Cedar Ridge 	                PJ	Michaelson
Brayleigh	Jones	M/F	5'7	First Flight 	                Juan	Ramirez
Karen	Juarez	        M/F	5'2	John T. Hoggard	                Justin	Schatz
Meghan	Kast	         D	115	Cardinal Gibbons 	        Michele	Miller
Emily	Ketchum	         D	5'1	Richlands 	                Micheal	Roed
Jordin	Mosley	         F	5'8	Leesville Road	                Paul	Dinkenor
Talia	Parrous	         F	5'6	Terry Sanford 	                Karl	Molnar
Mackenzie	Pruitt	F	5'3	Havelock 	                Amy	McCutcheon
Lauren	Reichardt	D	5'10	Panther Creek 	                Jason	Wolfe
Megan 	Serrano	        G	5'9	Jacksonville 	                David	Miller
Haley	Shand	        F	5'6	Laney 	                        Jameson	Noble
Brooke 	Sroka	        M/F	5'6	Leesville Road	                Paul	Dinkenor
Mia	Ziade	        F	5'4	Cary 	                        Laura	Kerrigan

Coach: Laura Kerrigan Cary HS


Player		        Pos. 	Ht.	High School	High School Coach	
Brooklyn Berry	        D	5'5	West Forsyth	Scott	Bilton
Brynn	Douglas	        D	5'8	Hickory Ridge 	Carrie	Maxwell
Kate	Duncan	        G	5'5"	Ardrey Kell 	Kim	Montgomery
Carson	Fielding	D	5'8	Lake Norman	Matt	Bice
Morgan	Hairston	G	5'7	East Forsyth 	Chad	Lorentz
Allison	Herrera	        F	5'4	Hibriten	Shea	Bridges
Alana	Holder	        D	5'6''	Asheville 	Mike	Flowe
Taylor 	Jackson	        D	5'6"	SW Guilford	Rob	Szitas
Sarah	Lewis	        M	5'4"	T.C. Roberson 	Josh	Martin
Madison	Oracion	        M	5'5"	Hough	        David	Smith
Lindsey	Poff	        F	5'9	Catholic	Gary	Hoilett
Lauren	Rector	        F	5"3	J.M. Robinson 	Todd	Spinell
Nicolette Robinson	M	5'4	Page 	        James	Pielow
Rachel	Rouse	        M	5' 4"	NW Guilford	Terry	Murphy
Pali	Smith	        F	5'1	AC Reynolds	Patrick	Gladys
Weezie	Targgart	M	5'3"	Myers Park 	Bucky	McCarley

Coach: Todd Spinell J.M. Robinson HS

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