Looks like the Kids came to play Softball, but the Parents came to Fight:Softball SoftBrawl breaks out in Kingsport, Tennessee

Posted by Andy Durham on June 20, 2018 at 6:54 pm under Amateur, Audio, Video | Comments are off for this article

They had a softball tournament going on in Kingsport, Tennessee this past weekend, but what was meant to a friendly series of softball games, with 12 year-old kids, turned into a “Softball SoftBrawl”…

Looks like the kids came to play softball, but the parents came to fight….One of the crazy things is the tournament was up in Tennessee, but the fans and parents that got into the verbal altercation, that led to the fight, they were from North Carolina…

The video of the fans and parents fighting is making the rounds and you can now round up your family and watch it when you

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