High School Football 7 on 7 action with Grimsley at Northeast Guilford today and looking ahead to Dudley and Guilford College 7 on 7’s for Saturday/Cam Newton 7 on 7’s coming up on Friday and Saturday

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CLICK HERE for Michael Wyman going long for the TD in Dudley 7 on 7 vs. Eastern Guilford HS/Eastern Alamance HS….from Wednesday…
+++++Ryan Hayes, from Dudley with a pick/interception in the same Wednesday scrimmage and you can check it out from Twitter when you CLICK HERE….Third frame down when you scroll….

**********High School Football 7 on 7 Passing Games/Tournaments…..**********

Grimsley at Northeast Guilford 9:30-11:30am
*****Northeast Guilford will be at the Dudley 7 on 7 on Saturday…Thomasville at Northeast Guilford on July 11 from 9-11am…..*****

Game Schedule for the Dudley Football 7 on 7 coming up Saturday June 23 at Dudley High School

                                                                     WESTERN GUILFORD

POOL A (GAME FIELD)                                                  POOL B (PRACTICE FIELD)
10:00: (GM1) PREP VS HPC                                             (GM1) CARVER VS WESTERN ALAMANCE
10:00: (GM1) DUDLEY VS NW GUILFORD                                   (GM1) WG VS SE GUILFORD
10:30: (GM2) DUDLEY VS ATKINS                                        (GM2) REAGAN VS HP CHRISTIAN
10:30: (GM2) NORTHEAST VS PREP                                       (GM2) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS CARVER
11:00: (GM3) ATKINS VS NORTHEAST                                     (GM3) REAGAN VS SE GUILFORD
11:00: (GM3) HPC VS NW GUILFORD                                      (GM3) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS HP CHRISTIAN
11:30: (GM4) DUDLEY VS NORTHEAST                                     (GM4) WG VS WESTERN ALAMANCE 
11:30: (GM4) NW GUILFORD VS PREP                                        (GM 4) SE GUILFORD VS HP CHRISTIAN

(PRACTICE FIELD)                                                     (GAME FIELD)
12:00: (GM5) DUDLEY VS PREP                                          (GM5) REAGAN VS CARVER
12:00: (GM5) HPC VS ATKINS                                           (GM5) WG VS HP CHRISTIAN
12:30: (GM6) NW GUILFORD VS ATKINS                                   (GM6) SE GUILFORD VS WESTERN GUILFORD
12:30: (GM6) HPC VS NORTHEAST                                        (GM6) HP CHRISTIAN VS CARVER

LUNCH 1:00 TO 1:45
2:00:   (GM7) DUDLEY VS HPC                                          (GM7) WG VS REAGAN
2:00:   (GM7) NW GUILFORD VS NORTHEAST                               (GM7) SE GUILFORD VS CARVER                                          
2:30:   (GM8) ATKINS VS PREP                                         (GM8) WESTERN ALAMANCE VS REAGAN


Guilford College Football
7 on 7 Passing League Schedule

Saturday June 23, 2018

Cardinal Division				White Division
1 – E. Forsyth HS			        1 – Carrboro HS
2 – Parkland HS					2 – Elkin HS
3 – Southern Guilford HS			3 – Mt Tabor HS
4 – South Rowan HS				4 – Northern Guilford HS

10:00 AM:					10:35 AM:
Field #1 – Cardinal 1 V 3			Field #1 – Cardinal 1 V 2 
Field #2 – Cardinal 2 V 4			Field #2 – Cardinal 3 V 4
Field #3 – White 1 V 3				Field #3 – White 1 V 2
Field #4 – White 2 V 4				Field #4 – White 3 V 4

11:20 AM:				       12:15 PM: Playoff Round #1 (All Teams)
Field #1 – White 1 V 4		               (GM1) Field #1 – Cardinal #1 Vs White #4 (Seed)
Field #2 – White 2 V 3		               (GM2) Field #2 – White #1 Vs Cardinal #4 (Seed)	
Field #3 – Cardinal 1 V 4					 
Field #4 – Cardinal 2 V 3		       12:50 PM: Playoff Round #1		
					      (GM3) Field #1 – White #2 Vs Cardinal #3 (Seed)	
					      (GM4) Field #2 – Cardinal #2 Vs White #3 (Seed)	
					       1:30 PM: Playoff Round #2 (Semi Finals)
					      (GM5) Field #1 – Winner GM2 Vs Winner GM4
					      (GM6) Field #2 – Winner GM1 Vs Winner GM3
					       2:15 PM:  Championship		
					       Field #1 – Winner GM5 Vs Winner GM6
Field #1 = Stadium Scoreboard
Field #2 = Stadium Entrance
Field #3 = Old Football Grass Field (Softball)
Field #4 = Old Football Grass Field (Lot)

All Playoff games will be played in stadium.
Water Coolers will be available.
Concessions will be available.

++++++++++The Cam Newton 7 on 7 will going on Friday and Saturday at Northwestern High School, in Rock Hill, South Carolina….The games will begin at 9:30am each day and Cam Newton, will be there to meet the fans…24 teams with Pool Play on Friday and Elimination Play on Saturday…Here is the breakdown….++++++++++

Friday is pool play. Saturday is bracket play (double elimination) based on seeding from Friday’s results.

Teams include A.L. Brown, Hendersonville, May River, Ardrey Kell, Hickory Ridge, Northwestern, Blue Ridge, Hillcrest, Parkwood, Burns, Independence, RJ Reynolds and C.E. Murray.

Also, Indian Land, Shelby, Edisto, Kings Mountain, Southside, Green Hope, Lee Central, Sun Valley Harding, Lower Richland and Westwood.

  • E.G. Parent said,

    I was at Eastern yesterday and E.G. looked ok against Dudley and Eastern Alamance. Coach Glass has one of the best group of skill players around.