JV Football Tonight with Scores for 8/30/18:Varsity Football with SWG 28, HP Central 13 in game stopped due to the weather/Wake Forest wins 23-17 in OT/Dudley, SEG, NEG, EG and SWG JV Winners

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Varsity Final:Rain shortened game with 6:34 to play in the 3rd Quarter the game was stopped due to lightning/rain and the Final Score will read:Southwest Guilford 28, High Point Central 13
SWG(3-0)/HP Central(1-2)

JV Football Tonight in and around Guilford County….
Dudley 32, Page 7
Southeast Guilford 46, Northwest Guilford 20
Northeast Guilford 22, Southern Guilford 0
NEG(1-1)/SG(1-2)….Treven Hester from NEG with two rushing TD’s and a long run of 66 yards off a running back screen for a TD and the other NEG TD came from Jordan Payne…NEG news courtesy of Coach Chris Suggs…
Eastern Guilford 21, Grimsley 7 in a Game Shortened due the weather…
+++++from Wednesday night:High Point Central(1-0) at Southwest Guilford(1-0)…..
Final:Southwest Guilford 28, High Point Central 12
SWG(2-0)/HP Central(1-1)

Wake Forest 23, Tulane 17 OT
Wake QB Sam Hartman threw for 378 yards and 2 TD’s and Hartman rushed/ran for 64 yards for the Demon Deacons…

Varsity Football:WS Reynolds 49, WS Prep 0

JV Football Games Tonight:
Western Guilford(0-1) at Ragsdale(0-2)
High Point Andrews(0-0) at Ben L. Smith(0-2)

Northern Guilford(0-2)
Northern Guilford varsity at Statesville, on Friday….

  • Wow said,

    I’m shocked at that Dudley/Page score. Way too much talent on that jv squad for that score…

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    No word on the Eastern/Grimsley score?

    It would be nice to get some details on the Dudley/Page JV game.

    In the name of informing the public here is a little about the Southeast vs Northwest game. Southeast jumped out to a 14 – 0 lead with consistent offensive play and aggressive defensive play. The lead eventually went to 24 – 0, but the tide began to turn. Northwest pulled to with 4 with three straight touchdowns. One on a tip from a Southeast player into the NW receivers hands, once off of a tip from a Southeast receivers hands, and then a big scramble by the NW QB that had to have been close to 50 years. The NW QB is tall and fast when he gets in the open field. Northwest scored all 20 of it’s points in the third quarter. Right when it looked like NW had the momentum SE put in a strong consistent drive to get a score and make it 30 – 20 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. They tacked on two more TD’s before it was over. NW shot themselves in the foot several times at the end of long drives. They had a fumble and a pick on back-to-back possessions, in the red zone I believe, in the 2nd quarter. They also had another long drive going, but got a penalty AND an sportsmen like conduct penalty as well on the same play. That pushed them from from somewhere around the 20 to near the 50. They also had a TD called back for holding. They have some athletes, but they needed to be sharper. I believe SE had two or three picks on defense. SE played a steady game. The defense was steller in the first half, but had some lapses in the third quarter, but they are young. They have surprised me this season. They play as a unit and they are aggressive. They are getting there. The offense did well for the most part. There were some plays where there was miscommunication, but for the most part they did what they were supposed to do. #21 for Southeast, Christian Brown, had a heck of a game playing offense and defense and scoring two TD’s.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Sometimes things like this happen, but it looks like the Grimsley Voice has been silenced…

    Looking for news also on Ragsdale-Western Guilford and Ragsdale should have won that game…

    Watch out for Sage Surratt the receiver over at Wake Forest…Brother of Chazz Surratt, the QB at North Carolina and Sage might be better than his brother and I can’t figure out for the life of me, why they didn’t end up at the same college together…

    Both out of Lincolnton…I got to feel Sage is going to be big for Wake Forest and he had over 100 yards receiving last night vs. Tulane…

  • regap said,


    Page moved up 3 of it’s best JV youngsters to Varsity last week, so that most likely has something to do with the scoreline. But either way, hats off to Dudleys JVs on the win.

  • SEG QB said,

    Was at the game last night and the SEG QB is going to be special. A passing threat, but may be even better toting the rock. Future is bright for the Falcons.

  • Eg said,

    EG 21 Grimsley 7

  • Football fan said,

    Se vs nwg
    I am a nwg fan disclosure i have a family member played last night

    Se has some athletes and #5 is the man in my opinion 21 was decent but that #5 is gonna be special. If he is not varsity someone at SE STAFF is just blind.

    Nwg qb is way faster than he looks lol. He will get better at passing. Needs to go through his progressions(guys open downfield) set his feet Too many turnovers last night unusual for him. He will be a good one for sure. The boy can play ball.

    Nwg #5 best athlete on the field clearly.is just flat out wicked amazing upside. That td he had got called back on a late flag was d1 level speed. They need to move him around, give him the rock and get out his way let him handle business a definite playmaker.

    Nwg 16 also good run good routes good size. Mismatch at wr needs to be used more.

    Nwg need to keep the ball in the qb #5 and 16 hands to win games.

    HS football is about getting the ball into atheltes hands really at the end of the day. We overthink this stuff as coaches.

    Seast just had a bit more athleticism and secured the ball.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    @Football fan – #5 for SE is Jordan Farmer. He is a freshman and got reps with varsity in the pre-season. He is just getting back on the field from some physical issues. He would probably varsity, but we have some sophomores that are a little more skilled and savy right now.

  • Page Alum said,

    Kinda figures Page moved some athletes up, cause with the talent they had at first the score would have been different

  • Football fan said,

    Jordan farmer remember that name
    Yall better get him more reps cause he the truth
    Hard to beleive them sophs got more upside than him. I am an upside and athleticism cat.
    Nwg #5 and se 5 on a field together would be fire deadly

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Football fan, not sure if the sophomores gave more upside, but they are ready to play varsity now. He ALWAYS catched people’s eyes. You are probably correct about #5 and #16. NW needs to get the ball in their hands more.

  • Moved up said,

    Jeiel played last night and was “moved up” to varsity last week against Northern. They just lost to a better team. It happens.

  • Football fan said,

    Seg has talent that was a tough loss tonight
    Sorry but I ain’t seen nothing tonight yall had that much better than the jv farmer kid. Exception being for #22. I recognize him from youth football and middle school. He has talent. Get gim the ball more get him right now so next year he the man.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    @Football fan, #22 is who is in front of farmer……..Farmer is young. Talent wise he is off the charts, but I think a year of JV may help him in the long run. Who knows, maybe he will get some Varsity run before the playoffs.