Full Rundown of the Scores from Wednesday Night Football:Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists High School Football from Guilford County(Southwest Guilford Cowboys the only Unbeaten GCS team left)/(Rusty Lee stepping down as Page AD)

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WS Reagan 14, Page 7
Page(4-1)/WSR(4-1)….First loss of the season for Page Pirates, on the night they were announcing Rusty Lee is stepping down as the Page Athletic Director on October 1….Quite a job done over the years at Page, by AD Rusty Lee….Rusty Lee 27 years as the Page High School Athletic Director….

Southeast Guilford 22, Dudley 12
SEG(4-1)/Dudley(3-2)….We’re thinking and hearing this was the first SEG win over Dudley since back in 1983 when Richard ‘Dick’ Kemp was the coach at Southeast Guilford and Ronald Reagan was president…SEG QB Ryan Douglas, RB/LB Chad Stephens and LB Brett Shreve tied for Player of the Game honors, while kicker Jonathan Medlin and RB Jaylen Fairley had very large games too for SEG….SEG must be careful not to have a letdown next week, after such a big program win this week….Was at this game and saw it all happen for Coach Kennedy Tinsley’s SEG Falcons, right there in person….Jeremiah Faust and Braxton King both injured in this game for SEG….SEG led early, 9-0 wit a touchdown and a safety then Dudley fought back to make it 9-6, then Dudley went up 12-9 and SEG tied it at 12-12, before SEG moved in front on Medlin’s second field goal, which came on is second attempt, due to a Dudley penalty, and that put SEG up 15-12 and SEG iced the game, on Chad Stephens power run into the end zone from short range for the Falcons….A bit of a historic win tonight for Southeast Guilford football….

Southwest Guilford 34, Northwest Guilford 0
SWG(5-0)/NWG(3-2)….SWG Cowboys(5-0) the only Unbeaten GCS team left in the 2018 season….SWG is building and they are being led by a sophomore quarterback, Devin Flowers….More coming up on this game later on tonight, from Wyatt Smith, special correspondent for GreensboroSports.com….

High Point Central 29, High Point Andrews 12
HPC(2-3)/HPA(1-3)….Big win for Coach Wayne Jones and the HP Central Bison…McDuffie, Godfrey and Westray coming up real big for HPC…

Ragsdale 21 Northeast Guilford 13
Ragsdale(3-2)/NEG(2-2)…..No concrete details on this game and will be looking for a few from Kris Walser….

Eastern Guilford 48, Smith 0
EG(3-1)/Smith(1-4)….Hezekiah Newby with at least two TD’s on the ground for EG….Soph QB Kamell Smith to the air for at least one TD, Darrell Roberts on the ground for a Wildcat TD and more from Eastern Guilford…

Grimsley 55, Western Guilford 13
Grimsley(2-3)/WG(0-5)…No details on this game, and the Whirlie Voice needs to get back in here with his “word on the Whirlies”…..Quan Nora with 3 rushing TD’s for the Grimsley Whirlies…

Northern Guilford(2-2) OPEN
Southern Guilford(0-4) OPEN

High Point Christian Academy 30, McMichael 12
Bishop McGuinness 49, WS Atkins 6

Reidsville 34, Magna Vista 12
Reidsville(5-0)/Magna Vista(1-2)

Southern Alamance 50, Graham 0

More Scores on the way…..

  • Alex Johnson said,

    Spectating tonight’s game and Northeast Guilford has 2 really good receivers Juniors, Zeke Nicholson and Jaydon Hall. They’ll be a handful next year

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Great win for SE. Maybe the monkey is off their back, so to speak, now. Andy Durham, you are correct in saying that they can’t have a letdown going forward. Hopefully they continue to improve.

  • Football fan said,

    Just curious….. when was the last time Page & Dudley lost on the same night in the regular season?

  • Ernie Wells said,

    Rusty Lee retiring? Congrats Rusty on a job well done. You set the bar for other schools to try and reach!!

  • DHS said,

    I believe Southeast beat us the year we went 0-10. That was 1999. Great win for their program and Coach Kennedy.

    Dudley knew coming into the season that they had issues at the QB position. They will loose more games this year if one of those guys don’t improve.

  • SEG Fan said,

    Southeast beat Dudley in 1998. That season SEG went 1-10 under Ken Helms and was their only win.

  • Buck said,

    Great win for SE. Lots of big plays at key moments by Bret Shreve. SE Defense held Dudley in check for the most part…other than a kickoff return for TD and a failed punt which gave Dudley the ball deep in SE territory which led to a Dudley TD they weren’t able to do much.

  • Dudley Spectator said,

    @ DHS The coaching staff at Dudley have to take some credit for the lost. Yes it was a great win for SE, but we have seen time and time again that it is evident that this staff does not make any necessary adjustments. The Dudley offense is way to predictable. Weather its Monroe or Hooker, if the play calling does not change and the offense does not open up, opponents will just continue to put 8 and 9 in the box.

  • CoachTon said,

    I totally agree with @Dudley Spectator. Play calling, predictability and only using one side of the field is all poor coaching no matter what kid plays. They need fresh thinking and current offenses that opens the field. Every opponent & spectator can predict the plays. Old=out

  • For the most part? said,

    Southeast defense held the D-Boyz to 27 yards on the ground. They held them in check ALL NIGHT LONG.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I don’t think you can lay anything on the Dudley coaches, they have been doing a great job over the years and the record proves it out….SEG just played better last night and if you are going to lose, and you lose to a former Panther, that speaks volumes for your program…

    It took a former Panther to come into Dudley’s House and beat Dudley, and that is a credit to Coach Kennedy Tinsley from Southeast Guilford and a former Dudley Panther..

    Dudley is trying to find out what works best for them right now and they have an extra week to get ready with the off week next week and then the Southwest Guilford Cowboys the following week…

    SWG is now the team to beat in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference and that game is scheduled for Dudley and SWG beat Dudley at SWG last year, so you know that the Panthers will be ready for that one with over two weeks to prepare and SWG has a very tough game due up this coming week, with the Cowboys hosting Unbeaten WS Parkland and both teams are (5-0)…

    SEG and Eastern Guilford are starting to look like a two-team horse race in the Piedmont Triad 3-A and I am thinking that game will be at EG this season…

    SEG at Asheboro next Friday and like we said earlier, SEG can not let their guard down, they have to stay focused coming off of a huge win over Dudley…..

    An SEG win over Dudley back around 1998 with Ken Helms at the helm for SEG, there hasn’t been much talk about that one over the years, but SEG will have plenty of time to celebrate and enjoy the Wednesday night win over Dudley….

    Lots of good football to be played here in 2018 and now is not the time to be getting down on your coaches…For a program with what, 4 State Titles from the current coaching staff, lots to be thankful for and time to re-group and restock the soup…..

    Page falling to Reagan sort of blows me away, did not see that one coming and the way SWG tore into Northwest Guilford, SWG’s soph QB Devin Flowers, looks to be coming of age and was mentioned earlier, lots of credit for those unsung defensive players out there in the trenches getting the job done….

  • Andy Durham said,

    A couple of quick notes from the High Point Enterprise on last night’s games…

    Cowboys roll past Vikings, 34-0

    Devin Flowers ran for two touchdowns, passed for another and host 3A Southwest’s defense did the rest, snuffing out 4A Northwest Guilford’s biggest offensive threat with a 99-yard fumble return for a touchdown in rolling 34-0 in a game moved up from Friday because of the threat from Hurricane Florence.

    Bison top Red Raiders, 29-12

    High Point Central scored the first 22 points of the game and held T.W. Andrews in check defensively to win 29-12 in non-conference football Wednesday night in front of approximately 3,500 fans at A.J. Simeon Stadium.

    CLICK HERE/www.greensboro.com/sports/hsxtra/ for all of the reports from Joe Sirera, Tim Nash, Philip Deutsch and company at the News and Record on last night’s Page-WS Reagan, Dudley-SEG and SWG-NWG games…

  • J.D. Springer said,

    Dudley misses Coach Mac way more than they will ever admit. #Soft

    They need to do whatever it takes to get him back involved with the program ASAP.

  • One game.... said,

    Page loss is only one game. Give Reagan credit for sure. Typically, the goal every year is not to go undefeated (although that would be great), it is to win conference and ultimately win the state. None of that is dampened by the one out of conference loss.

    Page will get back on track. Great so see so many teams doing well and in the conversation.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Got to agree with J.D. It would be a strong move if Dudley could bring back Coach Mac….

  • Dudley1 said,

    I agree J.D. Springer, the intensity for the Panthers is not there this year. Could be a down year for the Panthers as other area schools have improved. As for the offense, I agree also that adjustments need to be made, too predictable!!! Last, Andy I also did not see Page loosing to Regan. Teenagers what can we say.

  • Inside scoop said,

    Are the rumors true that Page had 3 ineligible players and had to forfeit their 4 wins so now they’re 0-5 instead of 4-1

  • Honest eye said,

    @inside scoop,


  • Inside scoop said,

    Heard the news from an athlete and now a Staff member has confirmed its true. News haven’t hit yet. But you have heard first here. Page football has to forfeit their 4 wins due to ineligible players. O-5 pirates

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,


  • Eagles said,

    Speaking about coaching. Eastern could have scored 70 points if they wanted to. Very sad program going in the wrong direction

  • regap said,

    incorrect… Page most likely will forfeit 3 games, because of 2 academically ineligible players.


    True @Eagles, Eastern could have scored 70 or more points on Smith but what you fail to realize a win is a win and it speaks more of a program to allow players that may not ever see the field play in a blow out game. This is what you call CLASS my friend which is lacking in many of the football programs.

  • Saunders said,

    @Andy Durham I have to respectfully disagree with you about Dudley Offense not being predictable. I been going and supporting Panther Football Games since 2000. Dudley has always been a Run first Offense. It only been a few years they have had a QB that could Throw consistently.Hendon Hooker 2014,15 – 16, Emmanuel Moseley in 2013 and a QB they had in 2004 (Wallace I think his name was. It was the year they loss to Shelby Crest in the 3AA Championship.) Those offenses could Throw and Power Run with Quick RBs. But the key was lighting Quick QBs that could run like a Usain Bolt. They was predictable then too, but with the ability to pass, bruising running backs and lightning quick quarterbacks,teams were at the mercy to Dudley’s will. However, the last two years they don’t have the QBs to do that anymore. They are not accurate with their throwing. They are not scrambling out the pocket. They don’t or can’t throw short passes on slants or down the middle. Teams know they can’t throw or teams are not concerned about it. Teams are stacking the box like what Southwest did last year and Page. Like what Wilmington New Hanover did in that Playoff Game last year. Like I said I been watching and sitting for two decades. Everyone says to themselves in frustration what Dudley runs and even the Women knows too. Southeast came close last year. Plus it is apparently Miss Coach Mac. The injuries the last two years have been crazy. Teams are not scared of Dudley anymore.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Dudley has shown they can run the ball in the past and two of those QB’s from the past that could run exceptionally well were Ricky Lewis Jr. and Tre Perry…

    Their running helped keep the defenses honest with Lewis Jr., it led to Two 3-AA State Championships….

    The two above could haul the mail and Dudley was for sure more of a running team back then than they are now…

    Dudley has receivers that burn the opposing defenses and with Wyman, Young, Shol and others Dudley can go up field…TD catch by Wyman the other night vs. SEG…Long TD catch by Young in the game vs. Ragsdale and those were games we saw…

    I think Alston Hooker likes to run the ball just as much as he likes to pass and many times he will use his reads to go ahead and run the ball…The defenses have been ready, but you had to think that had to happen over time…

    Dudley looking to find the right mix with the RB’s/WR’s and the QB’s…The freshman Slade might have the strongest arm among the Dudley QB’s for long passes….

    One good takeaway for Dudley this week is the Panthers do pick up another win, due to the Page forfeit to the Panthers and now Dudley sits at (4-1), instead of (3-2) overall…

    Dudley is trying to find what works best for them and if they can ever get the running game going the way they want to, they should be OK, but it won’t be a piece of cake…

    Myles Smith has shown us speed as a RB out of the backfield, but he does not have the power of a Wilhite or Darby and Dudley will have to pick and choose to find who is best suited to get the most carries at RB…

    The QB’s will have to establish their running game and the up front blocking and learning to follow and trust that blocking will be a key…

    These days we are all looking for answers, but like we said earlier, Dudley is (4-1) going into their BYE week…

    Just a few thoughts…

  • Saunders said,

    @Andy Durham, I agree about the young QB Slade. I know his Father and goes to his Cousin’s Barbershop. His Father has done a awesome job in raising him on and off the field. I am excited to see how he develops. He will do great things going into next year I do believe.

  • Dudley Spectator said,

    @ Saunders I must agree with Andy. I have seen Dudley this year connect with long passes that stretch the field in both the Carver and Ragsdale games. All of Monroe TD passes this year have been long passes. I have also seen Monroe and Hooker connect on slants and short routs. So the notion that they cant make those throws is inaccurate. They just dont do it enough.
    Going back to the page game Monroe was 7-10 passing. The problem is they were to the short side of the field. If Dudley uses the wide side of the field with Wyman or Young that will open up most of the running lanes for read option or power runs. As a coach you have to know how to scheme that. You have to understand that stretching the field or at least taking shots down the field gives the defense a different look. I also have attended Dudley games both JV and Varsity for several years. I saw Monroe as a Freshman under Coach Hall and he passed the ball alot. I also saw him come in at Davie county when Hooker was suspended a couple years back and the offense did not miss a beat. The different is there was a coach Hall there who knew how to scheme. That was evident in the game versus Page as Hall is their OC now.

  • Why Dudley said,

    I seen the Slade kid play in middle school he is a true QB.. my question is why would a QB wanna play at Dudley it’s always a run first team even with Hooker who was 6-4.. if I’m a QB today I’m going to Page or Southeast where I can get at least 20 pass attempts a game..

  • Bleedblueandgold said,

    I love my DHS! However, WE NEED A NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR .All that talent and you run the same plays? The run game cannot be your only go to anymore .It worked before but not anymore every time. You would have to be blind to not know what he’s going to call. The QB situation is frustrating .This must be figured out ASAP iif we hope to have a season. Defense has always been rock solid but you can’t keep those boys on the field all night either. Defense is the best thing going fir us . Shout out to Coach Anderson and his defense . Coach Mac has always been the heart of the team . Things would definitely be different if he were there .Page and SE both beat Dudley . Both coaches (Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach ) have former ties to DHS! They both know our plays and tendencies . We are way too Predictable !!! The talent is just not being used in the right way!

  • Birdwatcher said,

    Southeast has a lot of Sophomores getting a lot of PT on varsity. They will have a strong receiving group for whoever wins the starting QB job!

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    It is interesting hearing the feedback from Dudley fans, but you have to give credit where it is due. The Southeast Defense had you all sniffed out and was AGGRESSIVE all night. The Defensive Coordinator at Southeast had those kids prepared. I saw the information that they gave the team to study and it was very, very detailed. I didn’t hear people saying much when Dudley ran over Carver and beat Ragsdale. Either way, BIG UP’S to Southeast for making history this week. I hope that they keep working hard and get more big wins this season.

    Also, I’m not sure that Dudley has a “play calling and scheming” issue. It may be deeper than that.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Just as a spectator, I like #5 Wyman on the wide side of the field and if you can get a kid like him with his height going in one-on-one coverage you always have a good chance to break something…If they go after a #5 Wyman, or #3 Cody King from Page or even back to #8 I think he was when T.J. Logan would go into the slot for Northern Guilford, those kids draw attention and it might open up something for Young from Dudley or a Moser from Page if they are on the other side of the field and they now see more room/space due to the double coverage on the primary receivers or ball carriers…
    (You have to like some of the Big Plays we have seen from #8 from Dudley, Myles Smith, this year too.)

    I think you have to find those key players like the #5, the #3 and the #8 on every play if you are on defense and know where they are setting up at on the field….Same thing if #12 Boykin is not at QB for Ragsdale and if not at QB, but now he is in the slot or at WR…Cam Cloud would be that guy for NWG, and we many more players like this, you have to find them on defense and offense you have to get the ball in their hands…

    Coaches on the field during the game must make the quick calls and split decisions and back here on the social media sites, we have plenty of time to think about all of our play calls…Tough job on the field in game situations…If we get it wrong on here, we can edit and come back with a new play/call the next day, or later on the same day…

    Dudley has had been forced to adjust with a lot of changes due to loss of Coach Mac and Coach Hall and also due to new players and new types of players….

    The big play players seem to be moving more to the outside parts of the field and running backs don’t draw the same attention that they used to on most teams….

    Back in the day, it was the running back and all the QB did for the most part was carry out his role and make sure he got off a good handoff…

    Now things have opened up and the high school QB’s are becoming runners in a mold after the Cam Newtons….The WR and slot receivers are becoming you primary ball carriers and the wide-open offenses have taken center stage…

    Dudley can get it done and they might have to trend back more to old school on occasions and just pound and ground…It is not fancy, but if it wins ball games, bring it on, it brings about victories…The fans find find it boring, but if it means wins, why not?

    In one of the more recent Dudley-SEG games Dudley had success and I think it was last year at SEG when Rush(Dudley RB) had been hurt and he was still on the mend and Dudley turned lose Myles Smith, Nashon Wilhite, Marlon Darby and Milan Summers…I think starting QB Gerald Simpson got hurt and the #2 QB Richard/Quad Monroe got dinged up and Dudley went with Hooker and he made sure the backs got the ball cleanly and Dudley ran the ball down the opponents throat…

    SEG much better up front at stopping the run this season and with new SEG Defensive Coordinator Damon Coiro in place, the SEG defense was ready for the Panthers and the Falcons were able to stop the run this past Wednesday night…

    Dudley is in good shape with Coach Antonio Kirkpatrick and Coach Denorris Best directing that offense and like we said a while back, Dudley is (4-1) and they have two weeks to get ready for Southwest Guilford..

    Losing James Conyers(Broken Leg) on the offensive line forced Dudley to adjust and Dudley, plus all of our teams, will have to continue to adjust…

    Back on the WR’s, I do like them better on the wide side of the field as opposed to the short side of the field, because it gives them more space….Short side seems too tight for me, but it does work over the course of the night, if you switch sides of the field with the receivers, if not the defense knows where a certain WR is going to be on every play…For the long haul, it makes it look appealing to get that WR in one-on-one coverage on the wide side…

    Just a lot of football talk by all of us and if you give us three to four days to come up with something on a game that has already been played, we ought to be able to break it down, a few times over…

    The coaches have it the hardest, make the calls in live real-time/game time and a hard part has to be deciding who you want on the field in certain spots/positions in those given/key times of the game….

    Easy for us to make the calls and decide on the lineup after the game is over, but for now, the games are just beginning…..

    Hopefully everyone is back at it in practice on Monday and all games full steam ahead for next Friday….

    *****I guess these comments are sort of like our usual “Saturday Morning Rewind” format…*****

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    @Why Dudley, I have been saying for YEARS that Dudley isn’t the place for a kid to go if he wants to get QB duties that will translate to the college level, but the Jahmier (freshman QB) may not be in a bad spot. He will have at least one elite level receiver next year and THAT can mean all the world to a QB. Dudley just has to realize what they have. I also think there is something to be said for trying to build and grow with the players that you have around you. The “best” players don’t always equate to the best team. That is just how I see it.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    @Birdwatcher, Southeast has a pretty good Sophomore JV Quarterback that should be the ready to step up next year and help them make a run, unless you know something that I don’t. He is very dedicated, driven, and has always been into building a winning team at Southeast from day one. His name is Zion Fleming. 8 quarter kid. Also, in addition to the Sophomore WR’s the Sophomore group has guys at RB, Line, and DB on varsity this year that will keep getting better and better. There are also other kids on JV that will make in impact next year on varsity and there is a current Freshman that is full-time varsity and getting run. His name is Alex McCalop. He plays D-End.

  • Honest eye said,

    How much of Dudley’s current situation is due to them just not being as talented as they have been in the past? Dudley has always run the same stuff. Other teams just weren’t talented enough to stop it. Dudley just had more athletes than most of their opponents. Looks like the talent pipeline from other Guilford County Schools to the Dudley Academy maybe slowing down. Some of the transfers that are at Dudley want out. I think SWG will beat Dudley too.

  • QB Coach said,

    Coaches today are so worried about mimicking what they see as the “norm” and the “thing to do”(Triple option/Pistol), instead of developing these young QB’s who can throw, ie Strong QB’s with high upside and high IQ, not “running/athletic QB’s with no IQ who cannot process the offense. The offense best suited today(Mike Leach offense-Washington State) with success is under center/Gun, split out wide(WR’s), TE who can run downfield/catch and block, One back that set’s up play action for your strong arm QB with hi IQ. I am sick of seeing high school coaches not develop this type of offense. Get with the real times and develop some great young QB’s.

  • Were you watching the same game? said,

    Talk about the run all you want, but when Dudley did try and throw the ball, the defense picked them off twice. It’s not a scheme problem. It’s a preparation problem. I too saw the scouting report given to our boys and it was detailed. It is every week. Give the credit to the kids for playing sound, aggressive football. My son came home after Monday’s practice and told me Dudley was gonna get shut down. That’s a testament to our coaches, especially Coach T.

  • And another thing... said,

    I’ve been watching Zion Fleming over the last two years. He is a hardworking, smart, young quarterback who will carry on the tradition of strong running quarterbacks at SEG he can throw it, but boy can he run the rock.

  • Why Dudley said,

    @Southeast has Talent.. that’s great that southeast has some young guys ready to step in.. All I’m saying is Slade needs to find a team that will help him reach his full potential I think his dad made the cool choice but not the smart one for his kids position.. western terrible but they run a better offense to translate to college Dudley doesn’t.. if southeast young guy is better then Slade I can’t wait to see him play next year!!

  • Birdwatcher said,

    @ Southeast Guilford has talent.Calm down buddy. No -one is trying to disrespect Fleming.My philosophy is that every year you are fighting for a starting position. You should never ASSUME its yours. I don’t care who you are.

  • Hmmmmm...... said,

    That would be a great battle. Slade and Fleming for the job.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Let’s all take a break on this one before things get too wild and the wolf starts to howl…

    Got a whole new list of Stats for everyone to view up at the top of this page and that can whet our appetites for a few hours…..