N&R Reporting Page HS will have to Forfeit Three Football Games from this season:Davie County, Northern Guilford and Dudley games

Posted by Andy Durham on September 13, 2018 at 4:56 pm under High School | 23 Comments to Read

from Joe Sirera at this link on the News and Record’s HSXtra site:

GREENSBORO — The Page varsity football team is expected to forfeit its first three football games of the season because two players were academically ineligible.

Guilford County Schools confirmed today that the eligibility violations have been reported to the N.C. High School Athletic Association and that Page expects to forfeit victories over Davie County on Aug. 17, Northern Guilford on Aug. 24 and Dudley on Aug. 31. The violations also are likely to result in a fine from the NCHSAA, according to an email from Tina Firesheets, the GCS program administrator for media relations.

Hope to have more from Joe Sirera as he is scheduled to join us tonight from KickBack Jack’s at 6pm….Be sure to listen in at
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***********Leigh Hebbard, athletics director for Guilford County Schools, said in an email that “all fall sports at Page are being reviewed, and so far no other (eligibility) violations have been discovered. I have no reason right now to believe a review is needed at other schools.”**********

  • Shew said,

    Wow this may just help the Northern coach keep his job. They went from 1-2 to 3-1 in one week

  • Ron said,

    Sounds about right. Its Page.

  • G Man said,

    Hmm … so that is why there AD Rusty I I quit

  • Page Alum said,

    Now time for Page to run through the rest of their schedule and go to the playoffs. No worries. Red Death

  • Ron said,

    You can go ahead and count the East Forsyth game as a lost.

  • We’ll see.... said,

    Ok Ron….we’ll see. Hope to see you around in a few weeks.

  • Lol said,

    Lol yeah ok Ron….

  • GreenEagle said,

    Whelp, wondering if those ineligible players were main contributors to their wins ? Ummmm. I bet this is why the AD suddenly retired . I hate it for the players but at the same time some of them have been very disrespectful on social media every time they win .

  • Green &Gold Eagle said,

    Whelp, wondering if those ineligible players were main contributors to their wins ? Ummmm. I bet this is why the AD suddenly retired . I hate it for the players but at the same time some of them have been very disrespectful on social media every time they win .

  • Come on out.... said,

    Here we go. When you are a winner the losers always lurk. See what happens from here….

  • john smith said,

    New principal there is a great guy and will right the ship quickly. Chances are the AD has dropped the ball before but this is just coming to light. Page will be fine. Will win the conference easily and make a nice playoff run. No worries

  • The Bear..... said,

    Please keep pokin’

  • Wolfpack78 said,

    John smith..ask the Tarholes in Chapel Hell how the cheating and academic inadequencies has enhanced their season…Hmmmmm..no worries??

  • Deux said,

    Page baseball had to forfeit a baseball game in the spring due to an ineligible player. I’d like to think they aren’t doing it on purpose but I see a common trend

  • regap said,

    The Page baseball player was a pitcher who pitched too many innings, this is on the coach. Also the 2 Page football players were academically ineligible, this is also mostly on the head coach..

  • Andy Durham said,

    The baseball situation was an on-the-field issue/error that happened during the game, and by on the field it was something that happened in game action and was found during the course of the game….

    The academic ineligibility issue happened per say during the Spring semester of 2018 and would be an administrative issue..

    The baseball and football cases are both mistakes, but quite a bit different…

    I would never thought in million years that Rusty Lee would be leaving Page under these circumstances and parts of this are all about timing and are coincidental, but Rusty Lee has done an outstanding job and he deserves to leave out with his head up…He always treated the media and visitors to Page with the highest regard and made it a point to make sure that all media and special guests had everything that they needed and that all visitors at Page were made to feel welcome and wanted…

    This is a tight window right now between now and October 1 and I for one, hope Rusty Lee can leave PAGE and feel like his time and efforts at this school were appreciated, and his name is not dragged through the mud on his way out….

    Miscues here, but not too late for Page to salvage their season….You know Page will hit the field very hungry next Friday night at Southern Guilford…..The Pirates level of intensity will be running very high….

  • Dudley1 said,

    I could care less if Page wins or loose another game. Lets make sure these young men get the guidance they need to get back on track and graduate!!!

  • Falcon said,

    Well said Dudley1!!

  • Page Booster said,

    Page has over 800 athletes. Each athlete has 8 standard forms, plus additional tracking for pay-to-play. Rusty’s office flooded and was found to have mold last year. He was living out of boxes for 7 months while repairs were made. If he missed two details on the 7,200 forms without an office or an assistant, he is a miracle worker! I agree Andy, he should hold his head up high.

  • @Page Booster said,

    Oh give me a break with that sob story.

    Every AD in this county is responsible for the same things as Rusty is and nobody else is getting fired.

    Welcome to the real world. If you miss up you get cut.

    Wish Rusty the best but tired of the excuses.

  • regap said,

    No one is making an excuse or trying to justify anything.

    Page booster is just trying to shed some light on what happened. it was an unfortunate mistake for everyone involved.

  • Andy Durham said,

    And I would say overall it is not as much about making excuses as it is we want to see Rusty leave out with a certain level of respect and he deserves that…He has been there strong for Page for 27 years and is the longest running AD in Guilford County…

    After October 1, I’m thinking Lewis Newman at Grimsley will be the Guilford County AD with the longest running tenure of our GCS athletic directors..

    You have to really look at the whole picture for Page athletics….People are upset for the way things are going as of today, with the forfeits forthcoming, but if you are a true Page fan and in it for the long ride/haul, you have to address the last 27 years with numerous titles in numerous sports under Rusty Lee’s leadership…

    Rusty did a great job when he brought on Kevin Gillespie as the new football coach a few years back and that was at a time where the Pirate football program was way down and under Coach Gillespie’s direction Page won 1 4-AA State Title and played in two other Championship Games..

    You have to give the AD credit for the hire and how things turned around and it became a huge positive…

    Tennis has done great things under Robert Hogewood’s leadership and Rusty brought him on board..

    Coach Debbie Jones took the Page Pirates girls basketball team to a 4-A State Title game, back when they had Kea, Coleman, Barnes, Johnson and Kargo …

    Soccer has played for and won state titles over the past 27 years and on we could go…

    It is not easy running the athletic program for one of the largest schools in the state and with that thought aside, it is still about giving Rusty the respect he deserves as he heads out on October 1….

    Page might be best served to run the Athletic Department with a committee of assistant AD’s for the rest/remainder of this school year and come back with a full-time AD at the beginning of the 2019-2020 year..

    Everyone wants more and sometimes it just can’t happen where things run perfect all of the time…

    Page has been successful and like any other school they have had mistakes, but we still should not take away from the job Rusty Lee has done at Page for the past 27 years..

    Right now many want the change to happen real quick, but now is the time to get all of the mistakes cleared up and for the diehard fans to press on as true Page Pirates…

  • Red Death 2018!!!! said,

    The big game we got caught looking ahead to is coming up with the best story line. That is going down in a couple weeks and that game folks is East Forsyth-Page game. Coach Beal the East Forsyth DC and Coach Rolfes can’t stand each other and that always makes for a great night of football. They use to coach together at NW but Beal left for East Forsyth. Coach Beal got the best of Coach Rolfes 2 years in a row. Last year Rolfes finally got players that could match Coach Beals defensive talent at East and Rolfes showed who the better coach was! This year everyone in the area keeps talking about East Forsyth blah blah blah. I’m telling you right now that Rolfes and Page will beat East Forsyth and make it look easy like they did against Dudley. Page has more speed than East Forsyth and they are pissed on top of that they have better coaching! All you haters that say other make sure you come back that night! GO PIRATES ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!