Getting more info from Ben Robinson on his 11 year-old son and the kid is starting to win a lot of games as a LHP:We have connected with Ben and the news is “in”!!!

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We were waiting to hear back from Ben/Ben Robinson, but Ben has a son Owen Robinson that is just 11 years old, and he is starting to win a lot of youth baseball games and the kid is beginning to get noticed and we heard from our baseball scout earlier this week, Randy Norris Sr., and he gave us the word on young Owen(LHP) and he said the young man has been selected to pitch for the Team USA 12 and Under Team, as a left-handed pitcher, and that he will be traveling soon to begin his baseball quest, across the U.S.

Team USA has picked up the young Robinson kid(Left-Handed Pitcher) for their U12 squad tryouts and we should start to hear big things from ‘Little Ben’/Owen here pretty soon…

‘Big Ben’ Robinson is the former Athletic Director at High Point Andrews High School and current assistant AD at HP Andrews and before coming over to T. Wingate Andrews HS, in High Point, Ben Robinson was the assistant athletic director at Page High School, in Greensboro…..Ben Robinson was an assistant baseball and football coach at Page HS…..

From ‘Big Ben’ to ‘Little Ben/Owen’ and he’s just 11, but this is how you begin and get your baseball career up-and-running…We heard back from Ben Robinson today and we are ready to print much more, and more really is in store and we thank our baseball scout Coach Randy Norris Sr. for getting this post up and off of the floor…..

Now more on Owen Robinson and his quest to make that Team USA U12 Baseball squad, and boy this is a rigorous tryout process for Owen and the kids trying land the final spots, on the USA Youth Baseball Teams…

Owen had his first tryout for the U12 USA Youth Baseball Team around 6 months ago and the process began as a sectional tryout down near Charlotte…This whole tryout process started out with between 3-4,000 kids from across the US and by the time got they got to Charlotte they had the Regional team selected with 50-60 kids still on board….The kids from the Regional Tryout were part of the Central Region team and they moved on to Richmond, Virginia and they had to get that team down to a final 15 member squad that would go to the Team USA Complex in Cary, North Carolina…

At the end of August of this year teams from several different age groups gathered in Cary, N.C., at the USA Baseball complex and you had Owen Robinson still in the hunt to make the final cut and Owen was part of a 15-player squad representing the Capital Region and as a whole, you had 15 teams of 15 players from Regions all over the USA in this U12 age group and the players then began playing games against each other, in what would be the NTIS/National Team Identification Series….

During the NTIS/National Team Identification Series, USA Baseball Committee members/scouts were watching the kids play, and the players were trying out for a spot in the National Team tryouts….Owen Robinson, the 11 year-old left-handed pitcher from the Triad, handled the tryouts in stellar fashion and Owen was among the “First Twelve” selected for the National Team Tryout, coming up in July of 2019, out in California…

The team has 12 players on the roster right now and they will add around 20 more members to give the Tryouts right at 32 players going for the final 15-17 spots, on the Team USA U12 Final Roster…..

They started out with between 3-4,000 kids going for those final 15-17 spots on the U12 Team USA roster and Owen Robinson is still in the hunt for a final spot on the Team USA roster and boy, what a hard process and a long road to get to the top and be a part of this prestigious team and Owen is going to be there when the last names are announced…He has made it to National Team Tryouts in late July of 2019 and Owen will be throwin’ to get his name etched in stone, on the USA Baseball throne….

Owen Robinson, just months away from his chance to play for the USA and become a part of the Team USA U12 Youth Baseball Roster….Good job Owen Robinson and may the force and the heart be with you and sort of like the Hart, as in Owen Hart, our local Owen Robinson is looking to represent the heart of the Triad, the state of North Carolina and the USA….

Owen Robinson, already the only U12 baseball player from North Carolina on the preliminary USA Baseball Team roster, and young Mr. Robinson(LHP), is ready to represent…..

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