Friday Night Finish:Cody King making a bid for All-State/ Parkland gets past SWG, NEG gets ‘statement game’ win over EA/Robbie Boyd with POG night for Western Guilford with first win of the year/Justin Matthews goes justincredible for EG/HPCA only Unbeaten left and More…

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*****This is the most complete “Friday Night Finish” in the state….*****

Cody King from Page now with a load of Player of the Game awards this season and he may be ready for the All-State Team…King and Page at Southern Guilford tonight, where the Pirates won 45-0, and King with 163 total yards and 3 TD’s…King caught a pass for 47 yards and a TD and he ran one up the sidelines for 60 yards for another TD…King overall for 115 yards rushing on 6 carries and 2 receptions for 48 yards and the three TD’s…All numbers coming in off of Don Tilley’s Total Tallies…The Page Pirates were striking with the BIG PLAYS on Friday night…

Page with 350 yards Total Offense and Southern Guilford with 141 yards of Total Offense…Page QB Javondre Paige with 116 passing yards, with 2 TD passes/I INT…TD passes for Page by Paige, to Ford Moser and Cody King…Cody King just keeps on doing his thing…

For Southern Guilford Desmond Thompson had 18 carries for 52 yards, while Roman Johnson ran the ball 8 times for 48 yards…Back on the Page rushing, Branson Adams with 2 carries for 59 yards and 1 TD, Jeiel Melton with 55 yards on 5 carries…
Here is the Total Tilley Talley, from Don Tilley on last night’s Page-SG game:
Cody King: Rushing 6 carries 115 yards 2TDS. Receiving 2 catches 48 yards 1TD
Branson Adams: Rushing 2 carries 59 yards 1TD
Jeiel Melton: Rushing 5 carries 55 yards
Ford Moser: Receiving 2 catches 39 yards 1 TD
Javondre Paige: Passing 6/12/1 2TDS for 116 yards
Antonio Herbin 28 yard interception return for TD

Southern Guilford:
Desmond Thompson: Rushing 18 carries 52 yards
Roman Johnson: Rushing 8 carries 43 yards
Myles Crisp: Passing 9/17/1 for 73 yards

Put your money on King again and on defense solid work by Stephen Scott, Nick Butler, Kobe Phillips, Isaac Walker, Evan Gill, Antonio Herbin with another Pick Six, his second of the season, Butler-Garner and Fisher-Smith, plus Isaiah Ogelesby…Kam Gavin and Alex Angus not available for Page tonight, but should be ready to return, by next Friday night vs. East Forsyth….

East Forsyth(5-0) at Page(2-4) next week/Friday…

WS Parkland topped Southwest Guilford, 19-6 and now we only have one Unbeaten team left in Guilford County and that would be the private school High Point Christian Academy Cougars, at (5-0)…Surgery today/Friday for one of their players, Jamarii Thomas….Saw this on Twitter…

Southwest Guilford(5-1) at Dudley(4-1) next Friday night…The loser of this one could be in trouble…

Northeast Guilford disposed of Eastern Alamance and now NEG is a major contender in the Mid-State 3-A Conference…
NEG topped Eastern Alamance, 29-15…NEG’s Davion Swain going for 3 TD’s and Quan’dre Clagon run for one TD for the NEG Rams…..The ‘Swain Train’ and ‘Clagon Wagon’ rolling tonight for the Rams..

Northeast Guilford at Northern Guilford next Friday night and going in the Nighthawks and the Rams, are both (1-0) in the Mid-State 3-A Conference…NG blew out McMichael tonight and by the way, we were (13-1) on our picks, with the only miss being on SWG-WS Parkland…For this season we are now at (58-10)….

Western Guilford inducted their Class of 1977 football team into the WG Sports Hall of Fame tonight and the Hornets went out and won their first game of the season, 24-6 Western over the North Forsyth Vikings and Robbie Boyd led the Hornets to victory and he would named the “Player of the Game”, by Wyatt Smith, from…
More from Wyatt Smith later on here tonight at the site on this Western Guilford, “W”….They put the “W” back in “WG”/Western Guilford tonight…And by virtue of this win, Western Guilford is (1-0) in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference…

Justin Matthews was Justincredible for Eastern Guilford tonight….I saw #8 with at least two TD’s, as he was running across the field on Friday Football Fever, on WFMY News 2….Kamell Smith, the EG soph QB for the Wildcats, also throwing the ball well for the ‘Cats, in their big 34-0 win at BW/Burlington Williams..Three total TD’s for Justin Matthews/justincredible last night….

Southeast Guilford wins 57-0 at Asheboro and can we get a Witness to this game????? How did the Falcons do it? I know they were on the Football in Focus Show yesterday and that might have given them a boost, but only their trainer, Mark White knows for sure…Someone give us the lowdown from Asheboro and tell us what the Falcons did to pile up so many points tonight….It was for sure something that SEG was doing, or something that A’boro wasn’t doing, that made the difference…

Southern Alamance at Southeast Guilford(5-1) in two weeks and Southeast Guilford at Eastern Guilford(4-1), coming up in three weeks…Southern Alamance(6-0) over Southwestern Randolph, 49-0 tonight…

+++++More to come, if we can find it….+++++

  • Mike D said,

    Asheboro didn’t put up much of a fight and SE was able to spread the ball to multiple receivers as well as run the ball. Defense was flying around everywhere as usual. SE was able to get some PT for a lot of kids.
    Good points are SE didn’t let the Dudley win hurt our focus and we didn’t “play to the level of our opponent” as we have been guilty of this year.

  • Mike D said,

    Having watched both games, there on some JV kids that need to move up to varsity for Asheboro. Especially that RB #8 . I think his last name was Gann ? Hes got way more fight in him than what I saw out of the varsity. He is a beast.

  • EG PARENT said,

    Andy, Justin Matthews had 3 touchdowns as well as solid day on defense.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Getting more details on last night games caught up and in the past SEG could not win the BIG game and that got that BIG game win vs. Dudley and followed that up with a very solid win over Asheboro…

    Page with two safeties in the win over Southern Guilford last night and you don’t see that, all that often…SG punter Parado was under duress and almost undress all night long back there…It was a very tough night for that young man and Page kept the pressure on him ALL NIGHT LONG and it made for a LONG night for the punter….His kickoffs after the safeties were hard to get in his corner as well…

    Page turned up the heat and for SG, it made for a long night in the kitchen….SG is on their way though…They have a soph QB in Crisp, who can throw laser passes and they have an incredibly young, but huge offensive line…If that offensive line from SG stays together, they will be a force to reckoned with in the future….

  • Nwgpeeps said,

    Nwg must like banging their heads against a wall it has to be that. This team always gonna be a 3 or 4 win team. Simply cause they not using their athletes.
    Jv qb best qb with most upswing period..never start him cause he gotta sit and wait.
    Jv got 2 kids who can help varsity #5 a beast an elite d1 prospect and #16 same yet wont use them.
    Why is 81 only playing one side of the ball?
    Why is cloud only 1 side?…ok he got a scholly but if he is willing use him
    Why is 24 a fine athlete defense only one side?
    U sitting athletes behind non athletes and playing seniority participation games and steady losing after the first 4 weeks same slide downhill every year.
    Reisdsville not that good difference is they recognise their athleticism and use it regardless of class. Same goes for page and dudley.
    Losing patience with this. High school and below is about using your atleticism period end of story. Put your best on the field and give yourself a chance to win more than 3 games per year.

  • Nwgpeeps said,

    Mean no disrespect to anyone kid or any parent.
    But omg this high school ball
    Best athletes need to be on the field.
    Reidsville #1 wr an animal yet i see him playing corner and on an island too.
    If he was at nw they would sit him i bet cause he need to wait for the slow non athletic jr or sr right. That is 1920s style thinking.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We ALL need to respect those that have the whistles…Both coaches and officials…

    We should not attack them, we All need to back them…

    Support your local high school coaches and don’t attack them, back them..

    Often times the kids show more support than the parents and fans show…If the kids have bought in, the parents and fans need to buy in too…

    Got to support your local teams or there won’t be any local teams or coaches left…

  • Voice of reason said,

    Dear Peeps,
    How closely associated are you to NW? You sound like a real insider.

  • Peeps said,

    I got fam members at multiple schools i watch jv and varsity all sports. Seen all the jv and varsity games. I love watching ball. And even stevie wonder can see nwg not using their athleticism which is something u cannot teach. So when it comes to u ..better use it. Not rocket science. Reidsville dudley page east forsyth they do a decent job of that. The others dont and hence they are mediocre teams. Never take your athleticism off the field. Nwg gets 4 or 5 wins max. Guess that is an improvement for them so yipeeee lol.