JV Football Tonight(9/27/18) in Guilford County with most/all GCS Systems appearing to be on GO!!!

Posted by Andy Durham on September 27, 2018 at 12:01 am under High School | 7 Comments to Read

JV Football Tonight/Thursday in Guilford County

*****All Games set for 7pm Kickoffs, unless otherwise noted……*****

Page(3-2) East Forsyth(4-1)
Dudley(3-0) at Southwest Guilford(4-0)
Northern Guilford(1-3) at Northeast Guilford(2-1)
Grimsley(3-1) at WS Reynolds(2-1)
West Forsyth(4-0) at Northwest Guilford(3-1)
Eastern Guilford (4-1) at Southwestern Randolph(0-3)
Ragsdale(1-2) at Glenn(1-2)
WS Parkland(2-2) at Ben L. Smith(2-2)
Mount Tabor(2-2) at Western Guilford(0-4)
Southern Guilford(2-2) at Burlington Williams(0-3)
High Point Andrews(0-1) at Reidsville(3-1)
WS Reagan(4-0) at High Point Central(2-2)
High Point Christian (0-0) at Covenant Day(0-0) 5pm

Southeast Guilford(3-2) OFF
Bishop McGuinness(4-2) OFF

  • Glen said,

    Not a big deal but I noticed that you had EG listed at 3-1 and they are actually 4-1 to date.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Updated for EG and thanks for the info….


  • Who cares about jv said,

    Who cares let’s get to the main event already! Coach Rolfes offense vs Coach Beals Defense!
    Page – 31
    East – 21

  • East Forsyth Fan said,

    @ Who cares about jv

    Are you a football fan? Page HS fan? East Forsyth hater? Well, you better watch what you say. Have you ever seen Ty Lyles play QB from East? Well, your in for a rude awakening. Good luck! And BTW, JV football, last time I checked, is football. People care…

  • pager said,

    @East Forsyth Fan,

    Dont take what one random person says as truth for everyone. True Page fans love our JV squad every year and we all know East Forsyth is the favorite going into tomorrow night. Im hoping for a great game!

  • SW JV said,

    SW Cowboys-18 Dudley-14

  • Jvok said,

    It is football but in some ways counterproductive. Some freshmen kids play jv and no business being there and need minutes touches at varsity. Better served getting whack and exposure at varsity kevel so down the road it is less of deer in headlights look come friday night.