High School Football Tonight(9/27/18) in and around Guilford County:Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week

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*****All Kickoffs set for 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted….*****
We will have the Don Moore Scoreboard rolling again tonight, with our Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week….

East Forsyth(5-0) at Page(2-4)…..Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists Game of the Week with pregame at 6:45pm and kickoff at 7:30…Go to GreensboroSports Radio for this broadcast with Don Tilley taking the Talk to the Talley..GreensboroSports Radio…Pirates must continue to play with a ‘chip’ on their shoulder…

Southwest Guilford(5-1) at Dudley(4-1)…Kris Walser and Demetri Morrison on the call on GreensboroSports Radio 2…Kris and the DMZ from ‘The Tarp” over at Dudley High School on GreensboroSports Radio 2…Dudley is working to get the QB spot working the way they want it and it might take a lot of handoffs to their big and small running backs, to get the offense back in order/fixed…

Northeast Guilford(3-2) at Northern Guilford(4-1)….Wyatt Smith will be at this game in coverage for GreensboroSports.com….
If the “Clagon Wagon” and the “Swain Train” are running right for NEG tonight, they can take a bite right out of the Nighthawks…NG with Christian Bass on “D” can see the train a-coming and they will be ready to head off the Rams at the pass and are hoping they can stop the run too…..

WS Reynolds(3-2) at Grimsley(2-4)…At least the Whirlies are home at Jamieson Stadium and they need to pick up this win, to get their season back in order…Got to find out who the true leaders are right now….They miss guys like Nile Harris, Jack Hazzard and Lance McMillan off of last year’s team…

Northwest Guilford(3-3) at West Forsyth(3-2)…NWG can get it done and they need a spark from their senior QB Johnny Pagano…

Southwestern Randolph(2-4) at Eastern Guilford (4-1)…..Homecoming for the EG Wildcats tonight and they should win BIG…

Glenn(3-2) at Ragsdale(4-2)…Devan Boykin and Willie Brown need to be stepping up for the Tigers tonight….

Ben L. Smith(1-5) at WS Parkland(6-0)…Smith may try and catch Parkland coming off of that strong win at SWG last week, but the Parkland Mustangs have been working like a buzzsaw this season and are getting tougher to tame…

Western Guilford(1-5) at Mount Tabor(2-4)…Tabor has more recent football tradition, but Western channeled back their 1977 inner-selves last week and it helped to a victory over North Forsyth…

Burlington Williams(3-3) at Southern Guilford(0-5)…Myles Crisp has a laser-type throwing arm, but he must find some key landing spots for those buzzukas and bombs, if SG hopes to be successful…Stong running by Desmond Thompson and Roman Johnson last week vs. Page, but their running came between the 20’s and the Storm could not take it to the Promised Land…

Reidsville(6-0) at High Point Andrews(2-3)…Whether it be Reidsville Rams Running or Reidsville Rams Passing, they keep finding that “Full Tank” of gas and the Rams have made a solemn pledge, that there will be no slowing down…

High Point Central(3-3) at WS Reagan(4-1)…HPC better get McDuffie and Godfrey loaded up again, because if those two are not ready, it could be a long night…

Charlotte Christian(4-0) at High Point Christian (5-0) 7pm…Charlotte Christian is the #1 ranked team in the state and we will see how far that #1 ranking goes tonight….

Southeast Guilford(5-1) OFF
Bishop McGuinness(4-2) OFF

Northeast Guilford
West Forsyth
Eastern Guilford
WS Parkland
Mount Tabor
Burlington Williams
WS Reagan
Charlotte Christian
On the season, the Picks are at (58-10)…

1)Southeast Guilford(5-1)
2)Eastern Guilford(4-1)
4)Southwest Guilford(5-1)
7)Northern Guilford(4-1)
8)Northeast Guilford(3-2)
9)Northwest Guilford(3-3)
10)High Point Central(3-3)

  • SG Fan said,

    I can understand why you picked Williams to beat SG but I think this coaching staff and this team find a way to get it done tonight! I like the Storm over Burlington Williams 27-13! Go Storm!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I am with you, I hope the Storm get it done too…Not any fun picking against our Guilford County teams, but if we are going to be on the wise, that is the way it has to go guys…

    I like what SG assistant coach Ty Norwood is doing with the offense and they will come around and with a soph. QB, and that super-young, yet super-sized offensive line, things should be on the up-swing, once Southern can get that first win under their belt…