High School Football This Week(10/5/18), in and around Guilford County

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**********All games set to kickoff at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted…**********
Southern Alamance(7-0) at Southeast Guilford(5-1)
Northern Guilford(5-1) at Eastern Alamance(4-2)
Grimsley(3-4) at Ragsdale(5-2)
High Point Central(3-4) at Northwest Guilford(3-4)
Rockingham County(2-4) at Northeast Guilford(3-3)
Dudley(5-1) at Smith(1-6)
Eastern Guilford(5-1) at Asheboro(0-7)
Southern Guilford(0-6) at Southwestern Randolph(2-5)
WS Parkland(7-0) at Western Guilford(1-6)
Eastern Randolph(7-0) at High Point Andrews(2-4)
High Point Christian(5-1) at Cannon School(1-5) 7pm
East Surry(4-2) at Bishop McGuinness(4-2)

Page(2-5) OFF
Southwest Guilford (5-1) OFF

  • why said,

    question, why do you always post Bishop McGuiness schedule but not other Kernersville/W-s teams like Glenn/Carver?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Main reason we have done that over the year(s) is because we have several Guilford County kids attending and playing for Bishop McGuinness…Sort of a Guilford County Connection that goes on over at Bishop….

    We try and get some other teams in here on our Friday listings and East Forsyth and Glenn, might be ones to bring on board more often since they are very close to the Guilford County teams and area…

  • JD Springer said,

    Falcon faithful,

    Karma is’a coming. The Patriot train will run through the Falcons on Friday night. Those overrated clowns won’t know what hit them.

  • Coach D said,

    NG is at EA on Friday.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think Coach Fritz is proud of his former Southeast Guilford team and the good job SEG has done this season…

    Coach Fritz coached quite a few of these current Falcons, back when they were sophomores and freshmen…

    Coach Fritz has told many that this current SEG Falcon team should go far in the postseason…

    He knows they(SEG) are good and SEG is well aware of the great job Fritz Hessenthaler has done this season at Southern Alamance, with his Patriots….

    Both teams are very competitive, but I think there is a high level of respect between the two teams…

    All are looking forward to a great game on the field on Friday night, and that is where it will be decided and this is a huge game for SA and SEG, as they both battle for the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference Championship…

  • Andy Durham said,

    We made the flip on Northern Guilford, and we now have them going to Eastern Alamance….

    Going to make it tougher with the game in Mebane, but the way NG played last week and the fact that the team Northern just beat, Northeast Guilford, has already beaten Eastern Alamance, NG should know their chances should be good for them to beat EA too…

    NEG put a pretty good hurting on EA and NG did a similar piece of work on NEG, so NG must take care of their business and go into Alamance County and come home a winner…

    It makes it a better scenario for SEG to be playing SA at SEG, instead of at SA…The home field can make a big difference if a team uses it to their advantage and then that is where those HOME crowds can pay dividends too…

    The HOME crowds have to get behind their teams and play it like they are the 12th man…It sure is a big deal in Seattle…

  • DH said,

    Flying Falcon – haven’t commented on here in over 2 years and only back because I heard my name was brought up. I have nothing but respect for the Falcons. I am good friends with Coach Tinsley and many of those still in the black and orange. I look forward to a great game Friday night. Have a great week!

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    When the Patriots and Falcons were mentioned why did I think it was a reference to New England and Atlanta……..lol!! Either way, I may get excited during games, but I am not a mean spirited person so I will just say that this game should be an exciting with at least three D1 committed players on the field and a lot of rising talent. I’m looking forward to Southeast taking the win. 🙂

  • Damon said,

    I’m looking forward to this game. I will be there early to shake Coach Fritz’s hand., but I’ll be wearing Orange & Black. My brothers built a relationship with Coach Fritz outside of football. He’s a good guy. My youngest brother’s ability to pass block got him on the field his freshman year of college. That was all Fritz.

  • Andy Durham said,

    There have been a lot of Coach Fritz stories from over the years and it is good to hear the good ones..

    I remember back in the 90’s I think it was, and I believe it was around the time of Hurricane Hugo passing through here that Fall…

    No team in Guilford County would be ready to play on that very wet and rainy Friday night, but one team did and it was Coach Fritz Hessenthaler and Southeast Guilford vs. Eastern Randolph at SEG that Friday night…

    I was raining hard and it was wet, but SEG said, GAME ON!!!!, and it was GAME ON…(This was the only game in Guilford County, that Friday night. All others were postponed…..)

    One of the most memorable parts of that Friday night was I left the radio station downtown after my sports call-in show and was headed out to cover the SEG-ER game at SEG, and it was raining and I had never owned an umbrella before in my life…

    It was raining pretty hard and staying steady, so I stopped by the Dollar General Store on Liberty Road on the way to SEG and paid my one Dollar and bought my first-ever umbrella and it was one of the greatest singular investments that I ever made and I can thank Coach Fritz…I used that One Dollar Umbrella that night and it is still in the back of my car and I use it to this day….

    It rained hard that Friday night at the Bill Slayton Stadium, on the SEG campus, and it was standing water up around the SEG track, but for the most part I stayed dry due to my $1.00 umbrella from the Dollar General Store on Liberty Road…

    SEG lost to Eastern Randolph that Friday night in the rain, in OT, but the Umbrella still works and again, I can and do thank Coach Fritz for that…

    The other memory for some reason also includes SEG and ER, but it was a preseason scrimmage game, with SEG at ER in early August about five years ago, and that was the hottest Saturday afternoon game I have been at in my life…It was so hot, it must have been 95 degrees and they were playing in mid-afternoon, at around 2pm, in the heat of the day…

    That game was hot, but as the kids huddled under the trees in the shade, between games, Coach Fritz reminded us all that this was just all part of the process, and you have to be able to take the good with the bad and the heat with the cool…

    You don’t really have a choice, you go with the hand you are dealt with and make the most of it, and the stronger team will survive…SEG was the better team that day and they were stronger and better conditioned than ER….

    Coach Fritz would not send his men out to do battle unless he had them prepared…Fritz Hessenthaler will have his men ready, but he is going to be going against several men that he trained for the fire and those Falcons are all battled-tested…..

    SEG is having a fine season and this Friday night will be a game that determines what direction these two teams, SEG and Southern Alamance, take for the rest of the season…..

    Dudley and SEG is and will be a great rivalry, just like it was at one time with SEG and ER….SEG and Southern Alamance is now entering that same stage, of great Falcon Rivalries….

    There was a time when Coach Tommy Norwood left SEG and went to Ragsdale and went on to do great things there, and now Coach Fritz Hessenthaler is poised to the same thing with his Patriots at Southern Alamance..(The SEG-Ragsdale rivalries, with Coach Tommy Norwood, at Jamestown Ragsdale, were good ones for a while.)

    It is all about good competitive local football and we have that all lined up and ready to blast off, at the launching pad….

    Go Time in 3 days about 3 and 1/2 hours…This is what it is all about….

  • Confused said,

    Where did the search bar for the site go? Trying to find some articles from a few weeks ago and can’t seem to find the search bar.

  • WrongDate said,

    Hurricane Hugo was 1989 — Coach Fritz was not coaching at Southeast during this time or the 1990’s, he arrived in the early 2000’s.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe on the Hurricane it was Hurricane Slugo instead of Hugo, I dunno, but whatever or whichever it was, it was sure wet that Friday night, and I am glad I got/bought/purchased that umbrella…

    I bet you there are well over a 100 people that remember that Friday night….It was so wet, the cheerleaders were doing body slides down the home sidelines on plastic…..

    I may have to go back deeper in some of my files, but I can tell you this, that was some kind of Friday night in that game with SEG-ER in the driving rain….

    I still remember what was one of Coach Fritz deepest runs in the playoffs and it was around Thanksgiving Weekend and the Falcons were at again of all places, Eastern Randolph…

    Not sure about the exact year, but I think Ben Areno was one of the return men on that team…

    SEG got knocked out of the playoffs that night and I think it was the 3rd Round…Pretty sure ER went on to win the 3-A Title that season….

    About 3-4 years ago SEG made a deep run, when they went up and beat Mooresville, after knocking off Mount Tabor in Round One…Then SEG went to Charlotte Catholic and the road came to end in Round Three…

    Catholic with Elijah Hood comes to Dudley and Dudley stops Catholic on a 4th down play down around the 10-yard line when Catholic goes for it on 4th down and they run Hood and they come up a half-yard short and Dudley goes on to win then game and then the Panthers go on to claim the 3-AA State Title….

    I have seen a lot of it over the years, and I could say that I have seen it all and made these teams what they were and are today, but that really is too broad of a statement, even for an adventurer like me…

    Good topics, good stories and a good game coming up this Friday and the question remains, will we be talking about this SEG-SA game, for say 20-25 years down the road???