Here is how the High School Football Schedule is looking for Tonight and a look at what is still set for Friday

Posted by Andy Durham on November 1, 2018 at 10:24 am under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Thursday Night:
All games will kickoff at 7:30pm, unless otherwise noted….
(Not sure where this leaves a lot of the JV games, but we will check on those a little later on.)
**********JV Football Update:Due to officials not being available (as many area Varsity games have been moved to tonight), tonight’s JV Football game, Page @ Ragsdale, has been rescheduled for next Thursday, Nov. 8, 7:00 PM……**********

Southwestern Randolph(2-7/0-4) at Southeast Guilford(9-1/5-0) at 7pm…..
Mount Tabor(6-4/5-0) at Dudley(8-2/4-1) 7:30pm

Western Alamance(8-1/5-0) at Northern Guilford(7-2/4-1) 7:30pm…This game available TONIGHT on GreensboroSports Radio 2, with Kris Walser and Dimitri Morrison….Pregame at 7 and kickoff at 7:30pm on GreensboroSports Radio 2….That’s GreensboroSports Radio 2…Be sure to go with 2…

Southern Guilford(2-8/2-3) at Eastern Guilford(8-2/4-1) 7:30pm
Western Guilford(1-9/1-4 at Smith(2-7/1-3) at 7:30pm
Burlington Williams(6-3/3-2) at Southern Alamance(8-2/3-2) at 7:30pm
Reidsville(9-0/2-0) at Graham(0-10/0-3) at 7pm

These games are still set for Friday:
Northwest Guilford(4-6/1-2) at Grimsley(5-5/2-1)
Northeast Guilford(5-4/3-2) at Person County(3-6/1-4)
North Forsyth(0-10/0-5) at Southwest Guilford(6-3/1-3)
High Point Andrews(3-7/2-3) at Wheatmore(8-1/3-1)
WS Reynolds(4-5/1-2) East Forsyth(9-0/3-0)
Eastern Alamance(6-3/3-2) at McMichael(1-8/0-5)

**********Rabun Gap(5-5/2-2) at High Point Christian Academy(7-3/1-1) 5pm…NCISAA Playoff Game…This game has been moved to Saturday at 5pm at Oak Grove High School…**********

Page(5-5/3-0) OFF
Ragsdale(7-3/2-1) OFF
High Point Central(3-8/0-4) Season Complete…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Picks for tonight’s games would look like this:

    Southern Alamance

  • 77 Hornet said,

    Maybe JVs are through since they only play 10 games?

  • Andy Durham said,

    Could be on the JV, but for most of them this would be their last week and a few still have makeup games from previous weeks, where the Varsity had to go on Thursday night and then for some, they have decided to forego the makeup games and just close out the season/end it right here….

  • Page said,

    Page JV at Ragsdale tonight. 7:00pm start

  • Wow said,

    Unfortunate happenings in Meck County this week. 2 games with bench clearing brawls leaving 4 teams that are banned for the balance of the season. All from the same conference.

  • Andy Durham said,

    East Mecklenburg, Hickory Ridge, Charlotte Independence and Rocky River were the teams that got in trouble….