High School Football Stats and Numbers as we hit the Conclusion of the Regular Season(Playoff Predictions now Posted/Surfacing)

Posted by Andy Durham on November 12, 2018 at 6:27 pm under High School | 26 Comments to Read

Here are the High School Football Stats and Numbers we have for the local high school football players and have put together a Top Ten for passing, rushing and receiving leaders….

Numbers and Stats based on available info at MaxPreps.com and we have included stats and numbers for all schools that have reported and posted stats…Some schools chose not to post stats and some schools have not updated their stats….Here is what we have for the Top Ten players in each category, based on available info…..

All Top Tens based on the Top Ten yardage gainers in Passing, Rushing and Receiving…..John Saunders Jr., at the High Point Christian Academy, is only young man to rank in the Top Ten in all three categories……

Passing Leaders:
Ryan Douglas(Southeast Guilford High School) 114-193 passing/1,640 yards/11 TD’s/5 INT’s/149.1 yards per game
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 105-216 passing/1,471 yards/16 TD’s/6 INT’s 133.7 yards per game
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy) 85-162 passing/1,460 yards/18 TD’s/4 INT’s/121.7 yards per game
Johnny Pagano(Northwest Guilford HS) 89-168 passing/1,283 yards/11 TD’s/12 INT’s/142.6 yards per game
Jenoah McKiver(High Point Andrews HS) 120-207 passing/1,258 yards/10 TD’s/16 INT’s/114.4 yards per game
Tyler Flippen(Northern Guilford HS) 67-131 passing/1,233 yards/12 TD’s/6 INT’s…123.3 yards per game
Jordan Williams(Smith HS) 84-130 passing/1,166 yards/7 TD’s/2 INT’s/116.6 yards per game
Keith McDuffie(High Point Central HS) 77-121 passing/1,070 yards/5 TD’s/8 INT’s/97.3 yards per game
Chris Zellous(Grismsley HS) 66-143 passing/1,037 yards/9 TD’s/6 INT’s/94.3 yards per game
Justin Wilson(Northeast Guilford HS) 60-134 passing/916 yards/7 TD’s/5 INT’s/83.3 yards per game

Rushing Leaders:
Keith McDuffie(High Point Central HS) 157 carries/1,113 yards/8 TD’s
Jalen Fairley(Southeast Guilford HS) 147 carries/1,077 yards 14 TD’s
Monterious Godfrey(High Point Central HS) 144 carries/1,077 yards/6 TD’s
Quan Nora(Grimsley HS) 169 carries/1,051 yards/14 TD’s
Davion Swain(Northeast Guilford HS) 117 carries/689 yards/10 TD’s
Nahson Wilhite(Dudley HS) 92 Ccarries/676 yards/4 TD’s
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy 103 carries/654 yards/6 TD’s
Javondre Paige(Page HS) 127 carries/604 yards/10 TD’s
Chris Thacker(Smith HS) 540 yards/3 TD’s**********Late addition to the Top Ten Party**********
Jacob Hardy(Northwest Guilford HS) 110 carries/529 yards/7 TD’s
Nyles Moseley(Northern Guilford HS) 107 carries/526 yards/7 TD’s

Receiving Leaders:
Brycen Thomas(High Point Christian Academy) 47 receptions/833 yards/9 TD’s
Ramar Thomas(Northern Guilford HS) 33 receptions/630 yards/7 TD’s
Isaiah Davis-McCollum(High Point Andrews HS) 56 receptions/620 yards/7 TD’s
Michael Frogge(Northern Guilford HS) 33 receptions/613 yards/6 TD’s
Brandon Thomas(Northwest Guilford HS) 28 receptions/611 yards/7 TD’s
Ford Moser(Page HS) 33 receptions/482 yards/5 TD’s
Cody King(Page HS) 20 receptions/406 yards/5 TD’s
Xavier Garner(Smith HS) 400 yards and 4 TD’s….**********Late addition to the stats party…….**********
Michael Wyman(Dudley HS) 28 receptions/396 yards/4 TD’s
Cameron Cloud(Northwest Guilford HS) 30 receptions/374 yards/5 TD’s
John Saunders Jr.(High Point Christian Academy) 13 receptions/336 yards/4 TD’s

  • Eagle said,

    Jordan William from Smith

    1166 7 Tds 2 pics 116 per game

    Chris Thacker 540 Yards 6 yrd per Carry 3 Tds

    Xavier Garner 400 Yards 4 Tds 13.74 Yards per game

  • EG? said,

    No stats from Eastern Guilford? Have to believe Kamell Smith, Hezekia Newby and Nic Cheeley would make the lists if their numbers were available.

    And nothing from Dudley, Southern, Southwest or Western, either?

    Lean on ’em, Andy. Lean on ’em.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Dudley is represented with Nashon Wilhite for rushing and Michael Wyman for receiving being listed…

  • Really? said,

    Eastern, which had been posting stats all season, has taken everything off MaxPreps except Collin Smith’s kicking numbers.

    Really? Like that’s going to make it hard for Greenville Rose to prepare for the Wildcats?

    The Rose coaches have already made all their phone calls for scouting reports and watched games on Hudl. They weren’t going to base their prep and gameplan on MaxPreps stats anyway.

    The only people affected are fans and the kids.


  • Football said,

    Appreciate the effort at stats here. Maybe a total yards list. Players who run, pass , throw or a combination of the 3. E.g cam cloud also has rush yardage.
    Again thanks for sending this

  • Andy Durham said,

    Cam Cloud(Northwest Guilford HS) with 1,268 total yards when you include all categories with Receiving, Rushing and Return Yards…
    466 rushing yards for Cloud…

    Saw that on Eastern Guilford too and I hope our associate Dennis White, or Glenn Goss can get us some numbers on EG….

  • Football said,

    Big cam cloud fan misjudged him until i actually saw him play. Kid is a playmaker although not the biggest he can flat out ball. Nwg be best serve to get him max touches.
    Boykin ragsdale another big time all around guy. Frankly best player i seen around here.

  • Football said,

    Lol defense never gets love with stats and accolades
    Defense wins titles rarely appreciated.
    Again thanks

  • Andy Durham said,

    One of the old sayings goes, “Offense sells tickets and Defense wins ball games”….

    It is sort of a shame, but there is a lot of truth to that…Also sort of shame they never came up with a system where the Defense is allowed to earn some kind of points, other than the Two-Point Safety….

    This day and time when the Carolina Panthers are playing and the offense is on the field, I am watching…When the defense comes on the field, I will switch the channel and go check out the other game…

    Always hoping the defense will get the ball back quickly, so we can see if they can move the ball back up/down the field again and maybe get some first downs and then get some points….

    Three-downs-and-out is the story you want your Defense to be telling and then the Offense can get that ball back and go to work on scoring….

    It is the nature of the game and sort of the nature of sports in general, the Offense, with the QB, RB, WR’s in particular get most of the glamour, but they are the ones who put the points up on the board….

    Most of the fans will come out to see some offense, or sit at home and watch TV and look for some offense…

    Even when you listen to a game on the radio, you want to hear the offense with the ball, so they can score and you can win….

    This whole concept has hurt soccer over the years with their lack of offense…

    Even if you are watching a boxing match, when you stop and think about it, you want to see an offensive attack and that is how you win the fight on a decision, but most fans want to see more offense, they want to see the knockout punch and see it end with a huge flurry of offensive punches…If you see two fighters going at it with a load of blocking punches, nobody gets or sees much life or excitement in that….If the fighters are dancing around and staying on the defensive, that is when the fans start booing….

    Just a few thoughts, but this is a topic on Offense vs. Defense that could go on for years…..

    If we asked the kid do you want to play on offense and be the RB or WR, or do you want to play on defense and be the DB or the LB, they will most likely say put me on offense, I want the chance to score…

    If you ask a kid do want to play on the offensive or defensive line, they will probably say neither one….Put me at QB, RB or WR…..But in choosing a line spot, the Defensive Line would seem more appealing to me, since you get to make some tackles and you will get your name announced over the PA system…

    In the ball games they never announce or call the offensive linemen’s names out over the PA system, unless it is during the starting lineups…

    Talk about lack of recognition, the O-lineman never gets or hears his name mentioned in the written articles or announced at the football games…
    (Getting your name called out is sort of a reward for all of your hard work, and the defensive lineman has that chance, the offensive lineman NO.)
    Lots of time they will call out or announce an end making a good block before they will call that O-lineman’s name……

    O-linemen would be the least recognized players on the team, if you ask me….And how do we change that???? That would take a whole new form of science if you ask me…..Some kind of new analytics…….

    Good topic though…

    Wonder how many fans really go to the games, or tune into the games to follow the defense?????

    Other than Luke Kuechly, I don’t know of any Carolina Panthers that get much defensive attention at all, unless they are serving a suspension for a banned substance, or something like that….

    Lots of layers to these onions and some good topics in here for a rainy/nasty day…..

    You go one of the high school football sports banquets this year and hear them say, “Our Most Valuable Player for 2018 is our top offensive lineman, Joe Doe”, if you hear that, call me….

    Chances are the MVP will not go to a defensive player either…..They may an offensive Player of the Year, or a Defensive Player of the Year award, but the Most Outstanding Player overall will be a QB, RB or WR, 9 1/2-times-out-of-10…..

    We are getting deep, but this is how it rolls on these Sports Blog Talk Shows/Posts..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here’s a couple of predictions I saw on the 3-AA East Playoffs over at WRALSportsFan.com…

    You might find these interesting….

    MRHONDA NOV 13, 8:38 P.M.
    Northern Durham 30 Gray’s Creek 22
    Clayton 30 Hillside 21
    Conley 32 Southern Alamance 31
    Cleveland 38 Northern Guilford 28
    New Hanover 34 Topsail 21
    Lee County 35 Dudley 24
    Eastern Guilford 34 Rose 24
    Southeast Guilford 24 Cape Fear 14

    ND 28, Grays Creek 21
    Clayton 35, Hillside 14
    Conley 28 Southern Alamance 7
    Cleveland 42, N Guilford 14
    New Hanover 28, Topsail 27
    Lee County 28, Dudley 21
    E Guilford 35, Rose 28
    Cape Fear 21, SE Guilford 20

  • STAT FANATIC said,

    SEG and Page – Highest ranked teams

    Paige = 1471 pass 16 tds/6 ints 606 rush 10 tds = 2077yds
    26 tds

    Douglas= 1640 pass 11 tds/5 ints 504 rush 14 tds =
    2144 yds
    25 tds

  • Andy Durham said,

    Yes, that makes full sense, but as a whole we don’t have some of the mind-blowing numbers we have seen from some of our teams in the past…

    In the Will Jones(Page HS) and Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS) senior years we had some of those crazy mind-blowing numbers and Dominique Graves, from Eastern Guilford HS and a few others weren’t too far behind Hendon and Will….

    Are our teams down and therefore our numbers are down this year, or are we a little light in the top-heavy number spots….

    Some to to think about as we hit the playoffs,with 8 of our Guilford County teams going for Round Two positions this Friday night…

  • Mike D said,




  • Andy Durham said,

    Anybody got any predictions???

    I am all for that All-Guilford County winner’s circle, but it is going to be tough….

    On those numbers, a couple of years back in 2016, Cape Fear’s QB had 4,200 total yards of offense, split pretty evenly, with passing and rushing and he threw for 26 TD’s and ran for 26 TD’s, but the Dudley Panthers beat his team by something like 56-0 in the rain, in the Championship Game in Raleigh….

    The kid has graduated and moved on from Cape Fear, but I believe his name was Justice Galloway-Velasquez…He had 52 total TD’s his senior year, back in 2016, but couldn’t find a point in his Final Game, vs. Dudley….

    There lots of stories that have been told and still new ones to tell, as the Second Season gets rolling….

    How about some of those predictions, Bring ‘Em On and like the lady says on the Colfax Furniture TV ad, “Bring ‘Em Home”….

    Home teams with a decisive advantage come Friday night????

  • ron said,

    I have Dudley going to the state championship game if the QB is healthy.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Not sure right now who Dudley will go with as the starter(QB)…..Might be Young, Hooker or Monroe, but probably either Young or Hooker and you have to think Dudley will be leaning toward the senior Young, in this First Round road game…..

  • SEG? said,

    How come noone is pulling for my Falcons? They have proven this year that they are the best team in Guilford County…

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here’s two more from WRALSportFan out of Raleigh:
    (Both have Falcons falling by three points/one point to Cape Fear…Got to get those Falcons Fired Up!!!!!
    The News and Record, with Joe Sirera and Spencer Turkin, has the SEG Falcons flying higher and faring much better)….

    from WRALSportsFan.com:
    BIGLEBOWSKI NOV 15, 1:19 A.M.

    ND/Northern Durham 13 Grays Creek 35
    Clayton 21 Hillside 6
    Conley 17 Southern Alamance 21
    Cleveland 20, Northern Guilford 24
    New Hanover 41, Topsail 20
    Lee County 12, Dudley 8
    Eastern Guilford 20, Rose 28
    Cape Fear 13, SE Guilford 10


    Northern Durham 22, Grays Creek 21
    Hillside 27, Clayton 18
    Conley 28 Southern Alamance 14
    Cleveland 38, Northern Guilford 20
    New Hanover 28, Topsail 27
    Lee County 28, Dudley 21
    Eastern Guilford 35, Rose 28
    Cape Fear 21, Southeast Guilford 20

    News and Record Predictions:
    Predictions: Joe Sirera — Southeast Guilford, 30-14. Spencer Turkin — Southeast Guilford, 30-21.

  • Jeff Washington said,

    Also, a great season recieving by juniors Jaydon Hall with 18 rec, 273 yds 2 TD and Zeke Nicholson with 15 rec for 207 yds 3 TD. Main targets for QB Justin Wilson this season. Pretty good considering NE is a ground and pound team.

  • Huh? said,

    SEG? How do you figure they are the best in Guilford? You believe they could beat Page? Don’t think so.

  • Andy Durham said,

    No doubt about it….Saw them both in the NEG-EG game, first game of the season and I think EG was the winner, 16-14…

    Hall had TD catch in that game to give NEG the early 7-0 lead and Zeke might have scored later on too…Zeke can flat-out fly….One of the top return men in this area….

    When Zeke is around you better get a head start if you plan to take off running and try to catch him…The cat can fly….

  • Andy Durham said,

    Maybe with SEG, the best record in Guilford County was the implication….(10-1) SEG vs. (6-5)*** would be (9-2) Page…..

  • Jeff Washington said,

    You’re right Andy, Nicholson is definitely dangerous but also Hall at 6’4 is talented and woke up a lot of teams in the area this year and I see both these men being big contributors for NEG next year.

  • Ok said,

    Ok on best record. Not the best team though.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Vegas Mike


    Good luck

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