Looking at some of those Numbers going into Friday Night’s Round Two Football Playoff Games(We have numbers for our local teams and the teams they will be facing!!!)

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Numbers for Southeast Guilford(11-1) vs. Eastern Guilford(10-2)

Eastern Guilford soph QB Kamell Smith with 1,759 yards passing, good for 17 TD’s and Smith has thrown 8 INT’s…Smith has 339 yards rushing for the ‘Cats(Over 2,000 Total Yards for Kamell Smith)…EG with 822 yards rushing for Hezekiah Newby, 389 yards and 5 TD’s for Darrell Roberts and for EG, 199 yards rushing for Rufus Williams….1,789 air for EG and 1,935 on the ground for EG….Nic Cheeley top receiver with 622 yards and 7 TD’s, while Justin Matthews has 497 receiving yards and 7 TD’s…Top EG tackler, Alex Gowda with 117 Total Tackles…Collin Smith averaging 41.2 yards per punt, 41-43 on PAT’s and 14-19 on FG attempts….

Southeast Guilford with senior QB Ryan Douglas passing for 1,702 yards with 11 TD’s and 5 INT’s….Soph RB Jalen Fairley with 1,117 yards and 15 TD’s, while QB Ryan Douglas has run for 560 yards and 15 TD’s…Chad Stephens with 216 rushing yards for the Falcons and 6 TD’s…SEG with 1,734 yards passing and 2,156 yards rushing….Douglas with 2,262 Total Yards….Adam Douglas with 295 yards receiving, Tyler Hoff with 244 and Octavius Benton with 224 yards receiving….SEG DB Jalen Stockham with 6 interceptions and 2 Fumble Recoveries on the season…K Jonathan Medlin 47-48 on PAT kicks and 5-10 on FG’s….

Numbers for Page Pirates(6-5) vs. Porter Ridge(8-4)
Page junior QB Javondre Paige with 1,471 passing yards, good for 16 TD’s and he has thrown 6 INT’s….Paige leads Page with 604 yards rushing and he had 10 TD’s on the ground….Cody King with 488 rushing yards and 4 TD’s…Branson Adams goes for 473 yards and 8 TD’s, then you have senior Sincere Davis with 480 yards and freshman Jeil Melton has run for 232 yards…The top receiver for Page is Ford Moser with 463 yards and 5 TD’s…Cody King has 406 receiving yards and 5 TD’s and you’ll find soph. Isaac Walker at 161 yards receiving…Caught word the TE/WR Lawson Albright is out with a broken arm…QB Javondre Paige with 2,075 Total Yards and Page has passed the ball for 1,504 yards and run the ball for 2,124 yards…
Stephen Scott is the Top Tackler for Page with 89 Total Tackles…Isaiah Fisher-Smith is second on the team in tackles with 69 and Kam Gavin, is third with 56….Matt Chmil punting average is 34.3 yards per punt, Chmil 23-29 on PAT’s and 3-6 on FG’s…

++++++++++Numbers on Porter Ridge Pirates:QB Grayson McCall with 1,025 passing yards, including 9 TD’s and 3 INT’s…Porter Ridge with two 1,000 yard rushers, going with senior Jaylen Coleman going for 1,778 yards and 19 TD’s, plus the QB McCall has run for 1,190 yards and 15 TD’s and then there is senior Malcolm Hines with 568 yards and 10 TD’s….Porter Ridge with 3,961 yards and 48 TD’s on the ground…
Receiving for Porter Ridge shows Jaylin Daniels with 24 receptions for 371 yards and 1 TD….You’ll find 1,052 passing yards for the Porter Ridge Pirates…QB Grayson McCall with 2,215 Total Yards and 201.4 Total Yards per game…Top Tackler on Porter Ridge is junior Middle Linebacker Dylan Burdette with 78 Total Tackles…Punter Jared Wheatley averages 49.6 yards per punt, Wheatley is 51-55 on his PAT kicks and Wheatley has gone 8-9 on his FG kicks….++++++++++
(Only 11 games of #’s for the Porter Ridge Pirates, they won one game by forfeit, and that win forfeiture win came over Hickory Ridge.)

Numbers for the Dudley Panthers(9-3) vs. Wilmington New Hanover(9-3)
Dudley senior QB Tawahn Young passing for 570 yards with 5 TD’s and 2 INT’s…Junior QB Alston Hooker with 417 yards passing with 2 TD’s and 4 INT’s…Runners for Dudley with Nashon Wilhite running for 692 yards and 4 TD’s, Marlon Darby with 498 yards and 4 TD’s, QB Tawahn Young with 462 yards and 5 TD’s, Milan Summers with 454 yards and 6 TD’s, Myles Smith with 389 yards and 5 TD’s, Najae Davis with 220 yards and 4 TD’s and Alston Hooker with 200 yards and 2 TD’s…..Dudley rushing for 3,212 yards and passing for 1,292 yards and the running game a very big part of what Dudley does…Michael Wyman for Dudley with 454 yards receiving and 5 TD’s…Ker Shol with 256 yards and 1 TD….Tawahn Young with 116 yards receiving and Myles Smith with 104 yards receiving for Dudley…
Landen Johnson with 101 tackles for Dudley, while DJ Rankin is at 73 tackles and Jurriente Davis has 71 total tackles for Dudley…..Milan Summers with 9 sacks for Dudley…Ryan Hayes with 4 interceptions for Dudley…
Boateng Woodson has gone 32-37 on PAT’s and 0-1 on FG’s…

++++++++++Numbers on New Hanover Wildcats:New Hanover QB Blake Walston has gone 150-299 passing for 2,522 yards with 19 TD’s and 8 INT’s…The top New Hanover rusher is Travis Lee with 696 yards and 5 TD’s….New Hanover with 2,577 total passing yards and they 1,443 rushing yards….Jason Billingslea with 718 receiving yards and 4 TD’s….WR Jaheim Marshall with 37 receptions for 584 yards and 9 TD’s…..Travis Lee with 17 receptions for 390 yards and 1 TD….Junior MLB Colby McCaskill, with 79 Tackles, is the team tackling leader for the New Hanover Wildcats….K Westley Gaines has hit 37-40 PAT kicks and he has hit on 5-9 Field Goal attempts…++++++++++

Numbers for the Grimsley Whirlies(6-5) vs. Mooresville(9-3)
Grimsley QB Chris Zellous has thrown for 1,037 yards with 9 TD’s/6 INT’s, for the Whirlies junior quarterback…Junior Quan Nora with 1,051 rushing yards and 14 TD’s for the Whirlies…Senior Cam Wall with 546 yards and 3 TD’s on the ground for Grimsley…Born Lesane has taken off for 443 yards and 4 TD, while QB Chris Zellous has run for 427 yards and 3 TD’s…Grimsley has rushed for 2,506 yards and the Whirlies have passed for 1,063 yards…
Grimsley’s top receiver is Cam Wall with 243 yards and 2 TD’s…Next up you have Rob Dalton with 221 yards, Quan Nora at 219 and Born Lesane at 184 yards receiving…Top overall yardage man for Grimsley is Chris Zellous with 1,464 Total Yards…
Top Tackler for Grimsley is Quentin Williamson with 92 tackles…Next up you have Born Lesane with 55 tackles….
Telly Hawkins has 51 Whirlie tackles, freshman Travis Shaw and Caleb Hayes have 46 tackles a-piece….
K Will Caviness has gone 28-31 on his PAT kicks and on FG’s, Caviness is 3-3…..

++++++++++Numbers for the Mooresville Blue Devils:QB Hunter Deberardino has thrown for 1,854 yards, with 20 TD’s and 9 INT’s, going 128-233 passing….The top rusher for the Blue Devils is Quamir Conner with 739 yards and 6 TD’s….Mooresville RB Glenwood Robinson has 204 yards and 6 TD’s….Mooresville with 2,046 passing yards and 1,608 rushing yards….Receiving yards for Mooresville shows Treymin Jackson with 498 yards and 6 TD’s, Quamir Conner has 331 yards and 4 TD’s and Keyshaun Black has 263 yards and 4 TD’s….Punter Isaac Riffle averages 37.7 yards per punt and Riffle has gone 44-45 on PAT kicks, plus Riffle is 7-10 on FG’s…Riffle is averaging 53.8 yards per kickoff and that puts his kickoffs right at the opponent’s 7 yard-line….

*****We are looking to add some of the opposing teams numbers a little later on….*****
$$$$$ Those numbers are here, check them out…..$$$$$

  • Vegas Mike said,

    Page (E) pick
    Dudley +2
    Grimsley +10
    Randleman -6.5
    Reidsville -7.5
    ND -33
    EA +12
    WA +4.5

    Good luck guys!