Carolina Panthers’ Corn Elder and Captain Munnerlyn serving breakfast to the Seattle Seahawks today as both were toast, while K Graham Gano misses big FG and the Panthers might be missing the playoffs

Posted by Andy Durham on November 25, 2018 at 9:10 pm under Professional | 3 Comments to Read

Carolina Panthers’ defensive backs Corn Elder and Captain Munnerlyn were serving up breakfast to the Seattle Seahawks today, as both were toast and burnt toast at that, with both DB’s getting burned and it burned up the Carolina Panthers chances for a win over the Seattle Seahawks on this Sunday, where RB Christian McCaffrey was running for 125 yards and 1 TD, plus McCaffrey had 112 yards receiving and another TD…

McCaffrey with 237 total yards and 2 TD’s and Cam Newton goes 25-30 passing for 256 yards and 2 TD’s…

The Carolina Panthers offense seems versatile enough, but the defense has caused them numerous problems and the secondary for the Panthers is where they key problems lie….DB’s #35 Elder and #41 Munnerlyn were very giving on this Thanksgiving Weekend, and it lead to the Seahawks hitting a field goal to win the game today, 30-27.

The Seawhawks win and I think they still would have been winning even if Graham Gano makes his field goal, but as it was, the Seahawks were able to move the football up the field and all the ‘Hawks had to do was run out the clock and let Sebastian Janikowski kick the game-winning FG, with just seconds left in the contest…

That was the difference in the game today, to a certain degree….Janikowski was a perfect 3-3 on his FG attempts and the Panthers Graham Gano went 2-3…

The missed field goal by Gano helped lead to the Panthers demise…..And with that FG miss, the Panthers could well be in the process of missing the postseason playoffs…..

Missed field goals, missed assignments in the defensive secondary, this record is getting old….The Panthers will MISS the Playoffs and their diehard football fans might be missing Christmas in 2018…

Elder and Munnerlyn were toast today when the game was on the line and if you can argue that point, I have some oatmeal we need to bring to table, because this burnt toast is starting to stink up the room/field…..

*****If Gano makes the field goal, the Seahawks still would have won the game, because Russell Wilson and Seattle would have driven the ball right down the field, and with the Panthers’ secondary was playing, the ‘Hawks would have been in the end zone with a game-winning TD, but again, with the Gano missed FG, all Seattle had to do was send in Janikowski and end it….

No hope for Gano, no hope for Elder and Munnerlyn and no hope for the Carolina Panthers…..*****

  • Lugnut said,

    I could forgive munnerlyn because that was an extended play and it looked like he thought r. Wilson was about to take off running and was coming back for the run. The elder play was terrible though. Hard to believe that was someone employed in nfl to defend passes!

  • Andy Durham said,

    Wished the Panthers would have had a DB like Joey Kirkman back there and those long pass plays by Russell Wilson would have been broken up….

    Kirkman would have stopped them….Sign him up this week…..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Two TD’s for the Colts’ TE Eric Ebron(Smith HS) yesterday and WR Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford HS) had another TD catch for the LA Chargers….

    Solid day in the kickoff return department for T.J. Logan(Northern Guilford HS), as he returned 3-4 KO’s for the Arizona Cardinals and averaged right at 30 yards per return…The Cardinals need to go ahead and put T.J. in the offensive backfield and let him run the ball some…..

    Full numbers on these Guilford County NFL guys and more, later on today…..