High School Football Friday Night Finish:How the Shipleys Stole Christmas(SEG had it in a box), but the Weddington Warriors would not let the Falcons get the box open!!!

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Final Score from Kenan Stadium on Friday night in the NCHSAA 3-AA Football Championship Game:
Weddington Warriors 27, Southeast Guilford Falcons 14

The Weddington Warriors got the best of the SEG Falcons on Friday night, at Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill, N.C., and the Christmas Gift was there for the Falcons taking, but Weddington just wouldn’t let the SEG Falcons have/take this game and Weddington left Chapel Hill, as the Winner…

SEG closes the 2018 high school football season at (14-2) and Weddington will end of their 2018 football campaign, at (15-1)…..

Weddington now has 3-AA Titles in 2016 and 2018, and the Warriors finished second in 2014…

Every time Weddington has been in the NCHSAA Football Championship Games, the Warriors have been facing Guilford County schools…

Weddington vs. Northern Guilford in 2014, with a 14-7 loss to the NG Nighthawks…
Weddington vs. Eastern Guilford in 2016, with 33-20 win by the Warriors, over the EG Wildcats…
And now Weddington vs. Southeast Guilford in 2018 and Warriors walk away with a 27-14 victory…

And how did the Weddington Warriors get the “W” on Friday night, December 14???

Well, they stole it…

Yes, this is a story of how the “Shipleys Stole Christmas”!!!!!

It wasn’t like there was one of them running away with the SEG Guilford Falcons’ Christmas, no there was not just one, but two Shipleys tonight, out there on the wet football turf, at Kenan Stadium…

The Shipley brothers(James and Will) were going to town for Weddington and by the end of the night/game, the Shipleys had stolen Christmas, away from all the little Falcons and their families…

These Shipley brothers mean buisness and they were taking care of business tonight, on the wet football turf, there in Chapel Hill…

How much did the Shipleys Brothers get on their heist?????

Well, here are the final numbers on the Shipley Brothers take and I think you will find these football numbers from the Shipley Brothers very impressive and brother, the Shipleys can play some high school football….

Here is the beginning of the Shipley Brothers stealing Christmas 2018 from the SEG Falcons…

The second touchdown of the game came at the 2:29 mark of the first quarter and that first quarter score, was a 50-yard TD pass from Will Shipley to Jmaes Shipley….

You could pretty much see it, and feel it, the Shipley Brothers were sure “Ship-Shape” tonight…

On Weddington’s third touchdown of the ball game, the Warriors quarterback Whitner Litton hit WR James Shipley on an 8-yard TD pass play, putting Weddington up 20-0, with just under 9 minutes left to play in the first half….

So that is now a three-touchdown lead for WED and two-of-the-three WED TD’s had come on plays involving the Shipley Brothers…

The last Weddington Warriors’ touchdown of the night came on a Will Shipley one-yard run….

So, the Shipleys were involved in three of the WED Warriors four TD’s on the night….

The Shipley Brothers are part of a sophisticated offensive passing routine/system that would take most players off their feet, but not the Southeast Guilford Falcons who stood tall and that is about all that they could do in this football game…The Falcons just had NO answer for the Shipleys….James Shipley was running slant patterns over the middle of the field and he was cutting down the sidelines, and he was open all night long…

SEG hung tough with WED, but the Shipley Brothers came in there and stole Christmas, right in front of that Kenan Stadium audience/crowd…

We talked about the scoring of the Shipleys and they ended up with 2 TD’s for Will, plus a TD catch and a TD pass reception from James Shipley, and did we mention that this was the State Championship Game…These boys were getting it done…..

Three of the Four WED TD’s were accounted for by the Shipleys…..

Now, here’s more evidence of how the Shipleys Stole Christmas……….

In the rushing department, Will Shipley ran the ball 12 times for 49 yards and one TD for WED….James Shipley carried the football three times for five yards on the night..James Shipley was one-for-one passing the football, with his one completion being good for 50 yards, and a WED touchdown….QB Whitner Litton was 12-18 with 1 INT., for the WED Warriors…In the receiving department, you had James Shipley catching 10 footballs, good for 113 yards and one WED touchdown….Brother Will Shipley caught the 50-yard bomb, from his brother James Shipley, and in the end does anything really go bad???

The Shipleys Brothers put up 248 Total Yards on the evening and earlier we left behind 31 punt return yards for Jame Shipley….

The Shipleys, James and Will and it is hard to slow those boys down…On defense, James Shipley had three tackles, with one going for a loss and he also had a pass interception and James Shipley returned the INT 37 yards…..Will Shipley had one tackle and one assist on defense….

James and Will Shipley are the real deal, and we saw first-hand at a Waffle House, on the way home, that Will and James have the knack for taking over a football fan friendly studio….The WED fans love them some Shipleys….

I hope we have covered all of the Shipleys numbers and if we can, more and more of these Shipley football features will be showing up at youth sports galleries for the ages…..

Most will have to flat-out agree that those Shipley Brothers really did come into Chapel Hill tonight and they stole the Falcons Christmas….

How the Shipleys Stole Christmas, they just flat-out reached out and took it….

Not a bad running night for SEG QB Ryan Douglas…Douglas carried the ball 19 times for 86 net yards and 1 TD, but not a good throwing night for Douglas, as he went 5-21 passing for 126 with one TD and Douglas was intercepted three times on Friday night….One reception for 83 yards and a TD for Tyler Hoff…To show how tough the passing night was for Douglas, if you take away the Douglas pass to Hoff, Douglas is going 4-20 for 43 yards and 3 INT’s….And remember on defense, James Shipley had one interception and he returned it 37 yards for Weddington…

You can see how this night was going….The Shipleys Stole Christmas, that’s all there is to it…

The Shipleys stole it with the 248 yards of Total Offense, they stole it with their 4 combined tackles, the interception, the punt returns, you could go on and on, but the Shipleys were in Ship-Shape on Friday night for Weddington, and those boys deserve to be on the NCHSAA All-State Football Team…

“The Shipleys Stole Christmas?”….Yes they did Mr. Dickens……

**********Congratulations to Southeast Guilford Falcons on an excellent 2018 season, finishing at (14-2) and thus ending up the TOP Team in Guilford County this season and therefore the SEG Falcons become the TOP Team in SEG Falcons’ football history and there is plenty to celebrate, as all of the Falcons’ friends, family, and even foes look back on the 2018 season…Good Job Falcons and keep “Flying High”………**********

  • Charles Pannell said,

    Proud of our Falcons. A great season. Great job by the coaches also. The Falcons will be back. Looking forward to baseball. Love u guys. In Christ Big Charlie

  • Mike D said,

    Great season Falcons… Just came up a little short.


    Gone are the days of the victim mentality and excuse making.

    ” We don’t have enough talent, We can’t win big games, Dudley takes all our good players” BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    These coaches came in and they didn’t see what was there, they saw what the boys could be.

    They believed in them and set the bar on nothing less than a championship.

    In football and in life,I’d much rather set the bar on the championship, and comes up a little short..

    Over setting the bar on a winning season and making the first round any day.

    We came up a little short but man what a ride !

    Thank you coaches, thank you Falcon men, and thank you to the community for buying in and supporting the Falcons !


  • Mike D is Mental said,

    Mike D you are so right. Kennedy Tinsey just walked into Southeast Guilford and took a program that had losing records for years and turned them into a winner. Took crappy facilities and cleaned them up, and raised the money to build a 5000 square foot weight room, the biggest in the area. He built a program that was one of the most consistent winners for over a decade. Helluva job by coach Tinslet and his staff, oh wait, that was the other guy. It was the other guy who did all that, and took the current group of seniors and played them as sophomores and took the lumps to build towards this. Seriously, take nothing away from coach Tinsley, he did a great job, but to act like he built that all by himself is delusional and ignorant.

  • Grow up Mike D said,

    I agree with the above poster. Why take a shot Mike D? How clueless do you have to be? This is my problem with a lot of SE fans. They constantly run their mouth, attack coaches, and take away from the accomplishments of the players there. Same group that ran off Tommy Norwood, said he couldn’t win. Just be happy with the season you kids had. Seriously, grow up man.

  • Taking a Shot...Mike D, I got this one... said,

    I don ot think Mike D was disrespecting the prior regime, but rather raising up the efforts of the Souhtheat football community.

    I’ll tell you this. When my son comes home every day tired, but with hope and a smile, there has been a change in culture.

    If we are going to be completely honest, the previous regime may have won 7-8 games with this great bunch of kids. The excitement and immediate change created hope for more.

    Mike, you are right my friend, the bar has been set.

    Great job coaches and kids. We love you.

  • @grow up Mike D said,

    Here you people go again disrespecting the work that this new staff and new HC has done for SEG families players and the great community. Noobody is taking shots at the last regimes. Yes he did good things at SEG while he was there with his average 7 wins a year only reaching 3rd one time and numerous 1st round losses. Yes great job last regime. As Mike D stated the BAR has been set higher the COMMUNITY AND FAMILIES are being brought together along with the Students of SEG. What was done by the previous regime in those areas?? I’ll wait. Congratulate these coaches and players for the hard work dedication and commitment and bringing OUR school on a wild and crazy Ride this season for the first time in SCHOOL HISTORY! Beating Dudley 2x bearing Eastern 2x winning a conference championship, eastern regional champions and State runner ups. That’s more excitement than anything done in the previous regime. So you should apologize for your ignorant post. You Southern Alamance 1st round losers supporters.

  • Mike D said,

    To Taking a Shot…Mike D, I got this one… said,

    Thank you and yes you are right -I Gotta watch how I write something.

    I saw a different mentality this year than the past I give the credit to the coaches and players and parents for not having that same mentality of the past.

    Man there is still a lot of haters out there! That’s OK. I stand behind what I say and I don’t hide behind fake names… Mike D.

  • Mike D speaking truth said,

    Mike D is only speaking facts.. the kids never thought they could make it as far as they did with previous staff.. an didn’t you sir say chad couldn’t play LB or didn’t we hear you say you didn’t have kids to run a different offense?? Stay in Alamance your era in Guilford is done an nobody will remember you for it.. you did the same thing this year at SA great regular season 1st round exit!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    The best season in School History…That is what the Falcons have to build upon…No doubt about it, this was “The Bunch”…

    All of those kids should do nothing but hold their heads high….It was a combination of the past and the molding of the current team since Coach Tinsley got there and now there is a future to look forward to…

    It was quite the ride covering this team, and there were some COLD Friday nights up top of that Press Box at Southeast Guilford broadcasting the games..I wish we would have on top of that Press Box at Bill Slayton Stadium last night….Wish that game could have been on the field of the higher seeded team and that would have been SEG…

    But you gotta love these kids and the effort they put forth to get where they landed this season in the State Championship Game…

    Look at that last three games leading up to the Championship Game last night….9-3 in OT over Eastern Guilford, 21-18 over Dudley and then the 37-33 win over Cleveland…We have not seen anything quite like that in the Guilford County high school football playoffs over the years….And that work was turned in by the 2018 SEG Falcons and the current coaching staff..

    I played against Bill Slayton’ teams back in the day, I played against Dick Kemps teams back in the day, I think I may have played a game or two against Tommy Norwood when he was playing at Gibsonville and I covered his SEG teams when he was coaching there and then at Ragsdale, I covered so many of Coach Fritz’s games, I can’t begin to remember them all, and I covered Coach Tinsley when he was in high school at Dudley and now his games as he is coaching at Southeast Guilford..

    Have seen a lot and this is the best SEG Falcons team in history of the school….No doubt about it and we can be thankful for that and relish this moment and this season…..

    Thank-you to all of the young Southeast Guilford football players that have given us these memories that we can take with us and talk about for years to come….

    As our old buddy Norman Dale used to say, “This is your team” and boy this was a good one and an exciting team to follow….

    Let’s celebrate the 2019 SEG Falcons, and this year, they were, “The Reason for the Football Season”, in Guilford County….

  • Andy Durham said,

    And how about all that Fog and Rain down in Chapel Hill last night…Hope everyone got home safely…

  • Try being adults said,

    Literacy must not be a strong suit of the Southeast parents. I believe the question was why Mike D had to take a jab at the former staff? Which he did, but we all know who he is and what the D stands for. No one took a shot at the current staff from what I read, they just pointed out what the former one did. Probably only brought up to begin with because of the previous jab by the mysterious Mike D. We all know what the D stands for. Why not great game and season kids, great job Tinsley and staff, great support SE community? It’s a day to celebrate the accomplishments of these kids, not worry about what an old coaching staff did.

  • Try being adults said,

    Good posts Andy Durham. Lets focus on the game and the accomplishments of these kids, not a disgruntled dad fighting a fight from two years ago.

  • Adults ? said,

    Are these the same “Adults” that kept talking the KARMA TRAIN coming to SE ? WHAT A JOKE !

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hey let’s get to pullin’ for Reidsville and East Forsyth…Last check I saw Reidsville was down 14-0 and East Forsyth plays tonight at 7:30, I think it is…

    Got to get behind the Rams and Coach Teague and Coach Willert and his bunch over in Kernersville…Two excellent programs and friends of the site..

    And how it must have been for Charlotte Vance to fumble that football into their end zone last night and give up the safety to lose to Wake Forest 9-7 with just 32 seconds left in the game…

    Got to feel for those Vance Cougars today and for coach Aaron Brand…Coach Brand almost became the head coach over at Northern Guilford a few years back…

    And is anyone ever going to beat Coach Reggie Lucas and Wake Forest???? Those kids can’t be stopped/beat….You would think Jim Grobe was coaching Wake Forest High School, they way those kids have been playing….