“Tournament Time” hits Day Four and there is plenty more in store on the High School and Middle School Basketball floor for 2/21/19

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Here goes locked and loaded for today with recap and some preview for you…..Gave it a little bit of a different spin today, because the feeling is, you can’t let “Tournament Time” turn into “Tournament Slime”…You have to keep it fresh, and fresh it is for this Thursday morning…..

Most of the high schools are going for the Championship Titles on Friday, but we still have a few teams looking to lock down a spot or two in those finals….Many fans are still coming down to earth after last night’s games, where Eastern Guilford swiped two down at the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tourney in Asheboro, with both Wildcat clubs erasing the top seeds in that tourney….

The Eastern Alamance boys got what many felt they had been needin’ as they fell for this time this entire season, up in Eden, in the Mid-State 3-A Tourney…..(Many EA followers would rather take the loss now, than next week in the NCHSAA Sectionals.)

The Dudley Panthers made “Panther Time” a hallway call down on Lincoln Street again this morning, as DHS has both their boys and girls teams in the Piedmont Triad 3-A Finals on Friday, at Western Guilford HS….

Northwest Guilford has placed both of their teams, the Boys and Girls Vikes, in the Metro 4-A Ring of Honor, as NWG will play host to Ragsdale in the girls, and to High Point Central in the boys finale on Friday, at the Roger Nelson Gym…..

The Southwest Guilford boys remain perfect on the season at (25-0) and now they will throw out their top game, vs. Dudley on Friday at WGHS….

So let’s see we have NWG(boys and girls), Dudley(boys and girls), Eastern Guilford(boys and girls), Southwest Guilford(boys), Northern Guilford(girls), Ragsdale(girls), High Point Central(boys), High Point Andrews(girls), and for tonight we still have the Mid-Piedmont 3-A Semifinals at Asheboro to load up…
(A little bit off of the radar, but something tells me that Northern Guilford-Rockingham County girls contest ought to be a battle, up in Eden tomorrow night.)

And here is tonight’s lowdown, featuring our Guilford County schools…
Boys Semifinal at 7:30 it will be #2 Southern Guilford vs. #6 Southeast Guilford
Also in Asheboro tonight you have for the girls, #6 Southern Alamance vs. #2 Asheboro at 6pm, for the girls semifinal….

Also from our area for the boys you have #2 Bishop McGuinness vs. #1 WS Prep for the Northwest 1-A Conference Championship at Winston-Salem Prep, on Friday night at 8pm…

Middle School Boys Basketball Tournament Boys Big 7 Tournament
Semifinals at Southwest Guilford(5pm/6:30) and Finals on Friday at Southwest Guilford(5/6:30pm)
#1 Southwest Guilford(8-4) vs. #4 Southeast Guilford(8-5)
#2 Jamestown(9-4) vs. #3 Northern Guilford(9-4)

Central 7 Boys Middle School Basketball Tournament at Jackson Middle School:
#1 Allen Middle(11-1) vs. Eastern Guilford Middle(8-5) 5pm
#2 Western Guilford Middle(10-3) vs. Swann Middle(8-5) 6:30pm
*****Championship Game on Friday at 6:30pm at Jackson Middle School*****

Looking for girls results from Wednesday’s Big 7 Tournament Action at SWG Middle and also any other boys tournament news that might be floating around…Got to be some news somewhere on what the Penn-Griffin boys and girls are up to this week, and we did see one Penn Griffin girls score and they were winners in that game and that is when Damani had 39 points…. Looking for more to post, we want to get the most we can, and that is the plan….

*******************We just got this one coming in on the fly this morning:
Penn-Griffin Boys against Allen Jay Middle today/Thursday at 5:00pm********************

Big 7 Girls results
Southeast lost to Northwest
Southwest lost to Northern

**********Friday night its Northern Guilford vs Northwest Guilford**********
Should be girls at 5/Boys at 5:30 on Friday at Southwest Guilford Middle School…..

(I have seen SEG and NWG play and they are both very good teams…SEG with Harris and Preston and many others and NWG with Young, Mosenberger, or whatever, we are talking about that little guard for NWG…The little guard for NWG is a good one, saw her last year vs. Kernodle and she had all of the fundamentals and she is now a year older, and much improved…I saw the SWG varsity girls last night and they had a little guard and I think her name was Sarah Nelson and that little kid can play….She is really good and really tough too….She will go after the ball too(good chance to get the loose ones on the floor)….

The one thing all of the players, no matter what the size need to remember, and it works best for the girls too, is this….Remember this, “Follow Your Shot”…When you shoot follow your shot and you will get a number of extra rebounds and a large number of extra shots….I have to believe that is where a player like Paris Kea(Page HS), from UNC, is getting some of her extra rebounds, just by following her shot, and if you look at a number of the rebounds Lindsay Gauldin(NWG) is getting for the Guilford College Quakers, I bet you a lot of them are on the offensive end…This goes for the guards so well, follow your shot…

So many players are worried about going over somebody’s back and creating a foul, but with the long rebounds that come off of missed long shots, like the long three-pointers, you can grab a good number of those rebounds just by following your shot, and what I have seen Lindsay doing, she comes in and goes around the defender and swoopes in and gets that rebound, she slides around the defender and gets the board/rebound….

Most of the time, they don’t expect you to come rushing in there and are therefore, they are caught off guard, as you go by them and get the board….You have to treat that missed shot like is your “going-away-shot/point 19”, in a game of 21…..Come after that lose rebound and then you are going to get your “Second Chance” shots)….

  • Sharon Collins said,

    Big 7 Girls results
    Southeast lost to Northwest
    Southwest lost to Northern

    Friday night its Northern vs Northwest

  • Jonathan said,

    Swann boys over western guilford boys in double ot 63-60 #3 on swann gio i believe had 27 and #2 also on swann dj workman had 21. The duo will head against eastern friday(tomorrow) at 6:30 in jackson middle school.