Why not play Southwest Guilford(NCHSAA 3-A Champs) vs. Greensboro Day School(NCISAA 4-A Champs) and make the game a fundraiser for Christian Martin’s medical expenses???

Posted by Andy Durham on March 18, 2019 at 6:42 pm under High School | 6 Comments to Read

Here’s one for you that might be one of my better ideas to come down the pike in recent days…..

Why not play Southwest Guilford(NCHSAA 3-A Champs) vs. Greensboro Day School(NCISAA 4-A Champs) and make the game a fundraiser for Christian Martin’s medical expenses….

I am sure SWG is not afraid of GDS and GDS is not afraid of SWG, and I am afraid if they miss out on this chance, they will be missing out on a super opportunity to help Christian Martin….

The TV stations keep running the Christian Martin story trying to raise their ratings, why not play a benefit basketball game for Christian Martin, of SWG, to raise money to help pay for his medical expenses????

Great idea and maybe Guilford College or UNCG could host this game and donate their venue free of charge, as way to help out with this cause….UNCG and Guilford College both would both be would larger venues than GDS and SWG, when it come to seating….

Let’s play this game…We always talk about these dream matchups, well why don’t we go ahead and play one of these games and make it work for the good of our community and to help Christian Martin and his recovery…

Wonder if SWG would be on board with this ball game?

Wonder if GDS would like to help make this game happen?

Maybe someone will read this post and we can get the ball rolling…

SWG vs. GDS and the game would benefit the Christian Martin medical fund…..

The fans are putting out money, and this time, they are getting a real good return/basketball game, for their investment….

**********SWG vs. GDS:Let’s Make It Happen!!!!!**********

++++++++++We need to get SWG assistant coach Greg Vlazny promoting this game right away….We could get Coach Jeremy Spidell from GDS, promoting the game on the GDS end…Coach Spidell does a great job on Twitter, and Coach Vlazny could write our manifesto….++++++++++
(This will be an exhibition fund-raising game and will not count in any kind of standings.)

  • Christian fan said,

    I would be the first in line for a ticket.

  • b black said,

    I think this is a GREAT SUGGESTION— suggested that SWG be invited to the HALCO TOURNAMENT this past DEC.
    Coaches make IT HAPPEN

  • Andy Durham said,

    This is how Langston Wertz Jr. has the Top Ten Teams ranked for men’s high school basketball, regardless of classification, public and private and this how this year’s Men’s High School teams stack according to Wertz Jr., from the Charlotte Observer…

    No. 10 Fayetteville Academy Eagles (private 2A): The 27-3 N.C. Independent Schools state champions

    No. 9 Charlotte Christian Knights (private 4A):(27-2)

    No. 8 Raleigh Millbrook Wildcats (public 4A): the N.C. 4A Eastern Regional finalist(27-2)

    No. 7 Farmville Central Jaguars (public 2A): The Jags were an unbeaten 2A state champ…

    No. 6 Greensboro Day Bengals (private 4A): The Bengals won a third straight state championship under legendary coach Freddy Johnson…(30-5)

    No. 5 Concord Cox Mill Chargers (public 3A): The Chargers were probably one semifinal win away from becoming the first modern day 3A team to 3peat.

    No. 4 West Charlotte Lions (public 4A): the Lions played multiple nationally ranked teams and really hit their stride with a great playoff run.

    No. 3 Southwest Guilford Cowboys (public 3A): the unbeaten N.C. 3A state champions(32-0) opened eyes by blowing out two-time defending state champ Concord Cox Mill in the semis.

    No. 2 South Central Falcons (public 4A): the N.C. 4A public schools state champion features great athleticism and the Falcons whipped West Charlotte in Saturday’s state final and only lost to nationally ranked Ranney (NJ) 63-58.

    No. 1 Carmel Christian Cougars (private 3A):The N.C. Division III Independent Schools state champions were nationally ranked for much of the season and played, along with West Charlotte, one of the state’s toughest schedules.

    **********If we get SWG vs. GDS, we have #3 vs. #6 in the state among all high schools….**********

  • NCHSAA says no said,

    Unfortunately, the NCHSAA doesn’t allow any of its schools to play beyond a state championship game in any sport. If they didn’t do it when the rich, spoiled parents from Myers Park tried to sue them a few years ago to get their girls team into Dick’s Nationals, they’re not going to do it for a benefit game.

    They should, but they won’t.

    The only state I know of that does a true tournament of champions thing is the Federation playoffs in New York, where the city and Long Island schools play the rest of the state. The TofC in New Jersey only includes parochial/private schools that are members of the NJSIAA, which includes all schools but the boarding preps and doesn’t allow any reclassifying.

  • shame on you Andy said,

    Andy, Shame on you to suggest that TV stations were trying to raise their ratings in sharing the updates on Christian Martin’s health progress. People of this community have been genuinely praying for his recovery and thankfully he has made progress. Sharing the good news of his health is an encouragement to those praying for him. This comment from you is suprising. Usually you are dead-on in supporting local youth, but this one truly missed the mark. We’ll give you a pass on this one, but please be more thoughtful in the future.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Here’s my take on a couple of levels…

    We play this game as a non-Sanctioned Exhibition game with Spidell’s Spiders, the Greensboro Day team vs. Vlazny’s original Vancouver Grizzlies…

    Spidell’s team not in GDS uniforms, but in T-shirts and shorts vs. Vlaz’s team/SWG and you could even bring back a few former GDS and SWG players, like Kam Langley and KJ Langley and maybe get Will Dillard and John Newman III or others like Jordan Perkins or others and get them on the court in this charity game for Christian Martin…
    (I would think the colleges would give up some ground on a special project like this one.)

    It can work as a non-sanctioned game and we do not need the permission of the NCHSAA or any other governing body to run this charity game…

    Let’s Do It….Spidell and Vlazny as the coaches and here we go….Spiders GDS pick-up team vs. Grizzlies pick-up team and do it for Christian Martin…

    As for the TV stations and their coverage, in the beginning they were showing the fall and they had to get that off of there, the kid lay in a hospital bed in a comma and they were showing his fall on TV…You can’t being doing that…

    Overall the sports department should be running this and not the news departments…The news people don’t know who this kid is….They don’t know the young man at all, never heard of him, they are reading what they have been told to read…

    Lead story to get them higher ratings and that is my opinion…..We cover local sports here 24/7 365 and the local news people on TV show it when it is good for their bottom line and that is just my opinion and I would love to hear from others on this subject too…

    Give your opinion, we welcome it…..

    In recent weeks I have heard people say they thought I was pathetic, they were ashamed of me and other choice things and I know that comes with the territory and that is fine with me….

    This is just what I signed up for and I intend to finish the course…..