High School Baseball and Softball Polls for Round Two on this Rainy Saturday/Sunday, this could be your “Read of the Week”

Posted by Andy Durham on April 13, 2019 at 1:56 pm under High School | Be the First to Comment

**********Our second round of baseball and softball polls for this season, and this should be your, “Saturday Afternoon/Sunday Afternoon Read”…..**********

Baseball Top Ten in the County:
1)High Point Christian Academy(14-2)
2)Southeast Guilford(12-5)
3)Southwest Guilford(12-4)
5)Western Guilford(12-3)
4)Wesleyan Christian Academy(8-3)
6)Northwest Guilford(13-6)
7)Northern Guilford(11-4)
10)TIE:Ragsdale(9-8)/Greensboro Day School(7-6)

Softball Top Ten in the County:
1)Northwest Guilford(12-1)
2)Southwest Guilford(10-6)
4)High Point Central(10-4)
5)Wesleyan Christian Academy(6-3)
6)Western Guilford(9-8)
7)Northeast Guilford(7-10)
8)Eastern Guilford(6-10)
9)Cornerstone Charter Academy(7-7)
10)TIE:Ragsdale(5-9)/Northern Guilford(5-10)

Baseball Top Ten in the Area:
3)Davie County(16-2)
4)High Point Christian Academy(14-2)
5)Rockingham County(13-3)
6)Southeast Guilford(12-5)
7)Southwest Guilford(12-4)
8)Western Guilford(12-3)
9)Wesleyan Christian Academy(8-3)
10)Northwest Guilford(13-6)

Any thoughts on the Rankings??? Have we left out any area teams that should be in here???

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