Murphy Wainer Orthopedic Specialists High School Football Scoreboard – Friday – October 18, 2019

Posted by Wyatt Smith on October 18, 2019 at 6:58 pm under High School | 9 Comments to Read

Game of the Week Greensboro Sports Radio: Eastern Guilford (5-3/3-0) at Southeast Guilford (4-3/2-0) with Andy Durham and Don Tilley.


Eastern Guilford(5-4/3-1) – 0
Southeast Guilford(5-3/3-0) -42


Dudley(6-2/1-1) – 20
Mount Tabor(5-3/2-0) – 21

Grimsley(8-1/2-0) – 68
Northwest Guilford(2-6/0-2) – 35

Page(2-7/1-1) – 35
Ragsdale(3-5/1-0) – 45

Morehead(3-5/1-3) – 21
Northeast Guilford(6-2/3-1) – 49

Northern Guilford(5-3/2-2) – 54
Person County(1-7/1-3) – 28

Southwest Guilford(5-3/1-1) – 34
Smith(1-7/0-2) – 13

Southern Guilford(5-3/2-1) – 37
Asheboro(1-7/0-4) – 21

Western Guilford(4-4/0-2) – 26
Winston-Salem Parkland(6-2/2-0) – 42

Randleman(8-0/4-0) – 42
High Point Andrews(4-4/1-2) – 0

High Point Christian Academy(7-2/3-0) – 42
Southlake Christian Academy(6-3/4-1) – 21

North Stokes(4-4/0-2) – 0
Bishop McGuinness(2-6/1-1) – 27

East Forsyth(7-1/1-1) – 41
Glenn(5-3/1-1) – 20

Richmond County(8-0/4-0) – 49
Hoke County(5-2/2-1) – 14

Hickory Ridge(6-2/3-1) – 14
Myers Park(8-0/4-0) – 52


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  • Gfan said,

    Oh Dudley goes down and Page goes down…yet again. Whirlies continue to rule over this county.

  • Page alum said,

    Lol we will let you whirlies have your fun this year. Back to being trash next year once Nora and Zellous is gone. Hope y’all win it all…just saying

  • Football Fan said,

    @Gfan, wow. Have your fun. Run up the score with your two players. NW Guilford is stacked and loaded for the future and will remember your starters in the game with 5 mins to go running up the score. Bush league.

  • Whirlie95 said,

    How did Grimsley run up the score if they didn’t even score in the fourth quarter? None of their starters played in the fourth. But, the future is bright for the Vikings. They gave up 50 points to the Grimsley JV team on Thursday also…

  • Whirlie Voice said,

    NW is stacked for the future after their program gives 118 pts in just over a day? It is the consensus around the county that NW fans and their attitudes toward their programs are the worst. Take your ‘L’, tip your hat to the winner, and get ready for the next game.

  • Football Fan said,

    NW Guilford has only 4 Seniors, several underclassman, Middle School program which is the one of the best in the county currently, as opposed to Grimsley’s weak feeder program’s(currently), and yes, your starters were in the 4th qtr, what game were you watching or calling Whirlie Voice

  • Gfan said,

    Only reason we left our starters in the 3rd quarter (not the 4th) was the refs were not calling offensive interference. If this is the case then then the game was still in doubt. Oh and trust me I am enjoying every moment of this season.

  • Southeast Guilford has Talent said,

    Grimsley fans talk big ish while you can. It has been a long time coming. Besides Page did it when they were up and if you don’t talk now it won’t matter Page will talk big stuff when they are up. That is the nature of sports.

  • Nw1 said,

    Grimsley won dominated the game end of story. They know how to run the football. Nw O is not good so i cant credit grimsley defense yet. Nw has some good young players but coaching and creativity is lacking. IF and i am not all sure about being stacked etc. Assume they are then the lack of good coaching favoritism and politics will sink them as usual.