High School Football Friday Night Finish:Do we go with Chris Zellous(Grimsley HS) for Player of the Year in Guilford County???(Based on the Regular Season performances)

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What do you say, do we go ahead and go with Chris Zellous, from Grimsley High School, as the Player of the Year from Guilford County…And that would be based on his and the other county players’ regular season performances…

How about it, are you with me on this one??? He had 2,181 yards of Total Offense coming into tonight’s game at Page High School and with the 2,181 yards he has 34 total touchdowns, counting his running and his passing plays…

Zellous, the Grimsley Whirlie, added 353 yards to his season total tonight at Page, where his Whirlies were knocking off the Page Pirates for the first time since 2006…Zellous also scored two TD’s on the ground tonight and now his Total Yards for the season are at 2,534 and season touchdown total has now reached 36…Again tonight, Zellous with 217 yards rushing and 136 yards passing and 2 TD’s…

Very impressive numbers for Chris Zellous and even more impressive is his senior leadership, that has now propelled Grimsley to a Metro 4-A Conference Championship and overall record of (10-1), to go along with the Whirlies’ (5-0) conference mark….

Impressive, yes I would say, very impressive…Zellos and his Whirlies really getting the job done….

32-17 Grimsley over Page tonight, and what do you say we go ahead and make Chris Zellous our Player of the Year, for Guilford County and that is again based on what has happened so far in the regular season…

In that Grimsley win over at Page tonight, Page grabbed the first lead of the game on a field goal from 30 yards away, by freshman Tyler Elliott and Page led this football game 3-0, with 5:18 to go in the First Quarter…Page drove the ball down to the Grimsley 20-yard line and had to settle for the field goal, but the Page Pirates were able to move the football and they consumed/ate up right at 7 minutes off of the first quarter clock, with this time-consuming drive, that kept the Page offense on the field and the Page defense and the Grimsley offense, off of the football field…3-0 Page after the Pirates’ opening possession of the game…

Grimsley gets the ball rolling and moving, as the Whirlies take the ball down the field on their first possession of the game and Quan Nora goes off on an eight-yard run and his TD makes the score Grimsley 6, Page 3, with the two-point conversion attempt going awry..
6-3 Grimsley, with 2:04 to go in the First Quarter…

The first quarter is about to come to a close, and you better not dose, as Grimsley goes on another trip to the end zone and with that visit to zone, Grimsley cashes in on their 28-yard run by QB Chris Zellous and when their two-point play comes up empty, Grimsley finds itself up in this game by a score of, Grimsley 12, Page 3….
End of First Quarter:Grimsley 12, Page 3

We are still in the early stages of the second quarter, with the clock at 10:43 remaining in the quarter and Grimsley takes off to that end zone again and a repeat offender gets in there, as Quan Nora converts his second eight-yard jaunt of the night into six more Grimsley points, and this time the two-point conversion play is good, as the Whirlies convert on a pass from Chris Zellous to Lawson Albright and the Whirlie lead jumps up to 20-3….

Toward the end of the first half, Grimsley running back Quan Nora got either ejected or disqualified, and we don’t know for sure which way his exit was interpreted, but hopefully he will be able to play when the Grimsley Whirlies take to the field again, in the Second Round of the NCHSAA playoffs…We aren’t sure at all right now which way the call will be handled…It appeared that Nora got into it with a Page Pirate and that Nora shoved the Page player..Nora did not hit anyone, but he shoved his opponent, from Page…

Page found momentum and put up six points with a 74-yard bomb pass, from QB Alonza Barnett to his receiver C.J. Crump…Crump to the house and Tyler Elliott(kicker) through the post, as Page makes the score Grimsley 20, Page 10 with only 41.1 seconds left in the first half…Halftime Score:Grimsley 20, Page 10

With Quan Nora gone, Grimsley starts looking more toward RB Cam Allison and Lawson Albright and with Allison running hard and Chris Zellous calling his own number and taking off on the QB keepers, Grimsley finds steam and Zellous gets back to the end zone, with a nine-yard run and his extra point pass fails and now Grimsley’s lead is 16 points, Grimsley 26, Page 10, with 8:52 to play in the 3rd quarter…

Grimsley now turns to its back-up running back and they turn Cam Allison loose and he responds with a 1-yard run to the promised land and he he raises his hand, you know he has just scored another Grimsley Whirlies’ TD…Allison to the end zone and that would end Grimsley’s scoring for the game…With 5:37 left to play in the third Q, Grimsley has seen their lead swell to 22 points, as Grimsley now leads Page, 32-10….Grimsley missed their fourth two-point conversion attempt of the night, but with that 32-10 advantage, Grimsley is in great shape and they are looking forward to going home, with the victory..

Page will not bow out quietly, as the Pirates go marching and they get another big boost from the sophomore QB Barnett, when Barnett hooks up with Tyrek Smith for the touchdown and the Tyler Elliott extra point kick is good, and we have what will turn out to be our final score, Grimsley 32, Page 17…The last score of the game and the last score from Page comes with 1:11 to go in the contest…

End of Third Quarter:Grimsley 32, Page 17
Final Score:Grimsley 32, Page 17

Grimsley finishes the regular season at (10-1/4-0)…
Page finishes their season at (3-8/2-2)…
Up Next:Grimsley NCHSAA Playoffs with projected Round One bye and opening play on November 22 at home(Round Two)…
Page:Season is complete…

Some of the key numbers from the game…
Grimsley 15 First Downs/Page 10 First Downs…
Grimsley 46 carries for 339 yards on the ground/rushing…
Grimsley:Chris Zellous with 217 yards rushing on 24 carries and two TD’s…
Grimsley:Quan Nora with 59 yards rushing on 9 carries and 2 TD’s…
Grimsley:Cam Allison 63 yards on 13 carries and 1 TD…
Grimsley:Chris Zellous 7-13 passing for 136 yards…
Grimsley:Jaquavion Mayo 4 receptions for 70 yards…
Grimsley:Lawson Albright 2 receptions for 51 yards…One conversion catch for 2 points..

Page:Javondre Paige 6-12 passing for 50 yards…
Page:Alonza Barnett 6-15 passing for 156 yards and 2 TD’s…
Page:Tyrek Smith 7 receptions for 104 yards and 1 TD…
Page:C.J. Crump 2 receptions for 74 yards and 1 TD….

++++++++++We are waiting to see what Grimsley, Ragsdale, Dudley, Southeast Guilford, Northeast Guilford, Northern Guilford, Southwest Guilford and Eastern Guilford will do in the NCHSAA Playoffs and we will be posting the pairings later on today/Saturday….++++++++++
(High Point Andrews is hanging in the balance and we are not sure which way they will be going.)
Looks like season is done for:
Northwest Guilford
High Point Central
Southern Guilford
Western Guilford
High Point Christian Academy

  • pager said,

    Page goes 3-8, places 3rd in the conference, lost to the arch rival and missed the playoffs.

    Last season was bad, and this season was worse.

    Some people say that it was the schedule that was Page’s demise, but Page loses to Davie, Northern Guilford, Dudley, and Ragsdale, 4 games Page probably should have won, looking back at what happened in those games. Page is supposed to be able to compete with teams like East Forsyth and West Forsyth. Highland Springs should have been the only game were Page was out-manned and destined to lose. The schedule was not the reason why Page lost so many games this year.. Some people say that it was because Page had so many injuries, but injuries are part of the game, and all teams experience injuries at one point or another. Injuries are not the reason why Page lost so many games this year.

    Coming into the season (this summer), Page had a Senior QB, Senior RB, 3 senior DBs who all had D1 offers, and a lot of other talented players on both sides of the ball all over the field. A lack of talent or being young is not the reason why Page lost so many ball games this year. With the tradition that Page has, kids normally want to play on a team like Page, but for some reason some of those leaders that Page was supposed to have transferred out of the program, I don’t know the exact reasons why for most of them (RB Adams to Dudley, and CB Butler-Garner to NE Guilford), but it happened and it caused Page to play younger players early on in their development. Page was not really supposed to be as “young” as they were this season, but something down the line didn’t click and it didn’t bode well.

    Call it a down year, call it whatever you want. But it wasn’t a down year because of a lack of talent or because the schedule was tough. A lot of Page alumni who have been going to games for 40-50 years think it is a lack of direction and output from the higher ups within the football program. AND, even if it was a lack of talent, we’ve seen in the past where less than average talent at Page be able to flourish because they were led properly. Page this year, lacked fundamentals, lacked discipline, they lacked motivation and they did not execute well. All of this is directly tied to coaching and NOT because of the players or the schedule. It seems like a lot of the kids are just not on board right now, they aren’t making the scrappy hard-nosed plays that we are used to seeing. A good coaching staff could take our kids to the playoffs, even with the “brutal” schedule and injuries. They can coax ok players to be good, good players to be really good, really good players to be exceptional. We have not seen that with the current coaching staff. Its been 3 years now, and it’s progressively gotten worse as time has gone on.

    The bottom line is, this is all for the kids. They want to win, and they want opportunities to play at the next level. if the level of play on the team is diminished, those opportunities go away. Page supporters love football, and have seen what it takes over the years. We want to see the best opportunities for the kids.

  • Gfan said,

    If you are Page then it is the coach’s fault you lose. Can’t be injuries or you just didn’t quite have the talent or experience this year. See what kind of coaching talent you can bring in with that kind of attitude.

  • Really? said,

    Pager, instead of posting theories and hypotheticals about games you “could” have won why not just be mature about it and own the L’s? It’s delusional Pirate guys that make people around here dislike “page”. Drown your sorrows and come out to support Grimsley’s playoff run! Arggggggghhhhhhhh!

  • Alma said,

    Pager does not speak for all of us Page fans and alumni. Pager has “cut and pasted” this same exact message onto 3 different boards. Obviously an agenda.

    Pretty simple. Grimsley won because they had a better team last night. I always pull for our local teams when we get into the playoffs and will do the same for Grimsley.

    The Pirates will regroup and be back next year.

  • Whirlie Voice said,

    For years Page has had superior talent, size, depth and coaching. Those qualities have switched sidelines.

  • Alma said,

    Slooooooow down a bit Whirlie Voice. When you have a year like this repeatedly then make these claims. Just enjoy the great season Grimsley is having. Next year will be a new year for everyone.

  • Andy Durham said,

    We don’t put it on the coaching here, it was more about the injuries, players moving on to other schools and the like…

    This stuff happens, and there will be down years…You have to take it and move on, this was Grimsley’s year and it may be their time for a while….There have been breaks in the Page dominance over Grimsley where the Whiriles have been the top team for a while and this might be their time and the Whirlies have earned it..

    You can’t put it on the coaches though, they did all they could with what they had to work with and that is that….

    Sometimes the worm turns and you have to turn with it…It is much like Duke-Carolina and State-Carolina on the college level…

    You have to learn to live with how the these series have a tendency to change and turn….

    Grimsley is a top team in the city and county this year and Dudley is pretty darn good too, and Northeast is a having a special kind of season…

    Plenty of teams left to root for and for some, basketball is their best alternative….

    Don’t be putting this on the coaches…We are playing high school football here and this about the kids, families and good school communities…We are not the ACC, Florida State or teams on that level…

    Enjoy some good high school football and try and keep it more simple and enjoyable…

    We all want to go sports crazy, but we still need to keep our sanity…

  • Page alum said,

    No theories, will never understand that hire, he wasn’t very successful at Northwest, why think he would continue the success at Page. We lost players like Adams, Butler, and others cause of the coach. Yes their were injuries but plenty of talent quit during the season. Go ahead and just stop this thread Andy.

  • Page alum said,

    Btw Page defense was good last night, forced turnovers and the offense wasn’t able to capitalize. Barnett is the much better QB and glad he’ll be a full time starter next year to go along with Antoine Shaw who was injured and RB Jeiel Melton. All three will be Juniors and cant forget Morehead

  • Pirates said,

    Zellous, Nora, and Mayo was the team. I dont see much success next year.

  • hsfan said,

    Young team down year tough schedule. But Andy i love what you do but respectfully i disagreeIf the coaching is bad call it like it is. So they get to accept credit praise and not be criticised? They get a pass because they coaching HS? Many bad ones out there let’s be real about it. Fewer good ones i would say Gillespie was good at page ran into a tough time at asheboro, Brown Davis Boykin all good. I like the Western guy. NW and Page uh yeah not so good they need a change. Not sure why page made that hire that one has me scratching my head.

  • Andy Durham said,

    But you stick with what you’ve got and you support what or who you have, as your head coach…Maybe things didn’t work out, but you still have to support your local sheriff….

    If you want to drop off the team do it at the end of the season and if you want to transfer, get out of dodge at the end of the season….The quitting part sets you up for bad trends later on in life…
    (Hey, I didn’t want to eat my spinach either, but I ate it because the coach/parent said eat it, and I did.)

    Sort of like a political line of thinking…Support the man or woman in office, and respect them until they are no longer in office…

    Do we have anybody left that will fall on the sword???

    Page might be a playoff team, even though they have a (3-8) record…

    I do appreciate those that continue to support this website/blog, we will try and keep the info flowing and still give you a chance to voice your opinion, as long as you keep it civil…

  • Page Alum said,

    Agree Andy, I do wish the players would have finished the season, its not a good look if Scout see you a quitter. Rolfes seems like a good guy and means well…. Page had two questionable hires before Lee retired. What’s the likely hood of bringing Gillespie back?

  • Andy Durham said,

    I think asking for something like that is the wrong thing to be asking for right now…Page, as it stands at 1:45 on this Saturday, is a playoff team…Page has a game or games left to play and their streak of making the playoffs every year since what was it 2004, is still in intact…

    Page has the young Barnett kid and last night getting the ball to C.J. Crump and Tyrek Smith was strong for the Page passing game…There is some real hope right there and if Page goes on to beat Mooresville at Mooresville next Friday night we have a whole new conversation going on here…

    Page lost to a very good football team last night..Chris Zellous is the best quarterback in the city since Hendon Hooker came along…Both are outstanding leaders of their teammates and Barnett might be set to be that man for Page…I really thought a lot of and respected Javondre Paige…He carried himself well and he was a great teammate and an outstanding team leader, but Page was better off going with Barnett last night and sometimes you have to change quarterbacks….

    This is sort of like that movie Facing the Giants…It is not time to put the equipment up yet, if that 4-A bracket holds up….

    Page could right back out there on that practice field Monday afternoon…For the Pirates, this might not be over yet….

    Hang in there better things might be on the way, and time to get that ball to Crump, Smith, Morehead and more…

  • Andy Durham said,

    And remember, we need to keep this above board on this board….Let’s not put things out on a limb we can’t get back in from..

  • Andy Durham said,

    Joe Sirera from the News and Record:
    Apparently strength of schedule really does matter.
    (3-8) in as a No. 11 seed in Class 4-A West playing at No. 6 Mooresville in the first round if the preliminary brackets hold. #HSXtra

    ++++++And back to our previous question above, what about Chris Zellous for the Player of the Year, in Guilford County???+++++

  • Gfan said,

    Chris as POY is a no brainer. Not even worth discussing.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Hey it has to have some value of discussion, since I went to effort to start this conversation…

    Come on now, give old Ange some props….

  • hsfan said,

    Andy correct but i can support my team and most important the players and yet still admit the coach is bad.

  • hsfan said,

    YEs Zellous or Nora for POY

  • pager said,

    All i can say now is, I hope it gets a lot better soon…

  • Andy Durham said,

    One game, one team, one spot….

    Page at Mooresville this Friday night….

  • Triad Fan said,

    I’ve known Chris Zellous since he was a little boy. He worked hard to get to this point . His accomplishments are worthy of recognition . I can definitely see him as POY. Well deserved !

  • Whirlie Voice said,

    Didn’t mean to imply Page coaching is to blame, just think Whirlie program and staff is better. Hey

  • Whirlie Voice said,

    Some coaching staffs are better than others. Grimsley has one of the better ones in the area.

  • Hsfan said,

    Coach brown does good and i have heard only good things about him
    Zellous i liked the first time i sae him play but not sure he will get many d1 looks not sure he showed he can make the throws at the next level. Good football player eye test he passes. May need to move to rb or lb at high d1. Yo andy why defensive players get no love on the site? Where the defensive stats? Appreciate your work always andy.

  • Alma said,

    Whirlie Voice…..I have great respect for Coach Brown. I have met him a few times and really enjoyed talking with him. No question he is a good coach. That said, need to go through a few cycles to really see. Not sure it is fair to compare coaches from Grimsley and Page (or any other school) for one year. Need to see a few years to have a better gauge. All of them regardless of school work hard with the situation they have.

    Good luck in the playoffs.

  • Pirate alum said,

    Travis Shaw DPOY yea i said it. PERIOD!!

  • Hsfan said,

    Luv t shaw ge is a load. Hold on now they got some other cats put up nice numbers and played some good ball too. He was not the only guy facing double teams now.

  • Pirate alum said,

    Hsfan, double teams but im talking triple teams and to be able to move like he does at 300+lbs come on now. Sack machine big paw pass deflector its just not up for debate