Game Report on Dudley-High Point Central Boys Basketball:Dickerson and Stockton lead Dudley scoring, but relentless Dudley “D” is the real story of tonight’s contest

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Dudley 59, High Point Central 18

            Q1   Q2    Q3   Q4    F
Dudley      18   20    17    4    59
HP Central  5     5     4    4    18

Jeremiah Dickerson 13
Frank Stockton 10
Darien Wynn 9
Coleman Wood 9
Jahre Braswell 7
Ayden Gamble 5
Manny Elliot 3
Matt Jones 3

HP Central
Sonny McDuffie 1
Emmanuel H 2
Jalen Martin 5
Tyler Robinson 4
Grayson L 1
Robert Little 1
Zyon White-Dorsett 2
Carlos Smith 2

Courtesy of Josh Prince Dudley High School
Asst. Men’s Basketball

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