Looking at the Seeds and the Games for this year’s 2019 HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center(December 26-28)

Posted by Andy Durham on December 10, 2019 at 2:33 pm under High School | 17 Comments to Read

For a complete/total view of this year’s 2019 Men’s and Women’s Brackets, CLICK HERE for the HAECO Tournament, on Twitter….When you hit the HAECO Twitter page, Click On the Brackets and they will expand…
Brackets also available when you CLICK HERE and all you have to do is proceed to the bottom of the page….

2019 Women’s Seeds
1. Ragsdale High School

2. Northwest Guilford

3. Greensboro Day School

4. Northern Guilford

5. Dudley High School

6. Grimsley High School

7. Page High School

8. Smith High School

Day One Games on Thursday December 26 for the Women:
#1 Ragsdale vs. #8 Smith 3pm on Court 1 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center
#4 Northern Guilford vs. #5 Dudley 4:30pm on Court 1
#2 Northwest Guilford vs. #7 Page 5:30pm on Court 2
#3 Greensboro Day School vs. #6 Grimsley 7pm on Court 2

2019 Men’s Seeds

1. Greensboro Day School

2. Smith High School

3. Northwest Guilford

4. Dudley High School

5. Page High School

6. Grimsley High School

7. Northern Guilford

8. Ragsdale High School

Day One Games for the Men on Thursday December 26 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center:
#2 Smith vs. #7 Northern Guilford 2:30pm on Court 2 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center
#3 Northwest Guilford vs. #6 Grimsley 4pm on Court 2
#1 Greensboro Day School vs. #8 Ragsdale 6pm on Court 1
#4 Dudley vs. #5 Page on Court 7:30pm 1

  • Ok said,

    Smith 2 seed nw the defending champion 3 seed lil bit of a head scratcher tho wth


    @ Andy…Difficult to understand with ALL of NW Guilford Varsity returning, defending champions of the tournament, #3 seed???

  • Ok said,

    And nw beat smith twice last year. It is what it is control what you can etc but common sense would dictate nw 1st or at worst 2nd.

  • Falcon1 said,

    Southeast Guilford girls need an Invitation!! 2019 3A State Champions

  • Andy Durham said,

    For conversation purposes only, I had for the boys in my mind, 1)NWG, 2)GDS, and 3)Smith…

    For the girls I had 1)Ragsdale, 2)Northwest Guilford and 3)GDS…

    I was going by last year’s Champs in both NWG and Ragsdale and the fact that NWG pretty has all of their guys back from last year’s team…

    GDS has earned their status over the years and the course of time, and it is what it is…Not a lot of difference in 1, 2, and 3…If you follow the seeds, 2 and 3 should meet in the semis and then either 2 or 3 would meet #1 GDS in the final for the boys…So not a ton of difference in 1, 2, and 3…

    GDS has earned the respect of the tournament committee and for the way they have performed over the last 10 years at the tournament, nothing really wrong with that…

    It is not easy to reach that very top tier status….

  • James Jenkins said,

    The GDS girls should be seeded #1 in the HAECO! They have the best record & they are ranked #1 in the state! Why are they seeded at #3?

  • GDS said,

    James, We haven’t played anyone yet. We just played our first quality team last night. After we take the Haeco we will get our respect.

  • baller said,

    Committee Andy really -one man committee as in GDS head coach right. We know his shadow is huge.
    Big difference between being 1 and 2 i would argue. Smith and NW meet semis, a matchup i think both would rather avoid. #1 gets a cake walk to the finals. NW got hosed period no other way to cut it. As noted above they are defending champs, beat gds last year, beat smith twice and they are so far undefeated this year.
    End of the day Smith and NW need to earn it so may as well go head to head again.

  • Andy Durham said,

    Pretty good matchup looming for the Greensboro Day School girls on Friday night…GDS girls (12-0) and coming in Friday night, they have Ravenscroft at (7-1)…

    In head-to-head meetings with like opponents, GDS just topped perennial independent school girls powerhouse Providence Day, 55-49, and Ravenscroft defeated Providence Day, 52-42…

    Should make for a good matchup with the Lady Bengals and the Ravens…

    The GDS girls will have to win a HAECO Title to come back as the #1 seed the following year….

    The Ragsdale girls won the title last year and hence their rise to the #1 spot for the girls going into this year’s 2019 HAECO…The Northwest Guilford girls have been in the finals for something like 6 straight years and have won maybe 5 of the last six HAECO women’s titles…

    You had a stretch there where the Page girls won maybe at least three straight HAECO’s for the girls when Paris Kea, was the MVP three years in row…Paris has now completed 5 years of college and is in the pros with the Indiana Fever, of the WNBA….

    Greensboro Day has Hailey Blackwell, not to be confused with Hayley Barber, who was MVP with NWG, plus GDS has Je’Bria Fullwood, Caroline Wyrick and Kate Jones and others and the GDS girls are very good under the leadership of Coach Montana…

    GDS was fairly strong on the girls side of the court, back when they had Tamera Thorpe and Ronata Rogers, but they just couldn’t get over the hump back then…

    Can the GDS girls/women take the HAECO title this year???

    Come December 26, 27 and 28 we are about to find out…

    Would be sort of wild to see a school pull off the sweep and win both the men’s/boys and women’s titles, but it is not out of the realm of possibility for NWG and GDS…

    Going to be a bit harder for Ragsdale to pull off that sweep….

  • Bill Jones said,

    Why is a Private school playing in basically a Public School Tourney. GDS recruits and give scholarships. Then they try and recruit your players right from under you when you play. I think the Tourney Committee should reconsider let them playing in this in the future.

  • Yo said,

    Sure they a good team and i mean no disrespect intended but gds win girls haeco over ragsdale and nw when pigs start to fly. Anyone can be beat but i dont see that happening. Wish them well.

  • James Jenkins said,

    I just want to know one thing, when these pigs start flying, will you be able to catch one and ride it into the coliseum after the championship game. And why are we now questioning which schools should play in the HAECO whether its private or public. All local schools should be welcomed to show there talents in front of the city.

  • P. SAUNDERS said,

    I honestly just feel this tournament should just be Public Schools of Greensboro/Guilford County. What I mean is GDS should play in a tournament with other Private Schools and Public Schools like Eastern Guilford, Southern Guilford and Southeast Guilford should be invited. You have one school that plays 39 games or more and can start their practice season weeks before the Public Schools can. Those Public Schools are limited to 22/23 regular season games. To me that is a unfair advantage to GDS over the Public Schools. GDS have the Dept advantage and height advantage too. They may be bigger than UNC G and NCAT this year. But also with that seeding, I can’t understand how Dudley is a 4th Seed, but Ranked #2 in Maxprep 3A at this moment. They are behind Cox Mill from Concord. Smith is ranked #7 in that same Poll. I know games are played on the court and not on paper, but it does seem odd. However, like I said before, I think it would be more exciting and unpredictable if all the Guilford Co Schools (I know High Point Central and Andrews have their own Tournament) were there.

  • Andy Durham said,

    I would think the players and the coaches alike would find the challenge of playing a top team such as the Greensboro Day School boys very appealing…

    You think the players and coaches would like this challenge…GDS has been in the tournament now for over 30 years and I don’t see the Tournament going backwards and having Greensboro Day leave the tournament….

    If you play the Bengals during the tournament this can only help your team moving forward and if play and beat them, like Northwest Guilford did last year in the finals, then that has made your program one of the best around the state…

    If you want them out of the tournament then you must be seeking weaker competition, because if GDS was out and another one of our Guilford County teams came in, the level of competition would drop/decrease…

    Southwest Guilford has their Sheetz Invitational and they draw good crowds, bringing the High Point area teams in…

    Eastern Guilford has their own tournament, The Eastern Guilford Wildcat Christmas Tournament and that serves EG and some of the other county teams over the years…EG, WG, SEG and others are there most years….EG is there every year, since they are the host….

    One thing some tournaments do is have a Challenge Division and a Classic Division…The Challenge Division would be for your more elite teams, and the Classic Division would be for your more average teams..

    After a while everybody has figured the formula out and the big crowds will going to the Challenge Games and the smaller crowds hit the Classic Games…

    Who really wants to be in the Classic Division??? You want to be in the Challenge Division where the best talent is playing(the most challenging teams)….That is what makes you better….

    Playing the better competition will make you a better team, even if you lose…These kids battle and play against each other a lot on the AAU level and they want to be the best and play the best teams, at least that is the read I am getting….

    Having the best teams around will make the HAECO a better overall tournament, and Northwest Guilford will be out there looking to defend their title for the boys and Ragsdale will be doing the same thing on the girls side….

    This should be a very competitive tournament if all goes according to the seeds…Grimsley will be a very tough First Round game for the NWG boys…Grimsley is still Unbeaten and they just got Travis Shaw and Lawson Albright back on Monday and that gives the Whirlies much more depth…

    Grimsley’s Ahmil Flowers can play with any player on any team in the tournament…He is that good and getting better….When Ellis is on and his teammates are adding to the Pirate totals, Page is a threat and that is a very big First Round game with #4 Dudley and #5 Page…The Grimsley boys have been looking, they are a very tough looking #6 seed….

    To me and this is me only, the boys field looks to overall stronger than the girls overall field….

    Going to be tough for the Smith girls, the Page girls, and the Grimsley girls to win in Round One….Northern girls are very young this year and the Dudley girls are not quite experienced enough right now to pull off that big upset…Dudley girls will get better as the year rolls on and so should the Northern Guilford girls….Girls field is sort of top-heavy with 1, 2, and 3….Ragsdale, NWG and GDS…

    Boys field with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 with some sort of shot…Northern and Ragsdale on the boys side will have much trouble getting out of Round One…

    Back to that 1-6, with GDS, Smith, NWG, Dudley, Page and Grimsley, all of those teams have four losses total…One loss GDS, one loss Smith, no losses NWG, no losses Dudley, two losses Page and no losses for Grimsley….Those top six teams for the boys a combined 39-4, if my numbers are on the money….

    The big deal now is get out and sell some tickets….That is a big thing too with these more elite tournaments…They want to have schools with fan bases that sell tickets and put the proverbial butts in the seats, and Greensboro Day usually sells more tickets than any fan base in the tournament, and that is a good thing when it comes to giving the money back to ALL the schools…

    If a school or schools is selling a ton of tickets, all of the schools benefit from their efforts when they distribute the proceeds to the participating schools…And those funds sure do help the schools’ athletic departments with their budgets…And no matter how many tickets your school or fan base sells, every school gets the same amount of money, when the tournament is over and the funds are distributed…

    Now again, let’s get our schools out there and selling tickets…

    The benefits of this tournament go way beyond who takes home the Championship Trophy…

    Just a few thoughts and my opinion only and everybody has one of those opinions and who’s next?????

  • James Jenkins said,

    That’s good stuff Andy!!!

  • Andy Durham said,

    I can tell you this…

    Dudley boys vs. Greensboro Day School in the finals would rock the house, at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center…
    (Back in the days when GDS and Dudley were playing in the finals, that was one of the toughest tickets in town.)

  • Yo said,

    James i said i meant no disrespect and if that happens remind me come back eat crow. But i am willing yi bet the farm not gonna happen. Just sayi aling with u i am sure will not bet the family farm on it.
    Andy smith vs dudley final man you may have just given chris hampton and big dean all the motivation they needed. That some bulletin board material right there boss. Maybe u meant to do that right lol.